The wind was howling thorough Central and the temperature had dropped off the thermometer. Of course, during the coldest week in the season, the heater in Headquarters went of the fritz. Soldiers took to wearing scarves and coats and a few even had blankets draped over their heads. Colonel Roy Mustang was just as cold as the rest of them, only his pride did not allow him such luxuries. Instead he kept his jaw clenched against chattering and his spine stiff against shivering. Only in the privacy of his office did he blow on his icy fingers and muse about lighting his paperwork on fire—only for warmth, of course.

He was just getting into a very warm daydream with desk ablaze when his door flew open. The rush of artic air was accompanied by a very red nosed and blue lipped FullMetal.

"Colonel, its fucking cold!" He whined, slamming the door behind him.

"What do you supposed I do about it, Full Metal. You can see my office is no warmer." Roy felt his jaw begin to quiver and quickly tightened it. He stared at the boy in front of him and waited.

Ed was obviously no good in the cold. His hair as unbound and draped around his shoulders to keep his ears and neck warm. Over his signature red coat was an extra black trench that, while looking very familiar, practically drowned him. He hadn't gone as far carrying a blankie around, but he was pretty bundled up. Blue tinged lips with a slight quiver topped off a rather tempting package.

"Make it warmer." Ed challenged, meeting Roy's gaze.

Roy lifted an eyebrow and pushed himself from the desk. A few steps brought him dangerously close to Eds personal space; one more let him into it. Ed's golden eyes widened as Roy's arms snaked out and pulled them flush together.

The effect was instantaneous. Ed felt heat surge from the top of his head clear to his toes. With a contented purr he nuzzled closer to his source of warmth.

Roy smirked into the boys' hair and gently carded his fingers through it. For an instant he tensed, but the delicious warmth over-came him.

"Warmer, FullMetal?" Roy drawled.

"Shut it or you'll see how cold my automail gets."

Wisely, he shut it.