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Ok I kind of killed the Naruto plot line, (sorry Naruto plot line) if you've ever read a High School plot it's kind of like that only not… confused yet?

There's well there's been a war going on for a little over 55 years and most of the clans, tribes, and villages have been concord by Sound (which wants to rule the whole world) all prisoners are either killed or sent to camps where they work for the army… most of our favorite Naruto characters are already at these camps. Most people have lost any hope of being free. And that's pretty much where our story starts… enjoy

Disclaimer: Oh also I don't own Naruto or any of its characters just this plot line and Tuyen and any other oc's that might appear.

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Tuyen sat quietly, looking out her bedroom window at her once proud village. Once proud, now a small, mostly destroyed cluster of frightened people. Tuyen sighed, her aqua eyes falling to her lap. Would this madness ever end? For over fifty-five years it had been going on, much longer then this seventeen-year-old girl had been living. But even so, she could still remember the day the war had started getting out of hand. She hadn't been more then eight at the time: Some teen from the Uchiha clan had killed his whole village. No one knew why, but once this strong clan was gone, many of the links in the chain of resistance started to unravel. It was all downhill from there.

Tuyen's father, the village leader, had fled when Tuyen turned ten, hoping to draw the armies away from the village; he had joined a small group of resistance. That was seven years ago, and Tuyen hadn't heard anything from him since. When she had turned twelve, the first of many Sound attacks struck. It was probably the most devastating blows in the village's history. Many people had been killed or taken away, including her only remaining family: her older cousin Raie. That left the shy, insecure twelve-year-old to try and run a suffering town.

"Tuyen, come out and play ball with us."

The teen turned to see three of her favorite village children standing in her doorway. They where siblings, the eldest Kayla was a pretty 8 year old girl with two younger brothers; 6 year old Jezy and cute little 4 year old Reeva. Reeva was very near and dear to Tuyen 's heart, she wasn't sure why, maybe it was because he was always happy, or because she had been there when he was born, or maybe it was because when her little 6 year old brother had been killed a littler 2 year old Reeva had hugged her telling her he loved her. But what ever the reason Tuyen loved that little boy and would do anything for him… little did she know that this love was about to be tested that very day, the day that her life changed for ever.

The brunet smiled "Ok but if we hear the warning horns we go right home no matter what ok?"



Gaara sat in a small cart with a noisy Naruto as a team of hunter-nins picked up wanderers. This was definitely not his favorite past time, but he didn't really have a choice. Both boys were on probation: Naruto because he had something to do with shaving cream and the head miner's books; Gaara because he had tried to kill a soldier for call him a freak. Sighing. the redhead tried to block out his partner's constant babble.

The party, led by Kabuto, wasn't having much success; in fact they hadn't caught even one person yet. Everyone was getting annoyed—everyone, that is, but Naruto. Gaara glared at the blonde, who didn't notice, because he was too busy talking about how he hoped they got home in time to have dinner.

Suddenly, one of the hunters spotted four figures playing on a hill; this might be the break they where looking for. With out a second thought, they burst into action.


"Reeva, get back here!" Tuyen yelled as the little four-year-old ran down the hill after his ball.

"My ball!" he cried, his green eyes filling up with tears as Tuyen 's widened when she saw the ninjas coming from the distance.

"Oh God, please, no," she whispered. Quickly, she turned to the other two siblings. "Kayla, bring Jezy home and get help."



Nodding solemnly, the little girl grabbed her brother's hand and ran off. Tuyen sprinted down the hill after the little boy, still yelling his name. 'Oh God, please, I'll do anything,' she silently prayed, tears of panic streaming down her face.

As she got closer, she saw she was too late: two hunters had caught up to the little boy.

"Where are you going, little one?" a two-headed, four-armed man (Liz: I don't know his name or if he really is a guy? So I hope you know who I'm talking about) said, picking up the child by the leg. Reeva screamed in fright and tried to wriggle free. The man next to him winced as he pushed his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose.

"Kind of thin, but oh well, it's better than nothing."

"Wait!" Both men (Liz: yet again is that guy a…guy?) turned to see a teenaged girl standing a few feet away.

"Now that's more what we're looking for," the glasses man said, smiling. "What do you want you, pretty little thing?"

"Please let him go."

"And why would I do that?"

Tuyen gulped, her mind going into overdrive. She had heard of this man: he was rather ruthless but he was known to keep his word.

"Because if you do, I'll give myself up." From the corner of her eye, she could see some villagers coming. She would have to hurry before anyone else did anything stupid.

Both men looked a bit more than surprised. "And what happens when I let him go and you both take off?"

Tuyen shook her head. "I swear as a member of the Ganjouai village and my mother's grave that I will surrender." Her aqua eyes were firm, showing her sincerity.

Kabuto smiled. She was just what they had been looking for, while this little boy wouldn't be any use to them until he was at least eight. If you asked the gray-haired boy, (Liz: or man you pick he's got to be at least 20) it sounded like a nice trade to him. Pushing up his glasses, he turned to his partner

"Let him go."

Without a second thought, the two-headed man (?) let the boy go. Immediately, the poor boy ran toward Tuyen, crying. The girl gently kissed him on the forehead and sent him toward the villagers. Then, taking a deep breath, she took her first steps into her new life. A life of slavery.


"What happened!" Naruto asked, leaning over the carriage side. Gaara just silently sat, arms folded, watching the whole thing, not uttering a word. Naruto sat back down as the two hunters and the young girl walked back to the carriage.

"If you ask me, she should have run when they let the little boy go," Naruto said with a huff as he sat back down next to his silent partner. Gaara could sense her fear as she got closer, her face hidden by her uneven bangs when she hung her head. She quietly sat between the two boys as directed, giving each of them a shy smile. Naruto took no time trying to make her feel more at home (Liz: yah just got to love Naruto don't cha).

"Hey, I'm Naruto, and this is Gaara," he said, flashing her a big Naruto smile as if they where meeting at a party and not a slave wagon. The girl looked up, revealing shy aqua eyes. (Liz: man, I hate the word revealing…. It just sounds so MarySueish oh well.)

"T—Tuyen," she barely whispered, looking back down at her hands as if she were burning a hole into them.

"Well, Tuyen, that was a very brave thing to do," Naruto said, totally contradicting what he had announced before she had come into the wagon. Gaara snorted in disagreement. Tuyen glanced over at him in question, but didn't say anything.

"Hey, pretty." Tuyen looked up to see Kabuto looking at her through his glasses, smiling evilly. "I just know you're going to love slave camp, it's a lot of fun for a girl like you." Tuyen shuddered and slouched lower in her seat as the other hunters barked and catcalled around her.

'Oh God, please keep them away from me,' she prayed silently.


This is one of my first more serious fanfics and I don't know if I would recommend it to some of my younger readers, this isn't anything like "The disasters with babysitting" it will have it's funny parts (because I just HAVE to put them in being… me) but it is also going to have a lot of sad, serous, and maybe a few perverted parts… I'm not sure yet but the rating might go up. I'll have to ask some of my readers what they think as we go on.

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