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--Kiss Freedom Hello--

This was it. This was the day she got back at them for capturing and killing her father. Inu sighed as she pulled her short purple hair back in a tail. Nothing was going to get in her way today. The Leaf nin said they would be attacking a little before dawn, rather cliché but the only wise thing to do. Since Sound was planning on leaving for Rock at noon, they would all be resting up for the journey. Inu was a smith not a strategist, but it sounded like a good plan to her. A timid knock pulled the blind woman out of her thoughts.

"Inu? Are you there?"

Giving a small smile, the purple-haired girl opened her door. "Well, you're here early."

Inu heard Tuyen let ou a small breath in embarrassment."I couldn't sleep well."

Inu chose not to scold the young woman; she had a right to be worried. Tuyen was one of the most timid people Inu had ever met, and she understood the anxiety.

"All right, let's go get ready."

Sasuke was abruptly woken by Kabuto's loud knocking. "Sasuke, Orochimaru wants you now."

Growing slightly, the raven-haired boy rose and followed Kabuto to his master's office.

When the snake summoner saw the boy, he smiled. "The attack is today, but we have a traitor in our midst." Sasuke raised an eyebrow. His master had woken him up early just for some traitor? Why couldn't he just get one of his henchmen to track the turncoat down? "So take a squad and find Inu."

Sasuke felt his breath catch in his throat."W…what?"

Orochimaru smiled his oily smile. "Don't kill her if you can help it. I want to personally punish my puppy." Sasuke just stood there, stunned. Inu? Inu was the traitor? That couldn't be right. Sure, she was cocky and defiant at times, but if she was a traitor, why did she help him escape at Rock? She had even given Orochimaru information about their captors. It didn't make any sense to him.

Kabuto woke him up from his thoughts."We're waiting on you, Sasuke. What's the matter? Don't want to hurt your girlfriend?"

Sasuke just glared at him, "Let's go."

"Ok, now, your stance is pretty much like the one in the picture, only you need to move your right foot about two inches to the left."

"How's that?"


Tuyen sighed for a moment. Then, pushing away a few loose strands of her long brown hair, she continued.

"Is something wrong?" Inu asked, waiting on her next command. Tuyen bit her lip, aqua eyes rereading the scroll.

"I was just thinking it wouldn't be this complicated to send a signal to Leaf."

Inu ran a hand through her messy purple hair."It's ok, just read it."

There was an explosion from the first volley of attacks. It was still off in the distance, but its force shook the ground violently where the two girls were standing. Startled from the sudden motion, Inu stumbled.


"I'm fine, just keep reading!"

"Temari!" Tuyen yelled as the blonde landed next to her. The older girl nodded in acknowledgment, but her dark green eyes were on Inu. The blind girl was literally glowing with energy. Temari had heard of this jutsu before; it was made of the creator's enemies. Their chakra was sealed into one scroll. When the seal was broken, the person gained the power that it held. It was a very complicated process and only a few scrolls had ever been made. The person who summoned the chakra also had an 80 chance of dieing after they had used up all the energy. Temari had ever seen one done before, and the blonde wondered where Inu had gained such a scroll. Tuyen's voice broke through Temari's musings.

"I didn't know this was going to happen. She told me it was a small jutsu that would help Leaf…"

Temari silenced her with a wave her of hand."It's ok, Tuyen. Come on, let's get out of here."

The brunette looked hesitant. "But what about Inu?"

"Didn't she tell you to go once the jutsu was complete?"

"Y-yes, but—"

"Then let's go. I'm sure everyone is going to need our help getting out."

Sasuke and a few other Sound ninja made their way toward the east wall. Very odd reports of Inu had been sent from there. Something about her power level rocketing sky-high and there being no way to stop her. Her movement pattern was very odd as well. It seemed to change with every report he was getting.

"Inu, what are you doing?" Sasuke whispered.

Once they had escaped, Tuyen scanned the crowd of slaves that were filtering out of the sound fortress. Leaf had set up a small camp on the north side where the slaves were heading. Most of the faces she recognized, but she didn't know their names. Suddenly, her face lit up when she saw one of her friends.


The blue-haired girl was standing among several children who were all calling out for her attention. Because of this, Tuyen was surprised when the young woman looked up, but the distressed look on her pale face made the brunette worry.

"T--Tuyen! Have you seen Koree!? H--He just took off saying h--he was going to try and find you. I couldn't get to him! Oh, T--Tuyen!" Tuyen suddenly felt sick to her stomach.

"I'll be right back."

The energy was incredible.

Inu had never felt so powerful. The chakra snapped and crackled from her fingertips, and her once-blind eyes now glowed with power. She could see— something she had never in her nineteen years been able to do. But she didn't have time to really look around, enjoy this sense. She had one goal in mind: She was going to find him.

Her blue chakra lit up the once-dark room. Her eyes scanned the room, searching. The sound of a sudden movement caught her ear before her eyes even glimpsed the ninja. She wasn't use to responding to her eyes yet.

"So you are Inu."

The once-blind smith smiled. "And you are Itachi." The black-haired man nodded, his Sharingan taking in every movement. Once he saw she was not going to attack, he spoke again.

"Who are you after?"

"Who else? The man who ruined my life, this hell-hole's leader."

Itachi didn't say anything for a moment; he had never had much respect for the leader. The man was advanced in age, and Itachi had little use for him anymore. "He is in the next room," he said finally.

Inu's eyes widened for a moment."You aren't going to stop me?"


Bemused, the young woman nodded and dashed toward the next large room.


Both turned to see Sasuke burst into the room with a squad of six Sound nin.

"Koree?" Tuyen's voice sounded funny, even to herself. It was laced with fear. Some fleeing slaves had informed her about a small boy coming this way, something about helping fight. This was all her fault; if she had just been there for him... Tears started to from in the brunette's aqua eyes, but she quickly brushed them away. This was no time for crying; she had to find him!

She turned another hall and saw him. He was standing next to a large fallen beam. The whole room looked very unstable and it wasn't until she got closer that she realized that Koree was stuck.


He looked up; his face was scratched and Tuyen could see tearstains on his face. The moment he spotted her, he turned away, hoping to hide the fact that he had been crying. Tuyen leaned over, trying to see what she could do to untangle the boy, who was tied tightly to the fallen beam. A few moments later, he spoke.

"There were two ninja. They attacked some of the slaves, and I was trying to protect them. But they pinned me to this pole and were about to kill me when Sasuke and four other guys came running in here and he told them to go with him."

"That was very brave of you to save those people."

"No, it wasn't! I failed. I'll never be strong like my dad, I'll never make my mommy proud of me."

Tuyen smiled as she tugged at the ropes, trying to keep the boy from worrying too much. "I'm sure your mother is very proud of you, Koree. I know I am."

He was about to answer when another eruption went off, rocking the whole room. Tuyen looked up with shock as the already-unsteady roof gave way.


The Sound leader's voice was clear even as he dogged her first attack. "You do realize that, once the energy from your jutsu wears off, you will die, don't you?"

Inu growled as she launched another assault, sending him flying and hitting the wall behind him."I'll do whatever it takes to kill you!"

The leader smiled as he stood, brushing himself off. "I was wise to give you Orochimaru, look at how much you have grown. You are, after all, her daughter. Pity it has to end this way…"

Inu growled, her chakra growing brighter with her anger. "Shut up!!" Pumping chakra into her feet, she bolted toward him, kicking him through the wall. She snarled as she dashed after him.


She stopped dead and turned to Sasuke, who stood, stunned, his dark eyes staring at her in shock. Itachi, who had been blocking his younger brother's attacks, took a few steps back, then used this opportune moment to attack his sibling.

"Never let anything distract you."

"Koree!!" Tuyen screamed as the last supporting beam broke. Lunging, she threw herself over the smaller boy's body, hoping to protect him. She held him close to her as the roof crumbled and crashed above them. She waited for the pain of plummeting rubble to hit her back, but it never came. After a moment, she opened her eyes to see everything descending around her and Koree. Glancing up, Tuyen's face met with several trickling grains of sand. Looking further up, her aqua eyes took in the large sand shield that hovered over her and Koree. Shifting, she saw Gaara standing a foot away.

"Get up," he ordered, and they both stood without any question. Tuyen pulled at the rope that was still bound around Koree. Once she had gotten it undone, they both followed the red-haired boy out of the crumbling building, a sand barrier hovering over them as they walked out.

Sasuke dodged his brother just in time, then attacked. Behind her, the leader pulled out a kunai and started to perform a jutsu. Feeling the power growing behind her, Inu turned to see him holding the weapon.

"I will not be denied my kingdom!"

With that, he lunged toward her. But she was ready for him: Pushing all her chakra into her right arm, she ran, meeting this attack head on.

It wasn't until they were outside that Tuyen realized where she was. The sun was setting, and this was the first time Tuyen had seen the place from the other side of the west wall. Even though the sun wasn't at its brightest, it still hurt her eyes. Blinking a few times, she then turned to Gaara, who was standing solemnly beside her.

"Gaara… I…"

"There they are!"

Tuyen turned to see Temari, Hinata, Sakura, and Naruto running toward them, several Leaf ninja trailing behind. Tuyen felt Koree try to hide behind her as Hinata came forward. The blue-haired girl looked so upset that Tuyen couldn't help but push Koree toward her. "You have to fight your own battles," she whispered to the young boy. "I know you can."

Once Hinata took the child back to the other children, Sakura looked over Tuyens's wounds. "Nothing too bad; it'll only take a few minutes to fix these up." Gaara stood over her, watching as the pink-haired girl tended to Tuyen. Sakura was almost done when a familiar voice called out for the brunette.


The young woman looked up in shock and joy. "Raie!" Sakura grunted as Tuyen moved, causing her to slip. "Oh, sorry, Sakura." Gaara gazed on as the older boy ran up to his cousin, giving her a gentle hug.

Inu groaned, her head pulsing with agony as she opened her eyes. Darkness met her gaze. Oh, great, I'm blind again; I knew it was too good to last. It was then that Inu realized she was being carried. Fear took over as she suddenly started to struggle.

"Stop it or I'll drop you."

"Sasuke!" Her struggling became fiercer. "Put me down, Sasuke!"


Inu growled at his stone-cold answer. "I demand you release me this moment!"

"Or what?"

"Or…Or I swear I'll kill you."

Sasuke glanced her over as he walked; she was beaten up and her clothes were a mess. It was still a wonder she had survived that last attack. She didn't look like she could stand, let alone kill anyone. Inu couldn't see his eyes, but his silence was enough. He was laughing at her; of course, this made her madder.

Biting her lip, she let out another growl. "I hate you so much. Why did you have to save me, anyway?"

"A simple thank you would have been fine." His sarcasm made her angrier.

"I didn't ask you to save me!"

"Then I'm sorry I saved you."

"Itachi was right there! Why didn't you kill him when you had the chance? You confuse me so much."

"I confuse you?" Was that pleasure in his voice?

"Of course!! You became a total jerk, joining Orochimaru and everything to kill your brother, but then when you have the chance, you don't! Did Orochimaru brainwash you? If that's so, why did you sa—"

She never got to finish her rant, because Sasuke silenced her with a kiss. She was so shocked she didn't know what to do. Consequently, she just lay there in his arms, her blind eyes wide, trying to comprehend what was going on. When they parted, Sasuke spoke, and Inu could almost hear the smile on his lips.

"I saved you because I wanted to."

The battle was over.

Leaf ninja were now taking groups of slaves back to their villages. This, of course, only worked for those slaves who knew what villages they were from or for those lucky enough to HAVE villages to return to. Tuyen was one of those lucky people. She and her cousin were going back to their village, taking with them several homeless slaves, including Koree and his mother. Even though the young brunette was so happy to be going home, the thought of leaving all her friends behind weighed heavily on her heart. She turned to all those friends now.

Hinata looked on the verge of tears. Her pale eyes were moist as she gave a brave smile. "I'm glad to have met you, Tuyen," she whispered, giving the brunette a hug. She had become one of Tuyen's closest friends, and Tuyen was going to miss the conversations they had whenever they could get them.

Naruto grinned, his blue eyes twinkling as he also hugged the brunette. "Come and visit us in Konoha! I'll be Hokage there soon." Tuyen smiled, laughing lightly. He had been one of the first people she had met when she had come to this camp. He had tried his best to look out for her; in so many ways, he had been like a brother. She was sure that he would make an amazing leader someday.

"I'll be counting on it."

Similar goodbyes were said to her other friends. When she got to Temari, the blonde gave her a sisterly embrace. "You take care of yourself, Tuyen. I'm really going to miss you, but I have a feeling someone else is going to miss you more." With that, she glanced over to her brother; Tuyen, confused, did so as well. The brunette saw the sand demon standing slightly outside the circle of former slaves, watching them all say their farewells. With a small push from Termari, Tuyen walked toward him.

"I'm going to miss you, Gaara."


She smiled suddenly, feeling those tears that hadn't come yet burning in her eyes. Quickly, she wiped them away, laughing slightly. "No more sunsets on the west wall; no more you saving me… I'm going to miss you," she reiterated.

He nodded, unsure of how to answer her; whenever she cried, it made him feel very… unsure.


He hadn't meant to make her cry harder with his words, but it happened anyway. She started to sob like a little child while he stood there, eyes slightly wider than normal. Had he said something wrong? Wasn't that what people said when they were parting? Then, suddenly, she did something no one had ever done to him before.

She hugged him.

His body went rigid for a moment; then, his teal eyes noticed Temari, who was indicating for him to pat Tuyen on the back. So, hesitantly, he did so; Tuyen's sobbing slowed slightly, and she relaxed before she pulled away.

"Sorry," she mumbled looking away as she brushed her tears from her cheeks. She looked like she was going to say something else, but her cousin called for her, and with one, fleeting glance, she ran off, waving. Gaara watched her go, the one person who had confused him until the very end.

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