Office Sex.

Everyone's head shot up when they heard something slam against the Colonels door. Ed jumped to his feet and glared at Fury.

"I though you said he wasn't in!" Ed shouted, arms flailing.

"I was." Roy smirked, entering the office and removing his trench.

"What's wrong?" He asked, brow rising in question.

"Someone is in your office?" Ed said uncertainly.

"Well, Lt. Hawkeye did ask to use my desk while I was gone; said she wanted the privacy." Roy shrugged.

"Then she's breaking something, there was just a crash."

"Unless she's being attacked!" Fury cried.

The two rolled their eyes and started towards the door. Roy froze in confusion when he found it locked.

"Transmute the lock, Full Metal." He murmured.

A flash of blue light, then the door swung open. Ed passed out cold from the sight before him. Roy only smirked evilly.

"Lt. Hawkeye, while I appreciate you taking my advice and getting laid, I'd prefer it not be on my desk."

Riza glared at him, a faint blush staining her cheeks. Luckily, her pants were on the floor and her gun was out of reach. The man between her sprawled thighs had yet to turn around and face them, but his shoulders were flushed bright red with mortification.

"Oh and Havoc…" Roy grinned wider when said shoulders slumped miserablely.

"Yes Colonel?" His voice shook with repressed need and his hips twitched. Roy watched in amusement as Riza's eyes fell shut.

"Make it quick." Roy snagged Ed's hand and dragged the still unconscious boy from the room. Once the door was shut Ed began to blink awake.

"I had the most horrible nightmare—" Roy cut him off.

"It's true Full Metal; we have to wait in line for my desk."

Ed hit the floor again.