Title: Earth and Air: Natural Opposites By: Oliver.Artemis

Chapter Title: Toph's Bangs

Rating: K+

Characters: Toph 14, Aang 14

Chapter Summary: Toph's is training Aang still as hard as ever. She figures he may have been good to defeat the Fire Lord but he still wouldn't be good enough to defeat her. Aang is finding it hard to concentrate though when he can only focus on trying to see her eyes.

Aang has always liked Toph's eyes, even though it was hard to see. Her bangs always got in the way of seeing them. The two of them were practicing earth bending, and she was still training him as hard as ever. He may have been good enough to defeat the Fire Nation's lord, but that was because he was the avatar he had the advantage of all four elements. But if it was an earth bender vs. earth bender then he would never compare. She was growing strong with him and even though they were fourteen they were still as childish as ever.

"Come on Twinkle Toes make the wave!" Toph's voice yelled and echoed through out the canyon they were in. Aang attempted to raising his arms up and then bring them down hard while stomping his foot in an attempt to make a wave of earth. But that wasn't the reason why he couldn't focus.

"I can't do it Toph." He said in a sullen voice. Aang turned to face her and stared Toph's sightless pale green eyes. But it was difficult when her dark black bangs covered over them making it difficult for him to see directly in her eyes.

"Well you should pay attention then Twinkle Toes." But Aang didn't focus.

"Toph…" the young avatar said slowly.

"What do you want? You should be focusing."

"Don't move."

"Why?" He didn't answer. Instead he pulled the band from her hair fixed it so that her bangs were pulled back. Now he could see her blind eyes and no matter how useless they were. They were something his eyes could just stare at. A small smile was on his face.

"I like your eyes." Toph could feel her cheeks turning red and becoming warm. Aang could feel the same happening to him, but he turned around raised his arms up forcing himself to focus on the earth in front of him. The quickly threw his arms down and slammed his foot against the ground and a huge wave of earth was created. A smile came on the young boy's face. "I did it!" Toph made a mental note that she would move her bangs out of her eyes.

A/n: Yay! That's my Toph/Aang story. It's pretty much drabble, but expect more. These are all going to be one shots.