Title: Earth and Air: Natural Opposites By: Zovid

Chapter Title: Pick Up Lines

Rating: K+

Characters: Toph (17), Aang (17

Chapter Summary: How Aang gets girls, or in this case Toph.


"Hey, Toph, you know how I knew you were an earthbender?" Aang asked as he sat next to her at the fire. Toph turned her head towards him with a bored look on her face.

"By my earthbending?"

"No, when I first saw you, you rocked my world."


"Wanna go out Saturday?" Toph continued to stare at him before a flick of her wrist and he was sent hurtling into the lake next to him. She blew her bangs out and poked the fire with a stick.


"Hey, Toph." Aang said smiling at the earth bender who was lying on the grass under the sun.


"You know, I'm kind of confused." Toph sighed, now realizing she would have to sympathize with him.


"Because you're an earthbender when you should have been a firebender." Toph sat up with a weird and very confused look on her face. "Yeah, I mean you light my fire." Toph's face dropped to an annoyed one and with a kick of her heel she set him flying into a tree.

"I take that as a no for Saturday?"



"What?!" Toph asked annoyed as she tried relaxing in the lake.

"Can you be my boomerang?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Toph turned her head angrily at Aang who wore a large smile.

"Because I want you coming back to me all the time." Toph stared at him and then turned back to the lake. "What? You're not going to even earth-AHHHH!!!" Up and up Aang flew into the air.


"Are you still complaining about yesterday?" Toph said as she ate her food. Aang looked at her and shook his head. "What now you're not talking to me?" Aang just shrugged. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. I was just thinking." Aang paused and Toph stopped chewing to hear what he was going to say. "I guess I'm lucky to be the last air bender in a way." Aang said shrugging.


"Because I'm the only one who can take your breath away." Toph this time didn't have the energy to earthbend him instead she just took her plate and threw it at him. "Aw come on, that one was a good one." This time Toph did earthbend a rock and threw it at him.


"I feel kind of bad that you're blind, I mean now you can't see how hot you look." Not even a second goes by and Aang finds himself thrown against another rock.

"WORST OF THEM ALL!" Toph shouted at him as he slid of the cold stone.


Toph awoke surprised to feel Aang's vibrations near the lake. She heard splashing and decided to head over there.

"Hey there Twinkle Toes." Toph said taking a seat next to him.

"Hey." He said kicking his feet in the water.

"What no cheesy pick up line? Or is it too early?" Aang shook his head, stood up and walked over to the campsite. Toph cocked her head to the side and stood up as well. "Seriously, no pick up lines?"

"Nope." Aang said firebending a fire for them.

"No, 'Toph, I wonder why Sokka couldn't read you, you're the map to my heart, '?" Toph asked crossing her arms over her chest.


"No, 'You're hotter then the fire lord himself' crack?" Toph asked cocking an eyebrow. Aang shook his head and started to make a soup.

"Uh-uh." Toph stood there confused. Aang sulked there covered in bruises from his head to his ego he sat and stirred the soup.

"Fine we can go out tonight."


"Yeah…" Toph said reluctantly as she went back to her tent. Aang watched then smirked at Appa.

"I knew the guilt trip would work." And in a flash Aang was hurtled into the lake.

"What part of, 'I hear everything' don't you understand?"