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Chapter 7: Ephemeral Dream


Yugi was totally unprepared when Yami said he was going to "put his mark on him"; literally. He could only stare back at the man, unconciously projecting all of his confusion, which amused the spirit to no end.

/Mark me?! What - what's he talking about?! I mean, sure we've kissed and necked and...he almost...touched me...once or twice...but why now!? What brought this on? Not that I'm complaining or anything, but...!/

Then a solemn, husky voice spoke into Yugi's vulnerable ear.


But the chibi paid no heed to it. "No! I mean - yes! Wait, no! Not now! It doesn't...it doesn't feel right!"

Th tone of the voice became one of worry... "Hikari...?"

Yugi was mewling in earnest now, torn between giving in to his seductive lover...and holding out for just a little while longer. But he didn't wanna disappoint him...and besides...he was feeling really good...but at the same time, their random decision to go at it hot and heavy seemed so hasty and desperate...


That deep voice screaming his name roused the teen from his trance-like reverie. The boy snapped his eyes open guiltily and widened in embarrassment and shock. But a gentle hand lifted Yugi's pixie face, and he was greeted with the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen.

Adorning that handsome face was a gentle, sexy quirk of the corners of Yami's lips. He was looking at the chibi calmly, gently stroking his cheek. Those ruby red eyes bore into his own, shining with affection and amusement, and more surpisingly, arousal. He quietly asked him what was wrong. Yugi responded as best he could.

"Yami...I...I..." but a finger on his lips silenced him before he could say anything else. Yami merely smiled at him and nodded in understanding. "Hikari, you need not say more. I can tell that you are uncomfortable with our...consummation..." and he smirked wickedly when that last word made Yugi blush horribly. "However, I must say that I am quite...eager...to continue my ministrations to your beautiful body."(Kei: Yami's such a hentai, ne? 8D)

Yugi involuntarily gasped at this news; it set his heart racing and he couldn't stand it. He squirmed, trying to get from under his desirable Yami, but found himself creating friction in the...ahem...groin area, where two impressive bulges were still protruding from their leather prisons. A husky growl in his ear made Yugi whimper, so he moved again to hear that sound. Before he knew it, Yami had somehow flipped them over and the spirit was now on bottom. Looking deeply into the blushing teen's face, the spirit thrust his hips upward and into bliss, moaning erotically all the while.

"Ah!" Liquid fire licked through the chibi's groin. Not expecting the sensation, he leaned forward and took hold of Yami's broad shoulders for support. Yugi was relieved when the rocking stopped, but that feeling was shot straight to hell when his lover sat up and squeezed his ass, pulling him forward to meet those insatiable hips. The teen bucked forward reflexively, which Yami found highly arousing, so he did it again, and again, and again...and soon discovered that his aibou wanted more than he let on. And at that same moment, a round, trembling ear appeared close to his mouth. Yami came to the conclusion that kissing it would s\make his tenshi go wild. He wasted no time in fulfilling his desires.

Yugi's response was more than satisfying.

"Hah! Yami, please! I...I...don't want this...not now! It just doesn't -" a pleasure-filled whimper reached Yami's ears. "This doesn't feel right!" But Yami thought otherwise.

"Oh, I must beg to differ, my sweet Hikari." The kisses stopped, but then that damned lobe was nipped at... "I know that you're enjoying yourself." A slightly rough, but hot tongue flicked over the outer shell. "I know that you want this just as much as I do." Despite the abusive treatment, the youth fought valiantly against the advances.

"Please...don't..." But his pleas were ignored.

A hand ran across the teen's chest, slowly awakening the skin it touched with an almost mindless need. Yugi mewled loudly when it stopped at his left nipple and pressed into it, rolled around, then tugged it gently.

He threw his head back in ecstasy, screaming his pleasure to the heavens. Finally, Yugi's last defensive walls were torn down when long fingers slipped in between their hot, sweaty bodies, and pressed against the leather that clung to his raging hard-on...oh SHIT...

Yugi was so confused. Why...why couldn't deny his Yami's advances?! His touch made him go crazy, and dilled him with inexplicable lust and need! And why wasn't Yami stopping? Did he really know that Yugi desired to be screwed 'til kingdom come? And most importantly, why was he so turned on by Yami's abnormally aggressive behavior? His voice was so damned deep and husky now, every word he said rolled sexily off that dominating tongue...which was now dipping into his navel...

And suddenly, Yugi couldn't take it anymore. He just had to quench his thirst, his hunger for the dark spirit. He had to! With all of his courage, he grasped Yami's face and demanded the inevitable -

"Yami, please...fuck me!"



Yugi woke up with a start, sweat rolling off his body in thick rivulets. He had little time to compose himself before Yami came bursting through the door from downstairs.

"YUGI! What's -!" The sight of his aibou all flushed and gasping for air made him stop short.

Yugi looked up guiltily at Yami and muttered something too quietly for the man to hear. He calmed down after realizing that he wouldn't have to kick anyone's ass to the Shadow Realm for eternity, and climbed into the bedwith the chibi.

Suddenly, Yugi broke down and told him why he screamed so terribly. Yami was at first shocked, then flattered, and then downright aroused.

"Hikari, are you telling me that you had...a wet dream about us?"

The chibi's face turned a very nice shade of fuschia, and he hid his face in his lover's long neck, nodding slowly.

"I must say, Yugi, I'm very flattered and...pleased."

"So, you're not mad at me, Yami?" The boy's evident surprise made the ex-pharaoh chuckle.

"No, my Hikari. I am not angry with you. And don't you worry; once we get to Park Reisei, I will fulfill all of your secret fantasies." Yugi blushed more, but smiled sleepily and kissed his Yami. He said one last thing before drifting off to the realm of rest.

"I'd like that, Yami."

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