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The misfits at the movies

"Okay you loons Hawk said you guys could watch this movie but try to act halfway sane." warned Lowlight the G.I Joe sniper and one of the Misfit's handlers

"Yeah right" snickered Lance Alvers the misfit code named Avalanche "that's pretty hard to do with this bunch; I think Hawk mainly sent us out so he could repair the damage Raven and Terra caused." Lance was referring to his younger sister Tara a.k.a Terra, and Raven one of the two resident half demons on the team.

"Hey Raven," asked Johnny a.k.a Bard, Raven's half brother and the other half demon on the team as he started to snicker "did you bring your boyfriend?"

"For the last time Bard" Raven growled "Hiei is not my boyfriend!" (1)

"Hey why did Rapture get to bring her girlfriend?" asked Pietro a.k.a Quicksilver as he gestured to Rapture and her girlfriend Saya who is half vampire (2)

"Easy, she's one of the few people not on this team that is involved with us that doesn't cause a lot of damage." Shrugged Althea a.k.a Wavedancer the leader of the Misfits "well as long as nothing religious is nearby." "That and the fact that Aja's boyfriend is scared of us."

"He wasn't scared of the group till he met the triplets." grumbled Aja also known as Lightspeed

"So what are we seeing?" asked Terra

"By the looks of it Ghost Rider. Replied Todd also known as Toad

"Hey guys look at that." Said Wanda a.k.a Scarlet Witch Pietro's twin sister as she pointed towards a commotion and what appeared to be a giant turtle with two women arguing.

"Now girls" said Leonardo as he stood in between them "I'm really sorry about scheduling dates with both of you on the same night but can we try to get along."

"No!" yelled both Lotus Blossom and Karai at the same time as they started arguing

"I'm older than you go home!" yelled Lotus Blossom

"Yeah right you old bat!" Karai yelled back

"Are you calling me old!"

"No duh Lotus"





"Now girls lets act like respectable adults!" ordered Leonardo as the two got into a big dust cloud fight which he attempted to break up

"Shut up!" the two yelled as they punched out Leonardo and dragged him into the dust cloud

"Two women are fighting over a giant turtle." groaned Aja "Now I've seen everything."

"Hey look over there." said Raven with a smirk as they saw Graydon Creed walking down the street "I'll be right back."

A few minutes later

"AAAAHHH" screamed Graydon as Raven in soul self form went chasing after him.

Sometime later the group came out of the theatre

"Well that was interesting." replied Bard as he munched on some popcorn

"Terra, Avalanche did you two really have to break that video game?" asked Althea "we wanted to play too."

"It ate my money." growled Terra

"Why did we come here again?" asked Lowlight as he held his head

"We were coerced." replied Cover girl

The end

(1) this is a gag on the fact than whenever anyone makes a yuyu hakusho teen titans crossover that Raven and Hiei are always paired up

(2) I have no clue what Saya is actually bear with me