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Author's Note: SO i had a lot of fun writing this first chapter so I hope you guys like it. The title is Walk Away because I love the song Walk Away by Joe Walsh


Walk Away

Nice to meet you.

"Dean, I don't want to go."

"Sam, it's only our third day. You'll make friends soon."

"I hate going to a new school in the middle of the year."

"It's only October besides I told you Marty said he was going to introduce us to some guys at lunch so just relax."

Dean had met Marty only recently when his family got rid of a poltergeist in Marty's house. Dean was excited for his senior year because that meant he was finally free afterwards. Sam was just happy they had settled down for a little while.

At lunch Dean and Sam headed over to where Marty was sitting with three other guys.

"Sup, Winchesters? This is Mike, John, and Kevin. Guys this is Dean and Sam Winchester."

The guys became fast friends as guys usually do. Dean caught sight of a dark brown haired girl with a Blue Oyster Cult t-shirt and jeans on.

"Marty, who's that?" Dean asked nodding his head in the girl's direction.

Marty looked over and smiled, "That is Charlie Stone."

"She's a great girl. Funny, smart, and can make anyone smile," Mike added.

"Yeah, considering…" John said.

"Considering what?" Sam asked.

"Her boyfriend's an ass. He smacks her around a lot but she always has her head up," Kevin explained.

"Who's her boyfriend?" Dean asked.

"Buck Michaels, captain of the Lacrosse team. He sits over there."

Dean turned and saw a guy about his size sitting with a bunch of other jocks. They were trying to crush cans on their heads.

"I'm telling you though, Charlie's awesome. You want to meet her?" Marty asked.

"Hell yeah!"

"Hey, Charlie! Come here!"

Charlie turned and rolled her eyes playfully at Marty. Dean couldn't help but stare at her. Charlie came over and stood next to Marty and across from where Dean and Sam were sitting.

"What's up, Marty?"

"Not much, I wanted you to meet the new kids. Charlie Stone this is Dean and Sam Winchester. Guys this is Charlie."

Charlie smiled, "Nice to meet you. How are the seniors treating you, Sam?"

Sam looked down, "They push me in the halls sometimes."

Charlie put her tray down on the table and walked around to Sam. She kneeled next to him and took his ID card from around his neck.

"If you keep this in your pocket people can't tell if you're a freshman. You should be fine now."

"Thanks!" Sam said excitedly while stuffing his ID in his pocket.

"Charlie, what are you up to on Friday?" Marty asked.

Charlie shot a nervous glance at Buck before answering, "I don't know yet. Why? What do you have up your sleeve?"

"There's a party in the woods Friday night, you in?" Kevin inquired.

"You guys know I hate those parties. They're so lame. The girls have half a beer and pretend to be drunk and the guys actually get drunk and treat their girls like shit," She paused, "And god knows I don't need that."

"If Buck goes you know you're going."

"Yeah, probably. What about you, Winchester's? You two going?"

"Can we Dean?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. Our dad likes to go hunting on the weekends."

"Hunting? Really? That's pretty cool."

Dean couldn't help but smile proudly at Charlie.

"Well boys, I must be going. I have English homework to finish before 6th period." Charlie stated, grabbing her bag and tray.

"Aw, Charlie can I borrow your homework when you're done?"

"Don't I always help you out Mike?"

"Yeah, you do. Thanks Charlie."

"No problem. See you boys later. Oh and Sam if a senior bugs you tell them you've got several friends and drop some of our names. You'll be fine."

"Thanks," Sam smiled shyly.

Charlie waved goodbye and walked over to Buck's table. Dean watched as Buck grabbed her wrist and yanked her into the seat next to him. Buck whispered something in her ear making her wince a little. Dean wanted to punch that guy; no one should treat their girl like that.

"Earth to Dean."

"Sorry Sam, what did you say?"

"Do you think Dad will let us go?"

"Maybe I'll talk to him."

Marty smirked at Dean, "Hey boys, I think Dean's got a thing for our friend Charlie."

Dean grinned, "Think I have a chance?"

"Anyone's better than Buck, even you Winchester." Marty said playfully.

"Good enough for me." Dean cast one more glance over at Charlie then went back to his other conversation.