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When it's like this it is a JD fantasy
When it is like this it is a Dr. Cox flashback

And to answer questions before they get asked, the female patient is in no way related to Dr. Cox. She's just to move the story along. Also, this is Not Slash!

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Chapter 1

There was an IV dripping onto the floor, remnants of food sliding down the wall, and a small, shivering blonde sitting on the bed. Dr. Cox and I each look on with a similar expression. Dr. Cox flipped the girls chart closed and looked back to me.

"They found her on the street, excessive drug use. They want us to keep her here through the withdrawal period."


"Her family," he hurriedly said. "Unfortunantely a case like hers will require almost constant attention and I've already got a full patient load."

There was something strange about that statement, I knew that even an excessive drug use patient wouldn't call for that much attention. Something about this girl was starting to seem a little bit strange.

"So what's going to happen to her?"

"Kelso realizes we're keeping her here and no one's footing the bill and she gets kicked out to die on the streets." Dr. Cox caught the look of horror cross my face. "Or, newbie, you hand off half of your patient load and watch her while I feed Kelso some bullshit story that she's the daughter of someone famous. Your choice."

I'm on stage with two giant doors standing next to Chuck Woolery. Flashing lights scream out "Choose Her Fate!" One door reads Sudden Death, the other says Option B.

"I'll take Option B, Chuck."

"What? Nevermind. I'll go give Barbie your cases, and Skipper..." I look up. "How about you go reattatch her IV, you've always been good at finding people's veins."

I chose to ignore the quip that I decided meant I got under his skin. Before I went in there was something still hanging at the edge of my mind.

"Dr. Cox, if her family brought her here, why are we sneaking around Kelso?"

"Because I lied," he said, walking away. "I did."

Elliot bounced happily down the hallway, letting nothing dampen her chipper mood. Not even the blood stains on her scrubs, not even the bruise on her forehead from tripping in the break room.

"Someone's happy today," Carla said, unable to hide a smirk from the bouncing girl.

"I'm off in an hour, I'm off in an hour." Elliot sang, doing a little dance.

"No, Elliot," Carla grimaced, covering her eyes. "White girls don't dance."

Elliot stopped and smiled. "Doesn't matter, I'm off in an hour, I've got the easiest patients today, nothing can get me down!"

The sound of whistling tore through the halls. "Barbie!" called the voice of Dr. Cox. Carla could actually see Elliot's spirit dropping. "I got a special job for you."

Elliot smiled and perked up. "Yeah?"

"You get to take half of Lucy's patients today."


"He means Bambi," Carla interjected.


"I mean JD," Dr. Cox said with the role of his eyes. "Oh my God, can't things ever be done easily with you people?" He began wandering off, still rambling to himself. Elliot stood absolutely still for awhile as though willing herself not to cry.

"Elliot, breathe!" Carla said suddenly, snapping Elliot out of it.

"I was going to be off in an hour," she whispered. "I'm going to kill JD!"

"Hi, I'm Doctor Dorian, your...well...Doctor," I said, once more stumbling across an introduction. The girl gave me a raised eyebrow look.

"You want to try that again?" She asked, her voice dead and sarcastic.

"Yeah, I'm JD," I said. "And you?"

"Jace...I guess you can say Jacey."

Somewhere in the hospital Dr. Cox is seen saying "There's two of him" before his head explodes.

Well, Jacey," I say, trying not to laugh, and partly wishing I had thought of it myself. "If you'll hand me that IV we can hook you back up here."

Jace gave me an annoyed glare. "Only if you've got something better pumping through that needle.

Dr Cox stood outside the hospital room staring in at his intern, or as he liked to think of the boy, his apprentice. Dr. Cox could remember a time years in the past when he was in the Newbie's spot, an intern fresh out of Med School.

"Hola Perry!" came the shout of the new interns first friend, a young Latina nurse who started the same day he had.

"Carla, shh!" The young man shouted. He had long curly hair and a young confidence filled face, the only emotion breaking through the surface was the fear of starting his new job.

"Don't you Shh me, Perry," she said, offering the man a hug.

"It's PC, not Perry," he said, receiving a raised eyebrow in return. "Oh, come on Carla, how would you feel if you were named Perry Cox."

"Fine, Pea-Sea," Carla said, overly emphasizing each letter. "But you know they'll find out sooner or later during your rounds."

"Not if I don't respond they won't."

"You cocky bas-" Carla was cut off by an interruption from the current, soon-to-be retired chief of medicine, Dr. Morris.

"Aw, our new kids have already made friends, great. Great," he said, leaving Carla and PC confused as to whether or not he was being sarcastic. "Now if it's alright with you two I'd say we should all get to workin', don't want to crowd the hallway."

The doctor wandered off, humming to himself while Carla and PC tried to decide if they had been scolded or commended.

"That man's been in the strangest mood since they found him a replacement, he finally gets that retirement check," came the voice of Nurse Roberts, a nurse who had been working for the hospital for far to long.

"I guess it could be worse," Carla said. "I heard that the hospital across town has Satan for their chief. Some guy named Kelso."

A beeper sounded and PC grabbed his pager. "I've got to get to rounds! See ya' Carla!"

"Have fun on your first day!"

Dr. Cox snapped from his flashback just in time to watch the girl throw a swift back hand newbie's way and watching the man hit the floor. The girl on the bed tore her IV from her arm again and Dr. Cox rolled his eyes before walking in to save the weaker man.

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