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Chapter 10

I sat on Jace's bed for the first time in three days. I still was on leave from work, but I couldn't be away for any longer I wasn't going to come to terms with any of this unless I faced it head on.

Dr. Cox was outside talking to Carla, I hadn't said anything to him since that day and he hadn't said anything to me. I took a deep breathe and closed my eyes. A new weight was added to the bed that startled me back into consciousness.

"Are you really ready to know what happened?" Dr. Cox asked. I nodded, part of me not wanting to know, but the other part ready to accept the truth.

"There never was a Mansfeld Connor," he said. "It was her dealer, he snuck in." I was confused. He had seemed so genuine, and the bear...

Dr. Cox pulled a bear with its back split open from the night stand. "They hid it in here and injected it into her IV cord...I think you can figure out the rest."

I was horrified. "They let an air bubble in..." Dr. Cox nodded and I felt ill. "I let him through..."

"I would have too, it was an honest mistake."

It was terrible, it was something that I had always feared happening. Every person who saw "The Omen" feared it. An air bubble entering your blood stream can stop your heart.

"Don't think to much on this," Dr. Cox said. "You did some amazing things over these past few weeks and it was her own fault..."

"I still don't like hearing it."

"She was never going to walk out of here, she's not like the patient I had years ago." I looked at Dr. Cox, he was finally opening up to me. "I had one come through years ago, a guy. He was pretty messed up, bran damage had already started. He wanted to get better and he did. I doubt that kid even remembers who I am anymore."

I stared straight ahead, all of the memories I had lost those years ago were flooding back. The intern, the nurse, the murder. What I'd done, what I'd said, who I was...

Dr. Cox stood up to leave the room. "You proved me wrong," he said, looking at me once more. "You are somebody."

John stood outside his room looking better than ever before. His brown hair had grown out, pushing the blonde away. His face was fuller and he had a genuine smile on his face. He was wearing a pair of tight girls jeans and a very small shirt.

"What..." Perry started to ask.

"I didn't have any of my own clothes here, so Carla gave these to me." The man said. Perry shook his head and John laughed.

"I knew I'd get better," he said, holding his arms out and doing a turn. "And look good!"

The two stood in silence. John stared at Perry and smiled. "Thanks."

Perry shook his head. "No, that was all you, all I did was tell you how horrible of a person you were."

"That's why I said thanks, you helped me that way. I didn't realize how wrong I was until you told me. Thanks for laying it all out like that," John leaned against the wall and smirked. "I think that's your gift, you're honest. Don't let that go."

"Only if you promise that I won't have to see you in here again."

John pushed himself from the wall. "No can do," Perry looked taken aback. "I'm not talking about drugs, I think I'm going to become a doctor, I want to help someone like you helped me."

Perry and John stared at each other before simultaneously saying, "By telling them how horrible of a person they are."

"Next time I see you I'll have your job, Cock." John said, walking backwards down the hall.

Perry rolled his eyes. "Just call me PC." John smiled.

"Fine, you call me JD," and after saying that a man pushing a gurny ran the newly recovered patient into a wall. "I'm good!"

PC and Carla watched as the boy stood up and shook dust off before leaving. Carla smiled at PC. "He's not a monster anymore."

"Yeah, and I do think he'll be in my place someday. He had that spark."

I watched through the door as my memory of the past faded into the present. My walking out the door transformed into a gurney being pushed to the morgue, Carla and PC turned into their older selves, distance being purposefully kept between the two but the old hint of friendship still fresh between them, the old interns faded away and were replaced by Elliot spazzing over a patient and Doug wondering if his patient died or if he just set off the monitor by tripping over the cord.

I stood and walked through the daily hustle of the hospital. Everything was different now. I wasn't just John Dorian, doctor. People were going to look at me and think John Dorian, recovering drug addict. I help a hand to my head and walked to the lockers to get my jacet. Eyes followed me from every direction, whispers closed in.

Turk waved at me, just like always. Carla leaned over the desk to try and gossip with me about the new doctor Elliot had been eye-balling, and Dr. Cox whistled, calling me Suzie Q.

I ignored everything and walked to the door, my fingers wrapped around a little plastic tube in my pocket.

I had some past memories that needed to be destroyed...


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