By Melissa

short story of Bowen

You knew who i was when my identity

broke the curse

You knew that we were blood when she revealed the secrecy of my life

that I didn't know about.

You knew that she became my Weakness when I finally found my real Mom

What About you did you Change for Good?

There I was looking at my mother and how happy she was now that my Father was back in her life.

I never knew that He was my Father all this time, when he almost killed me, when Udonna revealed whom I was , I was never the same,

Moving away from the window as I now stared into the forest of Rootcore. I took a deep breath as I lowered my head.

Memories flooded my mind, my thoughts. My nightmares were of my Father almost killing me.

"Whats wrong with me?" I asked myself.

I walked down the stairs of Rootcore and walked over to my Father's horse. As I moved near castastros he moved away. I just stood there . I kicked a nearby stone as I wondered how my life completely changed with

all the life before me,

" Thinking of Dad" said a familiar voice.

Bowen Looked back as he smiled.

"You know me too well don't you Phineas" said Bowen.

" Well, not to well , as you can see I'm also thinking too" he smiled

Bowen smiled as he placed his hands into his pant pockets as he lowered his head.

Pheneas looked up seeing Alianbow as he shushed him quick enough to Knock out Bowen from Behind.