By Melissa

This Chapter is Rated M for Mature Audiences

Chapter 15

They all stood as eight of her warriors now entered. There they stood,

"By the full nine months and passed you will kill , or bring me the parents o frf the Twin Phoenix,

By The Full Moon of the ninth month,

Madison gave birth to two beautiful boys Vincente and Andre of Briarwood.

Bowen was very satisfied with the names that Madison came up with for their son's . They promised each other that their boys won't be named after their Father.

Mid Morn ,

Madison awoke as she heard Younglin Vincente awake for his breakfast. The time was now read five forty nine in the morn.

She smiled as she walked over to her son as she now slowly picked him up from the crib. There he cooed and fussied as he now began to cry.

"Oh, now now young one you are going to be fed, Mommy is going to change you then she'll feed you"whispered Madison as she now changed his nappy. Again he cried as Bowen now awoke as he saw Madison changing him. There he rose to his feet as he now made his way over to his wife and his son.

"Hey buddy, sshhh, you are going to wake Andre" he whispered.

"Hey Beautiful"whispered Bowen as he now moved Madison's hair from her neck as he now kissed her there.

Madison smiled as she now slowly picked up their son as she looked to her husband.

"Hello to you handsome" said Madison.

There he smiled as he now smiled at the two as he saw his son putting it baby fist into his mouth as he now began to suck on it.

Bowen walked Madison back to the bed where he now sat. There he pulled Madison between his legs as she now sat as she now removed her negilee from her shoulders as the straps fell. She now managed to free his baby fist from his mouth as she now pulled him to her naked breast.

Vincente managed to cling on to dear life as he now drank from his mother's breast as Bowen now watched.

He caressed his son's tiny head as he smiled. There Vincente opened his eyes revealing his green eyes to his daddy.

Madison now leaned back to Bowen as she now leaned against his chest there she relaxed. as she now caressed their infant son's cheek .

"You did a good job" said Madison.

"I did?, how's that?" asked Bowen.

"We have two beautiful boys in our life" saidMadison.

"Maybe we can work on our daughter" smiled Bowen.

Madison just laughed.

"Madison, Im serious" said Bowen.

Madison looked to Bowen then to their son.

"A daughter?" Madison smiled as she now looked to her husband.

"I will not stop til you have a girl Madison" said Bowen.

"I want a daughter as much as you want one" he added.

Madison now looked to Bowen as tears trickled down her face, "why are you tearing M'love?" he asked.

"I wish for a daughter also, bu what if we have another son" said Madison

"Then we will keep trying" said Bowen.

Bowen noticed that Vincente was now asleep , there he rose to his feet as Madison was about to get up, "Stay", he whispered as he now moved his infant son from his wife's arms as he now managed to carry him back to the crib as he now laid him down, there he now looked over to Madison as he now walked back to the bed as he now moved up to her as he kissed her passionately.

"To this morn, we will work on our daughter" he whispered as he now slowly removed her negilee from her shoulders. There he slowly made his way between her legs as he now pulled up the covers over them .

He kissed her bare naked shoulders as he now slithered his hands to her thighs. There she moaned out feeling his hands rediscovering her body.

He slowly moved down as he now kissed her inner thighs as he now traveled his tongue, teasing her caressing her, "Bowen' whispered Madison as she now arched her body.

He now made his way up to her face as he now looked deep into her eyes.

"Tell me Madison, tell me what you earn for" he whispered into her ear.

"Please Bowen, I need you inside me, I need to feel you again" she whispered.

He gave a loving smile to Madison as he now moved deep inside her, she arched her head back as she now moaned, he held her hands in his as he now pinned them above her head, there he began to move in an out of her slowly pleasuring her, "Ohhhh Bowen" she now moaned.

Slowly he now massaged her, as he did his magic touch on her.

His thrusts became a bit fast and hard, there she gasps as she now parted her legs a bit further, feeling him inside her, feeling her wetness as his manhood continued to tease her.

"Oh... Madison, you feel so good baby" he whispered.

Moving with his rythem left him vulnerable. He now slid in and out of her as he felt her body now bucking against him. As she now caressed her legs to his thighs as.

His body shivered, as her touch made him move faster.

Madison now held her moaning, as she held on to him."Oh Maddie, Ohh yes'moaned Bowen.

She held on to him for dear life while her world exploded on a maelstorm of bliss.

Bowen held onto Madison as he now rolled over wth her as he now laid on the bed with her on him there she slowly moved up straddling on his hips as she began to move on him, the blanket now fell down covering their lower bodies . There he bucked hysterically and wildy as Bowen now held onto her waist.

Now they moved together as they now both moaned. Madison caressed his chest as he now caressed her thighs which made her shiver all over he body.

His seed now spilled inside her as she now collasped on top of his body as they were nowboth breathing a bit heavy.

As dawn revealed itself as it now revealed the two lovers and their son's that shoned, Madison awoke as she now crept off the bed and into the shower. with her movement that now awoke Prince Bowen he managed his way to join his wife to shower.

An animal emerge from the window as it now stared to the Two Prince's and growled.

That noon

Outside ofRootcore

Aliabow, Udonna, Clare, Neilla, Daggeron, Prince Bowen, Princess Madison and their son's were now outside spending time together. The Ladies were now with Madison as Alianbow, Bowen and Daggeron were now sparring two against one.

Madison now carried baby Andre as Clare was now carrying baby Vincente as they watched the spar, moments later eight defiant warriors appeared as they now surrounded Alianbow, Daggeron and Bowen.

There they quickly attacked Alianbow as they managed to knock him out. Then it was Daggeron's turn as they now fought spontaniously. Four more warriors appeared, Lady Udonna stood in defense as they now charged after her."Niella take Clare and madison Inside Rootcore NOW!" she yelled.

Niella did what was told, as they turned there stood lady Aurora De Rito Compalas.

"Who would of thought it would of Been you " said Niella.

"Hand me those chlylden" said lady Aurora.

"Over My dead Body"said Madison as she handed Baby Andre to Clare.

" Go inside Clare' ordered Madison.

Clare now ran inside as she now held the two boys.

Meanwhile back outside:

Daggeron now fought three warriors as nine more appeared as they now attacked Bowen.

Bowen was now held down with his arms held in his back .

"BOWEN!"yelled Madison.

Four more appeared as they captured madison.

Lady Aurora now laughed.

"I have what I came for, Unthea Altheno!" she called out as madison and Bowen now disappeared.

The Twin boys now cried as they felt very emotional...

To be continued

Coming Soon The Revenge of The Twin Phoenix