Miku's breath hitched; you'd think she'd be used to it by now...

She paused for a moment to calm herself down, blinking a little to focus her eyes to the small amount of light coming from her flashlight. Miku exhaled, and as she inhailed...

The air felt a little bit colder, and a sense of dread washed over her body. She gripped her mother's camera and readied herself for a possible spirit encounter. ...But there was none.

Miku almost chuckled at her childish paranoia, but in the back of her head she knew that there was something wrong. Having already given up all hopes of normality for this mansion

And then, suddenly, she couldn't breath. Her body was cold and her hands clasped around her throat because she coudn't breath and her camera falling to the ground. She could feel a presence glide around behind her but she couldn't care less at the moment because her lungs stopped recieving oxygen and now she couldn't breath and any onlooker would have thought she was choking herself.

She could feel two arms ghost over her shoulders like it was hugging Miku from behind but then Miku could breath again but now there were ropes tightening around her neck and wrists and it didn't matter that her lungs were working properly now because there was a rope around her neck and she was going to die.

But then it stopped. And Miku fell gasping for breath on the floor clutching her neck because there were no rope marks and maybe she just imagened the whole thing, maybe the mansion was really getting to her and---

"Feel my pain..."

And Miku could feel the Rope Shrine Maiden behind her and her heartbeat quickened because now she was deaf, too.

Then the presence disappeared, and Miku quickly scrambled for her camera though she could not shake the feeling of dread that had seeped into her.

There was cackling in the distance, groans of souls long forgotten, and all in its' midst Miku couldn't help but think,

"And then there was none..."