Chapter 7: Who needs Enemies?


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The next couple days were awful.


"Eh?" He turned around was instantly met with a punch to the face. Slamming against the floor, Sidney hovered over him, his nostrils flaring, his eyes dark. "I thought I told you to stay away from my sister!"

Danny was completely unaware that Toots was all the way on the other side of the playground, but Sidney had now insisted that Danny now must maintain a 2 mile distance.

"If you know whats good for you!" he barked, Spotty by his side. "Yea you bleedin' softy." They both stormed away.

"What the hell." He groaned, massaging the sore spot on his face. So this is what had become of him, Sidney wanted him dead and his classmates no longer respected him for turning into a "softy'. It was the golden rule in Beanotown, to survive you had to be a tough menace, and liking a girl, was anything but tough or menacing.

He had lost all his status and strength in a couple days, within a tiny little note.

Minnie and Dennis had burst into another fit of giggles, as they watched from the other end of the school yard. They were getting along better than ever, Walter had noted.

"You know what I don't understand." Walter picked his nails. "Why has Danny stopped denying that it was his note? I mean, he only said once, at the beginning, that it wasn't his, but now, he's just kind of…." He gestured to Danny's fallen figure. "given up."

"That's because it is his note."

Walter's jaw dropped. "Y-you mean, you didn't forge it?"

"Naw." Dennis waved a hand, "We were going to get someone to kiss him, but after PE the otherday, I found it crumpled up… on the floor."

"You mean his jean pocket." Minnie smirked. Dennis cackled. They both seemed to bond over other peoples suffering. "Who knew he was such a bleedin' softy?"

Walter scowled at this. It was all so ridiculous, the cruelty that these kids enforced on each other. One minute they're friends, the next minute they're enemies.

"I think its awful what you two did."

Dennis eyes narrowed, and he leaned in a little threatening. "You mean awfully clever."

He decided to be brave for once, and with a little nervous shake, he got up and walked away from Dennis and Minnie.

"Cmon." Danny blinked, darting a suspicious glance at the friendly hand on his shoulder, but he caught Walters kind smile and relaxed. Gobsmacked, Minnie and Dennis watched from the distance as Danny and Walter retreated back into the school building.


"You should know that Dennis and Minnie were planning something against you for a week now."

"I figured as much." Danny sighed. "I just didn't think they would do something like that. Dennis is just upset about me kissing Minnie,"

He pushed the plate of peas around with a fork. They were in the dining hall, where it was mostly empty now except for the occasional faculty member. Danny, cheek in palm, looked up at Walter. "and I expect you helped plan it."

"N-no!" he stammered.

"Well." He sighed. "I suppose there was nothing to plan really. I had this coming. After all. It was my note."

"Why did you write it?"

"Oh I don't know." He looked away, his face getting heated. Walter never realized how bashful Danny could be. "It was valentines day two weeks ago. I wrote it out of spur of the moment."

"Do you-do you like Toots?"

"I don't know." He groaned, face in hands. "I hate being around her because she makes me feel so weird, but I hate being away from her more… And now its horrible because she won't talk to me." He said mournfully.

"I think its because she's trying to trying to save your skin."

Danny looked at Walter, with a soft inquisitive look. "Why are you bein' so nice?"

"I-I, don't know. I always liked you, in a weird way." He blushed

"even when I gave you that wedgie?"

"you always had good intentions." He murmured looking away. Danny gave him a long hard stare. Walter blushed deeper, feeling a little overwhelmed by the attention Danny cocked his head. "Walter… I've always wanted to ask you…. are you gay?"

He paused. "What?"

"You just always seemed, so … gay."


"Well let alone you play with dolls and sew, but… you always stare at me."

"I-I…" his face flourished with scarlet, feeling put very on the spot. To be honest, he never really thought about it. He still didn't want to think about it. "D-don't be silly…"

Danny gave a slight, understanding nod. Suddenly, Plug burst through the cafeteria doors, his large lanky body floating through the hall. "Watch it! Sidney's on the war path."

"Oh, you're talking to me now?" he muttered bitterly. Plug rolled his eyes. "Ah come on mate, you know I didn't mean all that stuff"

"You're not my mate, you abandoned me."

"Didn't! I just didn't want to get a duffin' for hangin' around a softy is all." He shrugged and Danny shot a dark glare. "I thought we were friends, but I guess not, if its so easy to look at me in the face and tell me I'm a softy… me!"

Plug diverted his eyes but said nothing. A second later, Toots padded onto the scene, she looked a little flustered. "Sidney's coming." She muttered.

"Why do I care? I'm sitting here minding my own business."

"Oh Danny." She sighed, "Can't you just stay out of his way for a little bit? I know that you can seriously damage him physically-"

"And I haven't." he prodded his black eye painfully

"I know, and I appreciate that. So can you just stay away for a couple more days ?"

"You mean I hide while he hunts me down like an animal? That's stupid. " Toots groaned. Problem was, Danny was just as stubborn as Sidney. "…but. I'll do it. For you."

She blinked, startled at his last words before they were both distracted by Sidney's noisy entrance onto the scene. He shot an deathly glare and cracked his fist against the table, creating a loud bang that nearly blew Walter out of his seat.

Danny remained calm and composed though. "Can I help you?"

" I thought I TOLD you to stay away from my sister!"

"I have been."

"Oh don't give me that." He rolled up his sleeves, made a fist and was ready to lunge right at him.

"Leave him alone!" Toots snapped, giving her big brother a fierce push. With a wounded expression, Sidney immediately softened into a child. He massaged the sore spot on his arm. "What's your problem?"

"What's YOUR problem?! You're acting like a nutter."

"no I'm not. Danny's acting like the nutter! Sayin' he fancies you and all"

"yea!" Spotty snapped. "that's not right."

"It's not of your business you stupid thickheads" she snorted, giving her brother another angry shove. "some friends you are. You just go and drop him just like that." She snapped her fingers. "he's our BEST MATE."

Plug, whom was sitting on the outside lunch tables, whom watched the conflict between the two twins rise, threw his two cents in. "it's definitely weird. But we shouldn't be so mean to him."

'yea. Why aren't we talking to him again? I forgot." Wilfred piped up, and was met with an angry glare by Spotty. "Because he's a bleedin' softy boy."

"If he's soft, then you're powdered sugar." She spat. "He's tougher than all you lot put together."

Danny was surprised and flattered at the sight of Toots standing before the gang, with a strong stance and fists on her hips, glaring her friends down, daring them to even think about talking back. And it was all in his defense.

But instead, he grinned . "You know, for a girl, she's very perceptive."

A smack in the face.


"Why did you go off like that?" Minnie shrieked grabbing Walter by collar as he exited the school campus. He paled in fear at the twinkle in her sharp green eyes.

"i-I- felt sorry…."

"for who? That stupid girlie softy boy?!" she snapped. Walter immediately gripped by frustration, tore aware from her. "Don't call him that! You sound just like Dennis!"

Dennis frowned in a offense. "What's that suppose to mean eh?" He cracked his fists in threatening manner. "Just shut up softy"

"Yea! Softy!"

Walter gave Minnie an annoyed glance. "What do you always do what he says!? You know that Danny didn't deserve that!"

"He did! He did!"

"Why do you always bully people? I know you're a nice person deep down."

She gruffly folded her arms. "Nice is soft."

"Well what's wrong with being soft!" he yelled. "Everyone is this town is always so mean to each other! My mum, my dad, you and Dennis! You've all been bullying me since I was 6 and now you're splitting all your friends up. Why is this fun?"

Dennis and Minnie blinked, a little taken aback by the spurge of words. Walter simply looked away with a sigh, thoroughly tired. 'listen, its that you both accepted me finally, but I don't think I want to hang out with you anymore."

A pained expression crept onto Dennis's face. "Why? Is it Curly and Pieface hassling you for being our friend? I already told you that I've sorted them out! You can hang out with us-"

"It doesn't matter, I don't want to hang out with you." Another sigh. He rubbed his arms and looked at the ground. "You're all too mean to each other. I don't think I can handle it anymore."

The two friends looked at each other, immediately mournful but said nothing. So he simply walked away, alone.