Hello, everyone! In celebration of me getting a new computer (Dude, I got a Dell) I think it's time for a new venture into the Avatar world. Those of you who are regulars to my series know what I'm talking about and know what's in store. Those of you who are relatively new, welcome. Though you don't have to read the other stories in my series to read this, it does help to understand the characters' state of mind here. And here's what you can expect from this version:

The secret origins of the Avatar Armlet.

The semi-crossover you all knew was coming yet should've expected anyway.

Amara's relatives (this will be significant much later on).

Deck strategies you might recognize.

The 200th Episode (Eat that, Colbert Report).

Author's comments

Plus you'll get to see a very rare sight: Harold using a non-light monster in battle.

Synopsis: An ancient force has awaken, the most powerful cards in the universe have been stolen. And with friends and enemies falling left and right, it's up to the Pharaoh Yami to find the light within.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar
The Orichalcos Saga

Introduction: Avatar Genesis
Episode Basis: Takes place during Fanfic Chapter 27: The Dark Spirit Returns (canon title: The Night Before)

Harold dumped his backpack onto a table and sat down. Something about this doesn't add up, he thought. If Mokuba was right in saying that Pegasus wanted to take over Kaiba Corporation, why does he focus so much attention on Yugi? Why was it Yugi whom Pegasus singled out? And to make matters worse, we're spending the night in the castle of a man who uses cartoon monsters and has a fetish for people's souls. Harold's backpack flap fell open and a package spilled out. It was wrapped in ancient-looking brown paper. What the… oh yeah, the package, I almost forgot about it. I first discovered this last night, when Mai was kidnapped by Panik. But I still have no clue how it ended up in my backpack. Wait a second… the backpack! This isn't the one I thought it was. Harold looked at his backpack. The stitching on the bottom was beginning to unravel. I knew it! This is the same design but it's not the backpack I thought it was. It's not the one I usually use. I was in such a hurry to leave for Duelist Kingdom that I didn't realize which one I took. This one has always been in my apartment. I never paid much attention to it. This package must've been left here by the apartment's previous owner. No, wait, that isn't it, it's something… maybe I can figure it out by opening the package. Carefully (Harold was afraid it might be a bomb or something), Harold undid the wrapping paper. "No freaking way!"

Inside the package were two objects. One was a beat-up old journal, the cover was brown and brittle. The other was a strange gold-colored wrist band. There was a series of symbols along the wrist band. Harold did not recognize the symbols. Perhaps the journal contained a clue. Harold opened the journal. The writing was also in a strange language. As Harold touched the pages of the journal, the wrist band started to glow. Suddenly it was like Harold knew precisely what the journal said.

The Maiden set out for a far-away land to deliver the object that could restore the balance of power in a foreign kingdom. She traveled over sea, over hills, and over sand. Alone, she traveled, hoping to do her king, her family, and herself proud.

The king bid her father to deliver the armlet but The Maiden's father had fallen ill a day before the journey was to begin. The Maiden volunteered herself to deliver the armlet. The King approved, her family did not. But the King's will was not to be denied. And so she set out in a small boat, without oars or sails, traveling to wherever the Sacred Beast's willed her to go.

The Sacred Beast's will led her to the land of sand, where the sun always shines and little life could exist. The Sacred Beast guided her but the Sacred Beast could not protect her. And so The Maiden journeyed. Her beauty as enticing as the sky, her innocence appetizing for any man. It was her beauty and her innocence that attracted men who only wanted to use her beauty and innocence for their pleasure.

The Maiden's travels were no longer under the will of the Sacred Beast, but to the three gods of the land. One which could light up the night, one who lord over the sky and one who could obliterate armies with a single strike. These three gods controlled her destiny and led her into a live of servitude.

The Maiden was rescued by a warrior, skilled in might and magic. The Sacred Beast sent him to rescue her and aid in her quest. The Maiden reached the Kingdom which was already under siege by darkness. But she fell in love with her savior and lost her way.

It was love and friendship, honor and duty, justice and sorrow which led to the death of The Maiden, her power living on in another.

But the Sacred Beast sought to see The Maiden's mission finished and so it summoned another maiden, one native to the land, one whose beauty and prowess were equal to The Maiden. This maiden too fell protecting the one she loved but not before finishing the quest thereby ensuring that the Sacred Beast's will was done.

All this took up about twenty pages in the journal. The story almost brought Harold to tears. He turned to the next two pages and saw copies of the twenty symbols that were on the armband. But underneath them were translations.

By the grace of Osiris, who loved his sister bride, let two souls torn apart be joined through love and light.

"Whoa, this is wild," Harold said. "I wonder… could this be the Armlet the journal mentioned?" Harold looked underneath it but found no further symbols. He continued to stare at it. Then he picked it up and placed it on his right wrist.

Pegasus fired a blast from his Millennium Eye heading straight for the trio. Suddenly the blast was deflected. Another cloaked figure landed in front of them, but this one was dressed differently. His cloak was scarlet red. He wore a hood deep over his face. A strange bracelet with archaic symbols was on his left wrist.

"Who's that guy?" Tristan wondered.

Pegasus also wondered that. "I don't know who you are, but how dare you intrude on this sacred sanctuary. Surround him!" The other robed figures surrounded the newcomer.

"Get out of the way, man, you're out numbered twenty to one!"

The red cloaked figure looked around then held his arm up, the arm with the strange bracelet. The symbols seemed to come right off the bracelet and started spinning around him. Pegasus' "disciples" (for lack of a better term) went flying.

The End