by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and technical crossbreeding

Disclaimer: I am not Nintendo, nor am I the creators of Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, or Super Smash Bros. The lack of yaoi in the games should make that obvious.

Author's Note: Part two of this project… I think I'll do the last three as well, sooner or later. Anyways, much more of the same here. Marth wanting in on the action, Pit not letting him, you know. There are a few RoyxZelda hints too, but only if you squint. Some of these are more mature too, but nothing too explicit. Well, have fun and tell me what you think!

1sentence challenge: theme set Delta

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 10-25-06

01. Air

Pit laughed as he flew high in the air, ignoring Link's demands that he give him back his hat.

02. Apples

"No!" was Link's indignant reply when Pit innocently asked if he could chuck the leftover apples from lunch at Marth's head.

03. Beginning

Link pinned Pit to the ground, not at all caring that they were supposed to be in the middle of a battle, and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

04. Bugs

"He certainly knows how to bug you," Link said, stating the obvious, after Pit pushed Marth into the Fountain of Dreams.

05. Coffee

Pit spat out the bitter brown liquid, and Link laughed that he'd warned him not to drink it so fast.

06. Dark

Link told his lover about Dark Link and didn't know whether to be offended or not when Pit asked if he was hot too.

07. Despair

He always got this nagging feeling of despair every time he saw that Pit was his next opponent…

08. Doors

Never before had Pit unlocked the door to his heart, but he thought that maybe for Link, he could make an exception.

09. Drink

Pit was making the most delectable noises Link had ever heard, and he drank up ever last one with great pleasure.

10. Duty

He had his duties back at home, and falling in love was only bound to complicate matters when all of this was over, but at the moment, after Link pulled out of him and they lay together in the warm afterglow, he couldn't find the energy to care.

11. Earth

No one else on earth made Pit feel this way, so hopelessly and utterly infatuated, and he had a feeling that no one else ever would.

12. End

Link planned to put an end to this whole messy affair, really he had, but how could anyone expect him to do such a thing when Pit had instantly shoved his tongue down his throat the second he opened his mouth?

13. Fall

Captain Falcon kicked Pit and sent the angel falling off the edge of the battlefield, but seeing as it was a double battle and Samus was already out, Link was then able to whack him off the stage with a baseball bat and no small amount of anger fueling him.

14. Fire

Pit felt like he was on fire, what with all of the intense sensations coursing through his veins, and somehow he just knew that Link's talented hands were the only things that could make him feel this way.

15. Flexible

"You know, Link is awfully flexible," Pit admitted with a seemingly innocent smile, if only to see Marth's face turn various shades of red from a mixture of embarrassment, anger, and pure arousal.

16. Flying

Pit was thrown into the Fountain of Dreams and was soaking wet when he pulled himself out; Roy and Zelda took advantage of the angel's drooling boyfriend and sent Link flying off the stage before he knew what hit him.

17. Food

Food was best served, in Link's opinion, in the presence of his angelic lover; if it just so happened to be served on said lover's naked body, well, all the better.

18. Foot

Pit couldn't help but chuckle when he saw a foot-long hotdog for the first time, and Link was rather proud that his boyfriend had understood the sexual connotations the food's name held.

19. Grave

The moment he saw Pit's grave expression he knew something was terribly wrong, so he held the boy close and allowed him to let the out pain.

20. Green

Link was glad that his green tunic was finally repaired, because if Pit made anymore cracks about his lavender one, he swore, lover or not, he was gonna get his bow shoved right up his

21. Head

Zelda tried her best to console her best friend's younger self as he muttered something about Link, Pit, and head, and when Roy burst out laughing at the boy walking in on that, she only rolled her eyes and ignored him.

22. Hollow

As Link lay unconscious in the infirmary after a hard bump to the head, Pit felt horribly hollow and prayed that his lover would be okay.

23. Honor

Really, it was a matter of honor that caused him to pick up the hammer bash the hell out of the two pink puffballs who had dared to hurt his boyfriend, and no matter how many times Pit told him it was just a game, Link refused to relent.

24. Hope

Marth sulked as Link attempted to lick the back of Pit's throat, finally accepting that he'd lost, but still hoping that he could convince them to have a threesome sometime.

25. Light

No matter how dark the future seemed, one smile from Pit and the light was instantly back in Link's life.

26. Lost

"We lost," Link stated the obvious, but seeing as this gave them the rest of the afternoon off, Pit didn't really care.

27. Metal

Link came up against his next opponent and cursed enough to make a sailor blush when it turned out to be Metal Pit.

28. New

Pit made the most alluring sounds when they made love, and Link always took great pleasure in find new ways to make him whimper.

29. Old

Young Link looked at his older self flirting shamelessly with Pit and shook his head; he never wanted to grow up…

30. Peace

The peace and quiet was broken but the moans coming from the other side of the wall, and Marth didn't know whether to be turned on or jealous as hell knowing that it was Link and Pit over there.

31. Poison

Link's love was like poison—the kind that you tasted once and were hopelessly addicted to for the rest of eternity.

32. Pretty

There was no getting around it—Pit was downright pretty, and Link took every opportunity to brag about having a boyfriend who was prettier than any girl there.

33. Rain

The rain cancelled the day's matches, so Link and Pit celebrated their day off by staying in bed together.

34. Regret

Sometimes Pit wondered if Link ever regretted turning down Marth, but then he kissed him and all of his worries washed away.

35. Roses

Roses weren't really either of their styles, but when Link presented his boyfriend with one "just because," Pit suddenly decided that he liked the flower a lot.

36. Secret

They couldn't have kept their relationship a secret even if they'd wanted too—Zelda was just too nosy for her own good sometimes, and they would have been outed before the week was through.

37. Snakes

Pit blushed as Link's arm snaked around his waist and pulled him close, not because this was anything new, but because Zelda and Peach were watching and giggling about how cute they were.

38. Snow

Pit shivered and huddled closer to Link as they readied themselves for their match against the Ice Climbers—his attire was not fit for the snow.

39. Solid

Link appreciated Pit showing him what flying was like, but he was still deliriously happy when his feet landed on solid ground.

40. Spring

"He just got laid," Roy whispered to a giggling Zelda as Link walked by with a spring in his step, Pit limping slightly a few steps behind him.

41. Stable

Things had never been stable in Link's life, but more than anything, he hoped that Pit would remain a permanent part of his existence.

42. Strange

Pit held up the strange garment in his hands and gave his lover a look that clearly wondered if Link honestly expected him to wear this thing.

43. Summer

The summer's rays shown down upon them, and Link couldn't help but think naughty thoughts when Pit innocently asked if he'd help him put on sunscreen.

44. Taboo

Being a gay was most certainly taboo as far as angels were concerned, but hey, at least he and Link weren't related or anything.

45. Ugly

Pit tended to an ugly cut on Link's arm, ignoring the hero's protest that it was nothing to worry about, since he knew that Link would do the same to him.

46. War

A war raged on within him—his mind said that falling for the handsome hero was a bad idea, but his heart and hormones insisted that not only was it a good idea, it was the best idea he'd ever had.

47. Water

The warm water coursed over their bodies, though it was nothing compared to the heat lurking just under their skin, and Link and Pit both knew that they'd never be able to take a shower without remembering this day ever again.

48. Welcome

"Welcome home," Link whispered as Pit's eyes widened at the sight of Hyrule, and any doubts he once had about the arrangement immediately vanished.

49. Winter

Neither had to deal with harsh winters in their homelands, so when they had to face each other at Infinite Glacier, they blamed their lack of enthusiasm on the cold.

50. Wood

Pit knew that Link could beat Yoshi no problem, but still, knocking on wood before the match certainly couldn't hurt