It really all had been a mistake. One big mistake. Somehow, and Sarah wasn't really sure how she'd managed it, but she'd sad those magic little words again. The ones that had gotten herself into so much trouble years before. Here she was, a young woman now, studying theater and living in an apartment in the city, and yet, somehow she'd managed to do something as foolish as wish to be taken away.

She didn't have to wait long. There he was, appearing suddenly through a window that should not have been open and grinning like the cat that had caught the mouse, or maybe the owl that had would be more appropriate.

It also didn't take Sarah long to realize she had made a very big mistake. Not that she was going to admit this was her fault. Oh, no, she wasn't even going to give him an opening to suggest as much.

She screamed. Loudly. And threw the first thing that came to hand, incidentally the very book she had just been reading. The Goblin King's eyes had widened before he quickly ducked the flying object.

Not to be deterred, Sarah continued to scream. "How the hell did you get in here? Get out! Get out! I'll call the cops, I swear!"

Jareth was still staring at her wide-eyed, as if he couldn't quite figure out how to respond to her rather loud and wild greeting.

And then the most peculiar thing happened. There was a loud crack, and Sarah stopped screaming as she watched Jareth's eyes roll up into the back of his head and as his body fell to the floor. And there, standing behind him, a Slugger bat still clenched in her hands, was Sarah's diminutive soft-spoken roommate, wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt that came down to her knees and with a look on her face of calm curiosity as she stared down at her handy work.

Then the other girl glanced up at Sarah and smirked. "Got him," she announced proudly.

Sarah just stared back. Had she really just hit the Goblin King himself, in the head - with a bat?

Her roommate wasn't paying attention to Sarah, however. She was nudging Jareth warily with one foot. "Think I should hit him again?" she asked, already starting to heft her bat up in preparation.

"No!" Sarah yelled, rushing forward. "Hit him again like that and you might kill him!"

Sarah's roommate look at her and tilted her head to the side slightly. "And we don't want to kill him?"


They both stared at each other, a very unconscious Jareth laying face down between them in the middle of Sarah's bedroom.

Her roommate glanced down at him, frowned, then looked back at Sarah with a worried expression. "He is an intruder, right? I didn't just hit a friend of yours, did I?"

Sarah blushed. Well, that one was going to be a little difficult to answer. "He's – kind of – a friend, I guess you could say. But he also defiantly is an intruder!" she added, throwing a wasted glare down at the unconscious Goblin King.

"Oh." There was a pause, then "Are you sure we don't want to kill him?"


"Oh, okay then." Sarah's roommate stared at her for a moment, then smiled brightly. "Okay then, I'm going back to bed, night-night." She then spun on one heel, bat dragging along behind her, and shuffled back to her room.

Sarah stared after her, then stared down at Jareth. When she thought of what it would take to defeat the powerful Goblin King, a perky five foot girl with a bat was not exactly what she'd imagined. But really, Jareth ought to know better than to appear in the middle of the night in the apartment of a couple of modern city girls.