The Covenant 2 The Ipswich Curse


Chapter 1:


They were brothers, the four of the sons of Ipswich, but, like brothers, they had their difficulties. Sometimes the love had to be forced between them. Sometimes they were loyal only because they had to be, like one is supposed to always love their family members, no matter what.

But most of the time, they were inseparable. One was rarely seen without another lurking around. The bond between them all was quite obvious, and never questioned.

Caleb was the Boy Scout, a take-charge kid with a strong foundation of beliefs and morals. While the others were perfectly content to get themselves in trouble, Caleb was the only one of them reluctant to do so. He had a voice of his own, and stood up bravely for what he thought was right. Always.

Pogue Perry was the logical one, looking to most issues with a level head and rational thought, but when provoked he was a lethal opponent—and it didn't take much to provoke him.

Then there was Reid Garwin, the hothead of the group and about as rebellious as they came. He believed solely in a good time, no matter what it took. He left it to the others to keep the gang straight… and left it to himself to show them how to have a good time.

And lastly, there was Tyler Sims, a quiet type. He spoke when he felt it was right to speak and went where he felt he was meant to go. He had the makings of a good kid in him, but a bad streak was obtained by the contagious attitude from his Covenant brothers.

People had always said it was because of their close families: that they had grown up together and thus were automatically close. If only they knew what really had brought these boys together…

Not many knew of the 'truth' behind the boys of Ipswich, except for a special few. Family, of course, was among the few. Caleb Danvers, the leader and peacekeeper of the team, had told his girlfriend as well, and now, after the 'Chase incident', another of the group, Pogue, had let his own girlfriend in on the deal, since it was rather hard to explain her sudden appearing and disappearing 'sickness' otherwise.

Other than that, the bond between the sons of Ipswich remained a mystery. Family and close friends had sworn secrecy, even to their deaths. Exposure of their 'gifts' was out of the question. So, the boys lived among the small town as 'normal' kids, going to school, and simply living out their lives as one of them.

Boredom would usually arise in school, as was common for students, but for those who possessed certain 'abilities', it could be quite interesting given the opportunity.

Today, there came an opportunity.

During a particularly painstaking lecture on economic depression, Reid, the rebellious one, leaned to his partner in crime, Tyler.

"Watch this," Reid whispered, then closed his eyes so no one could see that his iris's had gone black.

As the teacher was writing the stages of economic depression on the chalkboard, the words he wrote began to disappear, like an invisible eraser was following his scribbling hand.

Some kids around began to laugh, others began to gasp, but there was only one who began to glare.

Caleb looked up to his friend and Ipswich brother Reid who was sitting in the row to his right and one down, sensing the power was coming from him.

Suddenly the stack of books on the teacher's desk fell to the floor, as followed the pencil sharpener, the pencil holder, and the mess of ungraded test papers.

More laughs soon followed at the teacher's surprise and confusion, and his rush to get it cleaned up and get back to the lesson.

"Alright, quiet, now," the teacher commanded boldly, then went to the nearby window and closed it, figuring it had been the wind that had disconcerted his desk arrangement.

That's when the bell rang.

"Be sure you're caught up on homework by Friday," the teacher called as he bent to finish replacing the items on his desk. "Be sure to have your reports handed in by then."

Caleb dropped to his knees by Mr. Bishop, the teacher, and helped him pick up his stray books as the rest of the kids finished exiting the classroom.

"I'm really sorry about that," Caleb said, feeling the immense need to remedy the mistake of one of his own.

"Don't worry about it," Mr. Bishop sighed with frustration. "It's not like you had anything to do with it, right?"

Caleb smiled shakily, fighting his thoughts from showing on his face.

"Right…" he said reassuringly. Reid was surely going to get a stiff talking-to for this one. "Have a good day, Mr. Bishop," he said good-naturedly, then took his leave.


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