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Chapter 1: Death

Ranma lay in his bed, wracked with excruciating pain. His heart felt like it was going to burst, which probably wasn't far from the truth. Sweat beaded on his forehead and dripped down into his eyes and mouth but he paid no attention, the pain was so great. As the pain subsided he sighed in relief and wondered idly how he had been laid low. He barely noticed those around him, mainly because his sight had gone a few days before, though he appreciated the vigil they kept over his emaciated body. He knew that he was dying and despaired in the face of his mortality.

Many had visited him, even those he would have called enemy long ago. All were saddened by the sight of his wasted body, kept alive only through the nutrients and pain killers provided via several IVs all over his body. The monitor that showed his vital signs revealed to all how his heart was failing, how it beat so quickly, yet his blood pressure continued to drop and his body grew weaker and weaker.

The pain returned to him and he felt hands restrain him as his body spasmed with the intensity of it and Ranma retreated into the darkness of the deepest recesses of his mind...

About a month earlier...

Ranma swung the bat and scored yet another home run for his team. It was currently P.E. period at Furinkan and Ranma was again ruling the field of the sport he decided to participate in. This time it was baseball and the opposing team groaned as four more people ran to home base as one of their catchers went to fetch the ball.

Ranma ran behind them, proud of his perfect record in the sport. He never failed to hit a home run when he was at bat, nor did a ball ever escape him as a catcher. He crossed the home plate and then started to walk over to the dugout when his sight blurred and pain arced up his spine and chest.

When Daisuke noticed his friends face suddenly contort in pain and then fall to his knees he knew something was terribly wrong. He ran over to Ranma and heard his labored breathing and then saw no outward sign of injury he turned back to the others in panic.

"Hey guys! Somethings wrong with Ranma! Someone call 911, quick!"

At first everyone thought it was a joke. After all, what could hurt Ranma? No one's been able to hurt him for a long time, he always wins his fights. They were suddenly convinced when Ranma began to scream in obvious pain. Something really was wrong.

One pulled out a cell to call an ambulance while another ran to get a nurse and still yet another ran to get Akane and Nabiki. The others ran to help Daisuke restrain Ranma as he began to convulse. Whatever was attacking Ranma had not lessened his strength by much and many were hurt before they managed to get a hold of his limbs and held down his body with three or four to each. Ranma didn't notice as he was too absorbed in pain he had never felt before, pain so intense and widespread that he couldn't focus, couldn't defend himself against it and he was engulfed in unconsciousness...

He first woke in Tofu's office. The good doctor turned to see his patient awake and smiled in relief. "Oh, thank goodness you woke Ranma. Here, drink this."

He attempted to get Ranma to drink something that smelled a bit strange to Ranma. Ranma waved it away however.

"What happened to me doc? What was that pain? What's going on?" Ranma was alarmed to find that his voice had grown weak and it hurt all over to speak.

He briefly noticed that both Nabiki and Akane were standing off to the side, both wearing very worried faces.

Doctor Tofu also looked worried and looked frustrated as well. "I'm not sure Ranma. The ambulance is prepping to take you to a hospital. I've never seen anything like this before. It's too far beyond my skill."

Ranma wondered what could possibly stymie someone with the medical knowledge and skill of Tofu when he felt the pain start to grow again. Seeing the look of pain cross Ranma's face Tofu proffered the cup at Ranma and this time Ranma drank it without a second thought and felt the effects take place. He fell into a blessedly painless sleep...

He woke once more, this time he was in a bed in a very white, featureless room. He tried to move but found that he was attached to a monitor and an IV.

"Oh, he's awake!" a female voice said. Soon both Nabiki and Akane entered his vision, still appearing worried but relieved at the same time.

"How are you feeling Ranma?" Nabiki asked.

"Is there any pain?" Akane asked.

Ranma was touched by how much they actually cared. He thought over their question and probed his body for signs of stress. Surprisingly he found none, he found absolutely nothing wrong.

"I- I feel fine. A little tired I guess."

He could see the tension ooze out of their bodies. "Oh, thank Kami!" they both said in unison.

Then a doctor walked in. Ranma saw on her name tag that she was called Nia Matsumoto.

Nia walked up to her patient and smiled when she realized that he was awake.

"So, any news, Matsumoto-san?" Ranma asked politely, his voice still slightly weak.

Her smile faded into a frown at his question.

" We're not sure. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with you that we can find. We have taken some blood, marrow, and tissue samples though and we should know in a week or so if there is something truly wrong."

"A week!" Akane exclaimed.

"Is it really going to take that long?" Nabiki asked.

Matsumoto nodded her head. "I'm afraid so. He doesn't show any symptoms of any physical injury or illness. In all regards, he seems to be in more than perfect health. We are going to test and examine the samples we obtained for viral infections and any other abnormalities. However, all the tests we performed to find if he had a virus had shown negative so if he does have one it is a new strain and will take us time to identify it and what it does. I'll have to ask you to stay in the hospital though, Saotome-San. We can't afford for you to have an attack while away."

Ranma didn't like it, he really did feel fine now, but the look the doctor was giving him and the steel in her voice brooked no argument. He acquiesced and the doctor smiled as she injected something into his IV and left.

Ranma's exhaustion returned and he fell asleep once again...

He was aware of few other moments except for the few times he became lucid enough to understand what was going on around him. He felt the days pass by with little change.

He remembered the first time the attacks began in the hospital. It struck without warning when the sedatives were wearing off and Ranma was overwhelmed as it swept through his body, starting with his heart. It took the combined strength and Nabiki, Akane, Genma, Happosai, Nodoka, Soun, Ryoga, Shampoo, Mousse, Cologne, and even some of the hospital staff to keep him from hurting himself and others around him. He barely noticed when Matsumoto took yet another blood sample. She then injected something into Ranma's IV and he felt the pain recede as the darkness took him...

The attacks recurred many times and each time it took it's toll on Ranma's body, making it weaker and weaker. For the first few times Matsumoto would take a sample of his blood before sedating him but soon even that stopped.

One day Ranma woke to find himself pain free and lucid. There wasn't anyone around at the moment but he could feel them beyond the door to his room. He tried to sit up but found that all his strength seemed to have left him.

He heard a voice through the door, talking to the others. Ranma reached into his reserves of ki and was glad to find them intact. He used a bit to enhance his hearing to hear what was being said.

"... It's like nothing we have ever seen. It hides itself from detection while it is building up and then launches a ravaging attack on the patient's body. It seems to concentrate around the heart however, attacking that vital organ first. It is a strain of virus never seen before, no case has been found of it except Saotome-San's." That must be the doctor. Ranma thought.

"Can you help him, though?" Kasumi's voice filtered through the door.

"Yes, can you help him? Please do whatever you can." Nabiki.

"I'm sorry. I don't know if we can. We might be able to formulate a cure to it but even if we do it won't be in time to save Ranma's life."

"What! But..." Akane, who sounded close to tears surprisingly to Ranma.

"I'm sorry, I really am. We are doing all that we can. The best we can do is make him more comfortable and suppress the pain. All we would be doing is delaying the inevitable."

Ranma heard the doctor walk away after a pause and when the door opened he looked over to see Nabiki, Akane, and Kasumi enter. They all looked as if nothing had happened but Ranma could tell that they were just trying to act calm for his sake.

"I heard. So, how long do I have to live?" Ranma asked with a grin, though it was strained and not really genuine.

They all stiffened in surprise and a little guilt, then finally Akane broke down and ran at him, crying. He hugged her to him as she cried her heart out.

He felt glad that she cared about him this much, though it was a bit too little, too late.

"Shh... It's alright Akane." He tried to comfort her, though he felt like he was the one who needed comfort.

"B...but...S...s...she said..." she tried to get around her sobs but couldn't seem to bring herself to say what the doctor had told them.

"What? What did the doctor tell you?" Ranma asked, fear edging into his voice despite his best efforts.

"She indicated that you have only t-two weeks, at best, Ranma-Kun." Kasumi said. Ranma could see the unshed tears glistening in her eyes. There were no tears in Nabiki's eyes but he could see the pain hidden within, bottled up in public for now.

Ranma's estimated life expectancy stunned him. "O-only two weeks! At best?"

Grief winning the war for control, Kasumi nodded as tears began to flow down her cheeks.

Ranma's heart began to beat faster as he thought of how little time was left to him. Then the pain ripped through him. The last thing he recalled was the sound of Nabiki's voice calling for help as Kasumi and Akane held him still, something that was getting easier and easier, to their despair. It meant that whatever this disease was, not even Ranma's extraordinary immune system could fight it for long.

At first drugs helped Ranma with the pain and sometimes even save him from it completely, though it was at the expensive cost of time, something that he had very little of. Eventually though the pain increased to such intensities that it even reached him through his drug induced coma and after the first couple times it happened he refused to take any drugs thereafter that would keep him from being able to enjoy the time left to him.

In about three days from then he was released from the hospital with some monitoring equipment and IVs into the care of Tofu and Ranma's family and friends, saying that beyond dulling the pain slightly they could do nothing more for him. They even hoped that a miracle would occur as they often did with Ranma and that he would make an astounding recovery and return stronger than before. After all, he had returned the stronger from wounds and illnesses that would have killed lesser men. So Ranma left to spend what time he had left among family and friends.

At first it seemed their hopes were well founded as some potions that Cologne brewed and administered to him gave him more vitality and even allowed him to get up and walk on his own. However, he always suffered a relapse that brought new levels of pain to his body that rendered him unconscious. Cologne forbid the use of the potions after the third relapse. She just couldn't explain what was happening to him, it seemed the disease evolved to overcome any attempt at treatment and grew deadlier each time one brought him relief. The last relapse had laid Ranma out for over thirteen hours and had ravaged his body unchecked, wasting away all his excess fat and beginning to break down his muscles.

Immersed in his pain and thoughts, Ranma merely rode the attack out so that when it ended he could make the best use of his time.

Those who took care of him watched in increasing horror as the disease took it's toll on his body as the days passed by. His muscles wasted away and atrophied and what fat was left to him was burned up in his body's attempts to fight the disease, his eyes sunk deep into their sockets and Ranma became more and more reminiscent of the sickly Gosunkugi than most liked to admit.

He tried to make the best of his time and spent it either with visitors or he read novels of science fiction and manga. He found them relaxing and allowed him to escape his own trials and pain in the lives and worlds of others, in short he found one more thing that he enjoyed though it was far too late to enjoy it fully.

Then his sight began to fail as the disease attacked the optical nerves and he had increasing trouble reading the words and seeing images. He could just barely make out the features of those who visited him and those of the characters in the manga. When his sight gave out completely others, mainly Nabiki and Akane along with Kasumi occasionally, as he could tell from their voices and ki, read the novels out loud and would also describe the scenes and what was happening in the manga when they visited him.

However the pain was getting worse and worse and struck him with increasing frequency and fury, leaving him with less and less time between attacks and his body was being pushed to it's limits...

Ranma sighed as the pain finally left him and his consciousness returned. It had been nearly three weeks since he was diagnosed with two weeks to live. He suspected it was due mainly to the potions and the increased stamina and energy that his martial arts training had given him that had allowed him to last this long. He knew that he wouldn't last much longer against this invader of his body and that his time was short. He had tried everything he could to stem the attacks, even going so far as trying to send his ki throughout his body to burn it out, but to no avail. The disease plowed on toward his inexorable death, barely even slowed by his best attempts, sometimes it even seemed strengthened by it.

He heard someone enter the room and reached out with his ki. It turned out to be Nabiki who was approaching with a glass of water.

"Here, Ranma, drink some water. You need some liquid in your system, your body is drying out from lack of it and the fever." She said, holding the glass out to him, knowing he would find it easily with his ki from previous experience. She had spent the most time taking care of him and reading to him after his sight was lost.

Ranma knew that it was a mere kindness on her part, in the long run it would make no difference if he took in enough liquids or not. He took the glass anyway and flashed a grateful if pained smile in the direction he sensed her. He began to drink, letting the cool liquid soothe his parched throat and tortured tissue, giving him some small amount of comfort. Then his hand spasmed, shattering the glass and spraying the remaining water over the bed along with small shards of glass.

He felt the disease roar through him and he somehow knew instinctively that this was a full out assault and this time he wouldn't survive it. It had a distinct sense of finality about it. When Nabiki went to get help he grabbed her wrist in a surprisingly strong grip for how much damage had been done to him.

She looked back at him and saw him shake his head, his face grim. She knew then that this was it, these were his final moments in this world.

"Please, Nabiki, just stay with me." Ranma whispered past the pain ravaging his body and mind. Nabiki hesitated at first but seeing the pleading look in his eyes she sat next to him and held his hand, keeping silent.

"Thanks." He said softly, then turned as a fit of coughing took him and covered his mouth. When it abated he was not surprised to find his hand covered in slightly congealed blood. While not as obvious as his other failing organs his lungs were taking fatal injury as well, the virus eating it from the inside and allowing blood to fill them.

Nabiki took out a handkerchief and silently cleaned the blood from his face and hand, silently crying, her tears leaving salty tracks on her face.

Ranma felt the disease rip through his body and tear him apart from the inside like he was made of tissue paper. He felt his heart fail first, then his liver, lungs, and kidneys followed soon after. His mind began to fade as it felt the lack of oxygen and blood flow and he could fill the blood bubbling up in his lungs, filling them slowly and painfully.

"...N..Nabiki..." He whispered.

"Yes, Ranma?" Nabiki responded, saddened to see the proud, strong, vibrantly alive martial artist brought down so easily by this disease.

"I... I'm scared. I don't wanna die yet..." He got out before blood stopped his words as it flowed over his lower lip.

"I know... I know Ranma..." She said in between sobs as his eyes lost their inner light and glazed over in death, his hand went lax in her grip, and the blood flowed freely from his mouth.

Crying loudly and in earnest now, Nabiki closed his staring eyes and cleaned the blood as best she could. Hearing Nabiki's sobs of anguish and grief, Kasumi and Akane rushed into the room and saw Ranma lying lax and ashen, dead, rigamortis already setting in.

It was a sad day indeed at the Tendo household, many grieved Ranma's passing, friend, foe, and family alike.

No one grieved more than Nabiki, however. She had been with him in his last moments and her grief at seeing him pass on like that was so intense that she actually refused to eat or even go to school for weeks after his death. Eventually though they moved on with their lives, the world not slowing, time not willing to stop its gears that grind on toward the future, not even for Ranma Saotome...

Nabiki would never forget, however, how Ranma had died. How she had lost one of her greatest friends and someone she had discovered she loved far too late. She would never forget, and she would never stop loving him...

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