A Ranma Fanfic by Seras4545

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Chapter 6: Consequence of Reflection

Ranma once again found himself in his Inner Sanctum as he had come to call his soulscape. He looked around for a few seconds and when he couldn't find the girl who usually showed up and talked to him, he decided to explore. First, he wanted to see what the reflected world was all about.

He found that he was able to control the basic physics of this world with ease and jumped up to just off of the visible division of the world. He looked into the reflection and saw himself on the other side, looking through with the same look of inquisitiveness and curiosity he himself wore. He floated a little closer to get a better look, the other mimicking everything as a proper reflection should, until he got within a foot of the division. Then the reflection's face twisted into a smile that promised pain and reached through the division and grabbed Ranma's shirt, as what looked like a hollow's mask began to form on the other's face, the pupils becoming small and hard as the iris' became an evil looking deep golden yellow.

"Careful, partner. I may just take you and your power for myself if you aren't. In fact, I think I will now, I'm sure Nabiki will enjoy my embrace as I choke the life out of her."

Hearing the things voice, which sounded like a horrible cross between a hollows and a high pitched version of his own, and what it planned to do, Ranma began to struggle violently, to little avail. The thing's grip was far stronger than any he had ever felt before. He was being drug inexorably into the other side, white hot pain flashing up his arm as it crossed over, the pain ripping agonized cries from him. The smile came closer and closer and the pain reached a pinnacle of agony for Ranma as it's now bone covered hand closed over his face and he felt his flesh melting and being ripped from his bones...


"... AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Ranma woke up screaming, his head pounding viciously and his sight fading in and out, ringing loud in his ears. He could just barely make out the shape of someone in front of him, and could tell they were trying to say something, but he couldn't hear anything around the ringing. He clutched his head and tried to hold himself still, the ringing eventually subsiding into an annoying buzz and the pounding becoming a mere twinge with every heartbeat. He felt very drained and empty though, and the world seemed quieter and muted. As his vision focused, he realized that the shape he saw was not one person, but two. One being Uruhara, the other being Nabiki. Both had a slightly worried look on their faces.

"What happened?" Ranma asked, his voice cracked and scratchy, his throat parched from lack of water.

Nabiki held out a glass of water which he accepted gratefully and gulped down greedily, tasting sweeter than anything he had ever had before. Uruhara sighed in relief when Ranma spoke and was able to drink the water without any help.

"Well... I'm not sure. I would think it fair to guess that you took in too much spiritual power. It's like pouring gas on an already roaring fire, it became so intense that it just burned out." He said this with a grimace, knowing that Ranma would eventually get the message.

Ranma blinked a couple of times, then the realization of the intended meaning of Uruhara's words hit him.

"Burned out...? You mean, I don't have any reiatsu left?!" At Uruhara's nod, Ranma immediately began to focus and reached within himself, searching for the burning furnace that his reiatsu had become during his training and the reconstruction of his body. He felt nothing. Not a single drop or sign that he had ever had spiritual powers. He felt empty.

"W-what does this mean? I mean, if I have no reiatsu left, then what am I now?" Ranma asked, numb from the knowledge that he no longer had any power in the spiritual world.

Uruhara was glad he seemed to be taking this well, though he was a rather unique individual anyway. "Well, with your body apparently complete, albeit made of spirit particles rather than actual living matter, you're technically alive again, though in an immortal body."

"Huh? Wait, so you mean I won't age or die or anything like that?"

"Well, you can still die, but it would be rather redundant in your case so long as the force killing you isn't filled with reiatsu. But since your body is made of such heavily condensed spirit particles I think you'll find that almost nothing short of a continent falling on you would make much of an impact. Just steer clear of the hollows and over zealous shinigami and you'll be fine."

"Fine huh... But what about Rukia and Ichigo and the spirits? Will I still be able to help them?"

"No. Since you have no reiatsu left you don't have the ability to harm any of the stronger hollows. You would be more of a hindrance to them than a help now. Sorry."

The feeling of emptiness was now heavily compounded by uselessness as well. Feeling that he was getting close to understanding Ryoga a bit better, Ranma felt the crushing weight of depression on his heart and soul. Ranma slowly got to his feet, brushing off the attempts by Nabiki and Uruhara to keep him in bed, and started walking toward the door.

"Ranma! Where are you going? You're still not well, you should rest. Ranma?"

Ranma turned his head and looked at her, seeing the concern written on her face and showing through her eyes. He could also see the sympathy and sorrow. Worse, he could see the core of reiatsu within her burning and growing, as if in mockery of his own lost power. He turned away, unable to look any more, knowing that now he was even unable to protect her from hollows, a far deadlier enemy than anything he was likely to face in the normal world.

"I... I need some time to think." He managed to say, before rushing out of the room and bounding out of an open window. He leapt to a rooftop and began to aimlessly jump from roof to roof, all the while the thoughts of how useless he was and the words from the creature in his dreams bouncing around in his mind. Without realizing it he had traveled to Kamakura and the sun had already set, twilight setting in as the lights of the city turned on and stars began to shine their light down on the world. Ranma stopped at a long street when he saw Rukia running down it. She had a determined and yet sorrowful look on her face. Ranma was about to go out and greet her when he heard a shout.

"YES! You do get it."

Rukia turned in surprise and looked up a nearby power pole and Ranma followed her gaze. Crouching on top of the pole was a rather large and stocky figure, the features and colors hidden by the dark shadows. Despite this Ranma recognized the robes of a shinigami, though these were slightly different from the ones he had worn and the ones Ichigo wore. He drew a sword and as he did so his features were lit by the light of the full moon. He had long spiky red hair that was held in place by a metal headpiece and some ties, a sharp chiseled face and strange black tattoos running along the sides of his face and his neck.

"Well... To put it another way... Since you stayed on this side for so long... You basically got to live just a little longer... Rukia!"

Wait, "live a little longer?" What does he mean by that? Isn't he a shinigami? Isn't he on Rukia's side? Ranma itched to go down and sort this mess out, but the empty feeling within him just wasn't going away, and it was a constant reminder that when it came to anything spiritual, he was useless.

Rukia's eyes widened as she took in who was facing her.

"Renji... Abarai Renji?!"

Renji made no response, simply jumped up in the air and raised his sword to strike. Rukia jumped away just in time as the sword came crashing down and struck the concrete. As it did so, Ranma could see and feel the immense reiatsu contained within that strike as it lit the street in an eerie green glow. As the glow died down, Renji smiled disdainfully at Rukia as he rose from the semi crouch that he had landed in. Rukia was standing just inches from where the sword had passed through, a shocked expression on her face. Ranma really wanted to go down and fight her attacker, but from the amount of reiatsu he was feeling and the fact that he was hiding even more made Ranma unsure of whether or not he would have been able to beat him. So much as he hated it, he just continued watching.

"You had a pursuer from Soul Society closin' in behind you and... you were so lost in thought that you didn't even realize it until I spoke? I don't care if you are in a faux body, in just these two or three months... you've gotten way too soft."

He raised his sword from the now heavily cracked concrete and let it rest on his shoulder.

"Spit it out, Rukia... Where's the human who took your powers?"

Rukia flinched, obviously not happy with the situation.

"What are you talking about! Just 'cause I'm in a faux body doesn't mean my powers were taken! Furthermore, what makes you think the one who supposedly took them was human?"

"He IS human. Otherwise, you... Wouldn't have that stupid human expression on your face!"

Rukia's eyes widened, shocked by something or other, though Ranma couldn't tell what. What did he mean by human? Weren't all shinigami human at one point or another?

"You're just another kid from Rukongai like me... and still you were lucky enough to get taken in by the noble house of kuchiki! With all the money and effort spent on you, weren't you supposed to become one of the shinigami elite?! Eh! You're Kuchiki freakin' Rukia, damn it!"

Renji raised an accusing finger to point at Rukia, his face becoming thundrous with anger and his finger shaking from its force.

"There's no way it's right for you to wear that human expression!"

He then looked up and over the shoulder of Rukia, his face taking on a calmer and more professional demeanor.

"Ain't that right, Captain Kuchiki?"

Rukia stiffened, disbelief on her face, as she turned to face the figure standing just a few feet behind her. This man was a bit taller than Renji, with long black hair that was styled with an ornate headpiece and with a white scarf-like object around his neck. He had an aristocratic face with fine features that showed a state of emotionless objectivity.

"Byakuya, nii-sama..." Rukia manged in a stammer, her surprise and fearful respect clearly showing in her eyes.

The hell? So this guy is her adopted brother? Ranma shifted a bit of his wieght, slightly uncomfortable with the amount of reiatsu the guy seemed to be unconsciously spilling out across the neighborhood.


Rukia continued to stare at him for a little bit before she sensed something and just barely managed to roll out of the way of Renji's attack, though the leading air pressure tagged her enough to send her flying back. Rukia used the momentum to complete the backflip and used her hands to stop her momentum. She got up to her knees and glared at Renji, a cut starting to bleed on her face. Renji raised his sword to just below Rukia's throat.

"The transfer of shinigami powers to a human is a felony, ya know. Leaving the execution to us, instead of the correction corps, was probably the brass' version of kindness. Now, spill the location, Rukia. We're here... to capture you...and kill the guy who took your powers."

Rukia got to her feet, ignoring Renji's sword and took a defensive stance.

"Don't protect him. You realize it, don't ya? You didn't dodge my first two attacks. I let you dodge them. My next attack will kill you."

With this he started advancing on Rukia, who started to back away from him. He took a ready stance and slashed forward. Rukia neatly leapt over the blade and Renji, trying to open some more space between them. Renji saw her intention and leapt into the air and nearly decapitated her with a downward strike, Rukia just barely able to dodge to the side, the wind from the attack blowing her away and off balance. She tumbled down the street a bit before managing to gain control over her momentum and stop it once again with her hands, leaping back into a crouch to face her attacker and then getting up, staggering a bit from the attack and then grabbing her arm in pain and falling to her knees.

"Well now..." Renji said as he advanced on the prone Rukia. He raised the sword to deliver the killing blow and Ranma was about to jump in to save her when Renji seemed to be distracted by something. Suddenly a large blue bolt flew straight through where Renji's head had been a second before. Both Renji and Ranma were stunned by this, and watched as a figure came up down the street.

"Two armed men attacking an unarmed girl...Not a very pleasant thing to see."

The figure walked forward into the light to reveal itself as Ishida carrying something in a grocery bag.

"I don't really like that sort of thing."

Renji looked at him with an aggressive gaze. "You can see us... who the hell are you?"

Ishida reached up an hand to correct his glasses.

"Just a classmate."


"One that hates shinigami, that is."

Rukia managed to get to her feet and looked back at Ishida, worry on her face.

"Why are you here?"

"Just a coincidence. Its nothing for you to worry about. If you must know..." He lifted the bag which had sunflower sewing on it. "I suddenly wanted to go to this 24 hours a day seamster shop shop chain, sunflower sewing...and was simply walking around this neighborhood in the middle of the night."

Everyone sweatdropped.

"It's not like I was concerned when I felt a shinigami presence and brought this bag from home just for an excuse."

Woah... I didn't know he was mentally challenged. Was everyone's thoughts.

"Well... I don't blame you for being surprised, but..."

Suddenly a sword flashed and Ishida was left holding the handles of his bag, now laying on the floor with it's contents spilled. A cut started bleeding on the side of Ishida's wrist.

"I'm askin' you a question over here. I said...Who the hell are you?"

When Ishida didn't answer, Renji shrugged.

"Well, if you don't feel like answerin' thats fine too. I'll just kill you first."

Rukia moved in between Renji and Ishida.

"Wait Renji! He's not a part of th-"

"What are you talking about?" Ishida interrupted. "I gave you an answer. I'm just one of Kuchiki Rukia's classmates. One that hates shinigami, that is."

"I call that not answerin'!"

Ishida sighed, and gave Renji a weary look.

"I'm Ishida Uryuu. Pleasure to meet you."

Renji got a puzzled look on his face.

"Eh? What's with you all of a sudden?"

"Nothing, I just thought even a shinigami would at least want to know the name of the one who defeated him."

Renji began shaking, though whether it was from excitement, anger, or mirth Ranma couldn't tell because Renji was smiling, though it looked kinda twisted.

"Thats it... I'm gonna kill you!"

Renji flashed out of sight for a second, then reappeared. Ishida looked surprised for a second, then fell to the ground, blood pooling beneath him. Rukia was completely stunned and helpless, and Ranma cursed himself, knowing that he was even more powerless than Ishida right now against guys like these.

"See, I told you so."

He moved forward to deliver the last blow, Rukia unable to move and Ranma useless.

"Okay then, guess I'll finish the job. Before you die, remember this well... Abarai Renji... It's the name of the man who killed you."

"Wait!" Rukia tried to move to protect Ishida but was too slow.

"Pleased to meet ya!" Renji shouted as he brought the sword down.

Suddenly a huge sword blocked his, a large crater formed by the pressure of their meeting.

Renji leapt back away from the area onto a fence.

"Who the hell're you?!"

Ranma rejoiced to see Ichigo standing next to Ishida and Rukia, the pressure of his reiatsu forming whirlwinds around his feet.

"Kurosaki Ichigo... The man who is going to take you down. Nice to meet ya."

"Shinigami clothes?! What squad are you with?"

Ichigo shouldered his sword, giving Renji a good view of it's size.

"What the HELL is up with that huge-ass Zanpakutou?!"

"What? So this is big then? I thought it was pretty big compared to Rukia's. Anyways, till now, I haven't had anyone to compare with."

Renji looked a little shocked.

"The hugeness of ones Zanpakutou is the hugeness of ones reiatsu... How could such a kid have such a friggin' big zanpakutou?"

Rukia looked completely surprised and a little angry and scared for some reason, and ranma thought he knew why. Ichigo might not be a match for these guys even.

"So that's it. I get it. So you're the guy who got his powers from Rukia?"

Renji's voice roughened as his anger came to the fore. Ichigo looked a little confused for a second before he had to block the powerful overhead attack by Renji.

"Come on. Come on. Come on!" Renji yelled, punctuating each word with another powerful blow, pushing Ichigo back by shear force.

"Is your big ass sword just for show? Eh?!" Renji continued attacking, pushing Ichigo even further back. Ranma could see the worry and frustration on Ichigo's face. Shit, c'mon Ichigo, you can do it! Ranma mentally cheered him on.

Ichigo finally stopped the momentum of the attacks and pushed Renji's sword back and launched an attack of his own. Renji dodged and did a maneuver in the air and drew first blood, slicing from the top of Ichigo's shoulder down his back.

Ichigo's eyes widened in pain and Rukia shouted his name in alarm and tried to go to his side, but Ishida grabbed her leg and stopped her.

Ranma turned his eyes back to the two fighters.

"It's over, I'll kill you and the powers will go back to Rukia... Then...Rukia will die in Soul Society."

Ichigo's eyes widened, and for some reason the light above them went out.

"But, man! You're one dumbshit! Rukia went to the trouble of leaving alone to keep you out of this. All you had to do was sit quietly at home... but instead you came after her. Did you think you could do anything at all? You're just an overnight shinigami."

Renji's expression became arrogant. "You couldn't even put one scratch on us real ones."

Suddenly Ichigo's sword flashed and Renji's eyes widened in surprise. A cut started bleeding on Renji's chin. Ichigo was standing again and was in a ready stance.

"Oh, sorry for interrupting you, but you were so wide open my hand just moved on it's own. Tell me the rest. What was that about 'one scratch'?"

Renji put a finger against the cut. "You piece of shit..." Renji then got into a stance as well.

"You relaxed too much, Renji." The man named Byakuya spoke up for the first time since the fighting began. "That child, 'Kurosaki Ichigo'... I thought I had seen his face before. The other day we had a report from the secret mobile corps... That he inflicted a sword wound on a Menos Grande... and that another with high reiatsu destroyed it."

Suddenly, Renji laughed and continued laughing for a bit. Then he became serious and arrogant again.

"I can't take it. The quality of the S.M.C.'s been slidin' lately. This kid... wounded a Menos Grande?! And someone else with him other than a shinigami destroyed it? I couldn't believe that story even if I had wanted to! I mean, just look captain. His zanpakutou... It's huge but otherwise it's an utter disgrace! It's obvious he can't control his own reiatsu."

Ranma nodded at that, knowing to be truly a fact. However, he also knew that the size of the sword was mainly because of all the reiatsu Ichigo leaked unconsciously, it was the bare tip of the iceberg.

"What's the name of your Zanpakutou?"

"Huh? Name?" Ichigo asked, confused.

Ranma was also confused, as the girl in his soulscape also tried to tell him her name. He wanted to know it, but all the same he also wanted to know what was so important about it that even a shinigami would endeavor to find it out.

"Did you even ask?"

"You mean, ask Rukia? You name every one o' these things?"

"I knew it. You can't even ask your own Zanpakutou's name. A bastard like that... trying to fight me like an equal is 2000 years too early!"

Well... Why does that sound familiar? Ranma thought with a gramace as he remembered his training under the old ghoul.

As he spoke, Renji moved his sword horizontal and placed his hand on the base of the blade. Then quickly moved his hand down the blade and behind was left a transformed blade. It was quite a bit bigger and larger than the katana it had been, with large sharp blades radiating out along it's edge, looking like some kind of jaw from a large animal with fanged teeth.

"Howl, Zabimaru. Look ahead. What's in front of you is your food!" Saying this, Renji leapt into the air.

Ichigo blocked the first attack, or at least it seemed. The sword turned out to have flexible sections made of cable and wire that allowed it whip like movement and flexibility along with greatly increased range.

The blade extended and literally bit into Ichigo's shoulder, causing Ichigo to drop his sword in pain and surprise. Renji then did something that caused the sword to begin to retract, ripping and digging into Ichigo even more before finally ripping out of what was left of Ichigo's shoulder in a spray of blood and gore.

"It's over.You're going to lose to me, Abarai Renji, and die here!

Ichigo fell to his knees as Renji's sword retracted into it's normal form.

"Sorry kid, that's what they call the power gap. A Zanpakutou changes its size and shape depending on it's owner's reiatsu, and this is the shape of my reiatsu! Alright, kid, it's about time for me to leave. The air here does'nt suit me."

Renji brought his sword to striking position. Ranma was fully rooted to the spot, unable to move to help his friend, or rather, as he has come to fear, unwilling.

"Here it comes. Got nothing to say?"

When Ichigo didn't answer, Renji started his attack. At the same time Rukia also ran forward, shouting for him to stop. She grabbed onto his arm and latched her body anto it and placed her knees into the small of Renji's back, immobilizing him. But Ranma knew it was only temporary, as the gap between both their size and strength was too great.

"What are you doing, Rukia!? Damnit, let me go! You tryin' to get yourself into deeper shit?! Let me go you dumb shit!"

"Run away, Ichigo! Stand! Get up and run away!" Rukia screamed.

Ichigo didn't seem to hear her though, as he reached down and grabbed hold of his Zanpakutou, causing both Rukia and Renji to stop struggling.

"What the hell? You still have the strength to move?" Renji finally threw Rukia off himself and stood to his full height. "Just what the doctor ordered. I was just thinkin' of how much a drag it would be to finish off someone who is almost dead anyway."

Ichigo got to his feet unsteadily, never once looking up, seeming to be in his own world, barely even registering the pain he must be in.

"Alrighty then, lets have one more down and dirty bloodletting before you die."

"Ichigo, if you can stand then run away. Run Ichigo!" Rukia screamed at him, but he seemed to not hear her. Then Ranma felt it, the massive power that he had felt the other day when Ichigo had hurt the Menos Grande. Then he realized it. If he had no spiritual power left, why was he still able to see spirits and shinigami? Why was he still able to see reiatsu and feel it? Why? His thoughts were knocked off track when he noticed Renji getting ready to attack again.

"Well, if you're not going first then I will!"

Suddenly, it was if someone had just broken the dam on Ichigo's reiatsu as it suddenly burst into flame around his sword and displaced the air around him. The force was enough to make Renji brace himself, testament to how much power was flowing from Ichigo. Suddenly Ichigo moved and then was lost to sight. He then reappeared among a spray of blood. At first Ranma worried it was another loss, but then noticed the shocked expression on Renji's face and the blood pooling within his robes around a tear in his shoulder.

"What the hell?!" Renji shouted as he turned to face Ichigo once again. Ichigo charged forward, his dark expression not once changing, his shape blurring with his speed as he swiped at Renji. Renji was able to block just in time as Ichigo released a huge blast of reiatsu that flung Renji up into the air.

What is this feeling? It's familiar, yet different. I can feel it within myself as well. Just as he was, it was small and weak right now, burnt out. But still there. Which meant he still had power. It was the yin to his reiatsu's yang, the dark to his light. The second piece which made him whole. The key to heaven and hell. It was the power of the hollow.

"I see now..." Ranma muttered, returning his attention to the fight. He couldn't do anything about it right now, as it seems that something was wrong within him, something that prohibited recovery.

Renji had landed and righted himself, though in the process of doing so he found his headguard cut in half and a large cut on his forehead. He looked up at Ichigo, who was now smiling, though it looked twisted with madness, with fear and confusion.

"Whats wrong? You've gotten hella slow alluva sudden!" Ichigo taunted Renji, his reiatsu increasing even more.

No, you've gotten faster. Which makes little sense considering how much damage you've taken.

"I dunno what this is, but it feels good... Right now, my wounds don't hurt, and I'm not even a tiny bit worried about losing to you!"

Renji's face became clouded with anger and he stood and prepared to launch his whip attack once again.

"Howl! Zabimaru!" He swung the extended fang sword out in an arc, intending to bisect ichigo at the navel.

Ichigo countered the first with pure reiatsu, dodged the second attempt, and countered the third overhead strike with his own lightning fast attack.

Ichigo then began chasing a now retreating Renji around the street, his spiritual force growing with every strike. Rukia and the shinigami captain, Kuchiki, simply watched, the first with astoundment, the latter with dis-interest.

"You sure are good at scurryin' around like a rat ain't ya? But that ends now!" Ichigo shouted, making another overhead attack on Renji, who seemed to be currently paralyzed by the weight of Ichigo's presence.

Just as Ichigo's sword was coming down, Ranma spotted a movement and then everything changed. Ichigo stood over a still trembling Renji, holding the stump of his sword in bewilderment. Ichigo looked at Renji first, then dismissed him. He then looked at the captain. Ranma saw the disbelief on Ichigo's face as he spotted the rest of his blade resting in the man's hand. The man dropped the blade disdainfully and began to draw his own blade. Ichigo turned to face the attack, but even Ranma, who was faster than Ichigo usually, couldn't see what happened. All that Ranma saw was that the man was suddenly behind Ichigo and Ichigo was falling, two stab wounds spraying blood.

"How slow... Even in defeat."

"Byakuya-niisama!" Rukia shouted, finally over her shock at the events.

Renji himself seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, not even noticing when Ichigo's body hit the floor.

"Something wrong, Renji?"

Renji started, shook from his thoughts. "No, sir... You didn't have to step in for such a weakling. I could have finished him."

"No need to say that. Even my skills will rust if all I do is stand and watch all the time."

"Ichigo!" Rukia's shout brought everyone's attention back to Ichigo's prone form and herself. She began to run towards his body when Renji got up and intercepted her.

"Forget it!" He shouted as he grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to a crosswalk sign.

"Let me go, Renji! Ichigo's..."

"The hell're you talkin' about? Take a closer look! That brat is dead!"

Dead?... No... No way... No way in hell!

Ranma began to run to Ichigo, to fight his way to him if need be. He would not stand by idly while a friend was in such danger.

What the hell do you think you are doing?! We are not ready yet! We are too weak!

Ranma ignored the voice within him and continued to run toward Ichigo.

I SAID NO! The voice rumbled within Ranma. Ranma felt a flash of awareness within his own and then pain and then he felt and saw nothing...


Uruhara looked at the prone form of Ichigo and sighed, knowing that Ichigo had been brash and had lost. He walked forward to pick him up when he noticed movement from the shadows. Ranma walked forward, though it was not Ranma as Uruhara could tell. It was the hollow instinct of survival. It turned it's black and yellow eyes on Uruhara, then it's eyes rolled into the back of it's head and Ranma's form crumpled.

"Oh my. Well, it seems we have two now. Well, this will make it easier I guess." Uruhara mumbled to himself as he picked both prone forms up and leapt off into the night. Leaving nothing behind except the pools of blood which were being cleaned away by the rain which had grown heavier since the fight...


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