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Summary: Tasuki is turning eighteen soon, but due to a family secret, his life could be in danger. With some outside help, maybe he can be pushed to make the right decision, but then, who knows. We're all in control of our own decisions, right? TasukiXChichiri

Disclaimer: Tasuki and Chichiri and the other characters from Fushigi Yuugi belong to Yuu Watase

Karmella and Daichi belong to me!

The Eighteenth Birthday

In ancient China, way before the four gods came, there existed a breed of vampires. They were very strong, very manipulative, and very sexy. No one could resist a vampire when they saw one. But then, the four gods were made, and they told the vampires that they had two choices. One; they could be converted into humans, or Two; they die.

A lot chose the path of turning into a human, losing their beauty and immortality, but most chose death. One though, was lucky to enough to escape the slaughter of his kind. His name was Daichi, a name that would be known throughout history.

Daichi wandered the lands at night, taking what, and who he wanted. Daichi slept with many women, though he gave them a special remedy, so they would never have children. The only times he didn't use this potion was when he would drink the girls dry of blood, that is, until he came upon Karmella.

Karmella was a village girl, who you didn't want to piss off or hurt. If you did do anything to hurt Karmella, you'd end up very ill the next week. This was how she got her nickname Karma. Not only was she a trouble maker, but she was quite fair among the average villagers.

Daichi was particularly fond of Karma when he met her, her long flowing red hair that matched magna flowing from a volcano, and her shimmering blue eyes that matched the blue in the sapphire; she was so unique in this land of black haired, brown eyed women.

The attraction wasn't unrequited either; Karma loved his unique golden eyes and his strangely colored blonde hair. She knew from the moment she met him, that he was going to be the father of her child.

Karma loved playing games though, and played hard to get with the very prideful Daichi, pushing him to his last nerve, and each time she pushed him away, the more he wanted her. Karma would be his wife.

"Come Karmella; let me treat you like the queen you deserve to be." Daichi said, holding Karma close.

"Now Dai, I hate desperate men." Karma said, smirking up into his gold eyes. "Come back when you get a back bone and we'll talk."

Now Karma was REALLY pissing him off. How dare she, a mere mortal, challenge him like this? He didn't know how to deal with her, he had never felt the way he did for Karma. He did the last thing he could think of.

He calmly tucked some of her red strands of hair behind her ear, then bit into her neck, not hurting her or drawing blood. There were two ways to bite someone. One would drain blood from the victim, while the other converted the victim into a vampire as well. Daichi was biting her the later of the two..

Karma's face turned red, though from what we do not know, but they quickly paled as Dai pulled away from her.

"Now Karmella, you can't refuse me any longer." Daichi said, staring deeply in Karma's blue eyes.

"Alright Dai, then I guess I'm yours." Karma said before she pulled Daichi closer, kissing him long and deep.

From that moment on, they were mates.


Of course, Karma wanted to have a child, but Daichi seemed to disregard the thought completely. Why add more vampires when it could just be him and his lovely mate for the rest of eternity? Besides, if he wanted to have a child, he didn't want it to be a mutt, which he would surely get from Karma.

He loved Karma to death, but she was only half vampire, and a half and a whole still comes out to a mutt. So he managed to put it off for a ten, maybe twenty years, but Karma wasn't going to wait forever.

"Dai! You're going to give me a child and you're going to give it to me now!" She growled, pushing him down against their bed.

Six months later (the average birth time for mixed demons/vampires), a bouncing baby boy was born. He had red tufts of which would grow to be fiery red hair, he had golden eyes, and which was very curious about him was he only had one fang.

"He's adorable!" Karma said as she snuggled her baby boy, pulling down her shirt so her baby could have his first meal. "Don't you agree Dai-kun?"

Daichi watched the baby boy, waiting for a yowl of pain to come from his wife, but was shocked when she didn't cry out in pain. "He even knows how to not bite with his fang when he's feeding. He is gonna be a genius some day."

"So what should his name be?" Karma questioned while she looked down at her son who continued to feed.

"I kind of like Genro. It was my brother's name." Daichi added, watching his beautiful wife and his new son.

"Genro, hmmm, I think that's a great name! Welcome to the world Genro!" Karma said as her son pulled away from her breast. She smiled as his big golden eyes looked at her, then Daichi. "I'm your mother, and he's your father. We're so glad to finally meet you."


Daichi and Karma were very pleased with their son. He was cute, he was smart, and it wasn't obvious that he was a vampire. Daichi thought it a bit weird that their son only had one fang, because even half breeds had two, but he didn't think about it for too long.

Daichi could also tell what kind of powers his son had, which weren't many. He had an air of immortality, where he wouldn't die so easily, and by the time he turned eighteen, he'd need human blood to survive on. Sure, he would still be able to drink what he wanted, but he needed blood to survive.

A year into Genro's life, the god Seiryuu found out about this family of vampires, and sent some men in the land after them. Daichi and Karma could easily handle themselves, but they couldn't fight off hunters and care for their son at the same time. They had to make the biggest decision of their lives. They had to give Genro away so he would survive.


A knock sounded at the opening of a small hut, and then the crying of a baby woke anyone who slept in the hut. A wife, a husband, and five daughters awoke and the wife and husband went to the door to see what was going on.

There on their doorstep was a basket with a blanket on it, and when the wife bent over to pull back the blanket, she met the baby who was crying, probably the most adorable thing she had seen.

"Look, a note!" Pointed out the husband, grabbing it and reading it aloud.

"'Dear Family,

I have been watching you for quite some time now, in hopes that maybe I could find a good home for my beloved son. Congratulations, I deem thee worthy. Please, don't get rid of him, I love him with all of my heart and don't want to see him hurt. His name is Genro, and his birthday is April 18th, he is already one year old. Trust me, if circumstances were different, I would raise him myself, but right now, it's too risky, so please allow my son to live with you.'"

The wife felt bed for both the son and the mother as her husband read the note. "Alright little Genro, welcome to your new home." She whispered to the boy, pulling him out of the basket and walking him inside.

From the bushes near by, a woman shrouded in black watched, wiping away tears as she watched her son go in with two loving strangers. "May our paths cross in the future, Genro." She whispered before disappearing into the night.