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The Eighteenth Birthday -4-

After the visit, everything seemed to rush to try and get to the red head's birthday faster, but neither the blunette, nor the red head seemed interested in it.

Chichiri was still planning the festivities, but he seemed to have other things on his mind, things that often made him furrow his brow, or frown in displeasure. While Tasuki watched Chichiri, wondering what was going on inside of his head.

The evening before Tasuki's birthday, the two men sat across from each other at the dinner table, life and happiness buzzing about them, but around the two there was an aura of mixed emotions.

Chichiri picked at his food, looking at his plate in thought while he rested his head on his free hand, and Tasuki didn't even bother to pretend he was eating, staring intently at the blunette across the table with a curious look. 'What's on your mind?'

Suddenly, the room quieted, attracting the attention of the two. All eyes were on them. Chichiri kind of sank into his seat, picking at his food a little more, and Tasuki kind of growled before stabbing his fork into the meat on his plate, instantly making the crowd of people start talking again.

After dinner, as Chichiri was walking to his room to add the last bit of finishing touches to his plan for the next evening, a young brunette girl stopped him.


"Ah, Lady Miaka, is there something you need na no da?"

"I was wondering what's going on with you and Tasuki."

Chichiri turned to face the young priestess, and was greeted by a concerned face. Yes, it was easy to fall for this girl from outside the book.

"There's nothing going on." Chichiri answered with a shrug. His voice was pretty convincing, but when he used it with Tasuki, or Miaka, they would somehow know.

"You can't lie to me Chichiri! Just tell me what's wrong, I won't tell anyone! I promise!"

Chichiri shook his head. Though Miaka never intended for secrets to get out, they would, she just had too big of a mouth.

"Gomen Miaka-Chan, I just can't risk it."

"Chichiri…please? I hate seeing the two of you like this."

Chichiri noticed that Miaka was not only worried about him, but Tasuki. Chichiri hadn't really been paying attention to Tasuki, and often found himself too busy to really be with Tasuki.

"I don't know what's wrong with Tasuki, but I'm fine ya know? Please don't worry about me." Chichiri then gave the young girl a reassuring smile. "Just go and get ready for tomorrow."

At this, Miaka smiled, her mind now focused on the events of tomorrow. "Oh right! I need to pick something to wear. What did you get him? I made him some more clothes and some beads to go with each outfit."

"I can't wait to see how they look on him!" Chichiri said, having already seen the clothes before.

"What did you get him? Everyone's already shown all of their gifts, but none of us have seen what you got him."

Chichiri shook his head, placing a finger to his own lips. "It's a secret, but it's very special ya know? That's all I can say."

Miaka blinked slightly, and then gave him a bright smile. "Well, I'm going to go get ready. See you later Chichiri!"

Chichiri waved after her then slowly dropped his hand. Did what he just say mean he was going to do it? The dark aura that surrounded him was not from anything bad, but confusion and fear. His mind had been focused on the conversation he had a few weeks ago with the mysterious woman who claimed to be Tasuki's mother, and he could tell how truthful she was.

He almost wished she hadn't come to him, no, he did wish she hadn't come to him. He wanted to be with Tasuki when the time was right, and he certainly didn't want him to use him for feeding. It hurt when he thought about the future. Vampires lived forever, and Chichiri was only a human, when Chichiri died, Tasuki would move on and most likely forget him.

Half of his body yelled at him for thinking like that, urging him on to take this opportunity; the other half wanted him to avoid getting hurt again. Right now, it was evenly matched.

Chichiri sighed and walked into his room, looking around for the woman who called herself Karma, and then he moved to his provided desk. He needed to think about it thoroughly and logically. This would be a long night for the blunette.


Tasuki laid in the grass near the small stream. He was alone, which was rather surprising since he only seemed interested in going there when Chichiri accompanied him. Lately though, Chichiri seemed uninterested in his company, focusing more on whatever was on his mind.

It was warm out for April evenings, but it didn't bother him the least bit. If it was cold, then he'd stay in his room, but there he couldn't think. So he was thankful for the warm evening.

"Tasuki-kun!" someone called, making the red head sit up. Nuriko, one of his best friends of the seishi, ran up to him and tugged him up by the collar. "Everyone's been looking for you! There's something up!"

Tasuki blinked lightly then withdrew his fan. "Fine, let's go!"

Nuriko grabbed his fan then put it back. "You won't be needing that!" He said before moving behind Tasuki and covering his eyes, now leading him away.

"Nuriko, what the hell are you doing!" Tasuki growled, squirming to try and get away from the strength of the other man.

He didn't get an answer, but soon his whole body began to tingle, then it all stopped. Nuriko had let him go, and now there was nothing but darkness. "Where am I?" He asked, turning to where he thought Nuriko would be. Suddenly, lights turned on and a group of bandits and all of the seishi shouted 'Surprise!'

Tasuki was very stunned, but when his buddy Kouji came up and gave him a hard pat on the back, Tasuki snapped out of it. "Kouji! You know I hate birthday parties!" He growled angrily at the bandit.

"I know! But we just HAD to throw you one! I mean look, yer eighteen, and this is the only eighteenth birthday yer gonna get! Why not spend it with a party!"

Tasuki thought about it for a moment then shrugged. "Alright, I guess."


The party was great, there was music, food, games, and most of all, gifts and sake! If Tasuki didn't like this party, no bandit on earth would. He'd gotten beautiful green clothes with an orange sash from Miaka; all the seishi did. From Chiriko, he got a scroll that Tasuki MIGHT be interested in reading; they all knew Tasuki didn't like reading much, but he accepted the scroll anyway, because Chiriko was like the little brother he never had.

Mitsukake gave him a vile with a purple liquid in it; if he ever were to get wounded, then this vile would ease his pain. Tamahome and Nuriko promised not to hit or fight with him for a week; this wouldn't last long, and Hotohori promised him any room in the palace that he wanted.

None of the bandits got him anything, except Kouji, who gave him four huge bottles of sake, but Tasuki was still a bit unhappy. He'd seen Chichiri earlier in the crowd, but he had disappeared shortly after.

As the party began to die down, Tasuki asked a few of his friends to take his stuff to his bedroom in the hideout; where he and the other seishi would be staying for the evening, then left to the hot springs near the hideout.

It was a short walk, but with Tasuki's thoughts, it seemed to take forever. On his thoughts was the blunette that had begun haunting his dreams. At first, Tasuki had denied his feelings for the monk, but everyday it had become harder and harder for him to deny it.

Until recently, Tasuki had the feeling that the monk felt the same way about him and it was gonna be this evening, the night of his birthday, that he was going to tell him his feelings, but now Chichiri seemed to not care. He didn't even come up to Tasuki to wish him a happy birthday. It made the fiery one angry, but sad at the same time.

He emerged from the bushes to where the hot springs were and paused. Neatly folded at his side were clothes; a white shirt, a purple and white cloak, dark blue pants, white socks and black shoes, a fox faced mask resting on the neatly folded pile, but Tasuki's eyes focused on the body in the water.

There was Chichiri in the water, his eye closed as he relaxed against the side of the springs. His long blue bangs which were usually up, hung beautifully in his eye, his body, form mid-chest up, was sweating from the rising heat from the water, which made his body glow softly in the light of the moon.

Tasuki was enjoying how calm and relaxed the other looked, and tried not to disturb the scene as he slowly withdrew from the springs, but he clumsily tripped over an upraised root and fell, causing Chichiri to jump lightly and move to see what had happened.

When he saw who had happened upon him, Chichiri blushed deeply, quickly reaching for his mask. "Oh Tasuki! I wasn't expecting you to come ya know?"

Tasuki quickly sat up and blushed. "I didn't mean to bug ya." He then noticed Chichiri reaching for as mask and grabbed his hand. "Please, leave it off."

Chichiri paused, shocked by Tasuki suddenly grabbing his hand, but he nodded at Tasuki's request and slowly put his hand back into the water, moving away from the red head.

"Can I join you?" Tasuki asked, standing.

Chichiri nodded then turned away from him, so he could undress.

When Tasuki was finished, he slipped into the water and instantly claimed his favorite spot in the spring.

Everything was quiet, there weren't any crickets in the winter, and the music at the party barely reached the springs.

"What's bugging you Chichiri?" Tasuki asked, breaking the silence.

Chichiri was quiet for a moment, his back still turned to the red head. "Tasuki, I….how are you this evening?"

"Chichiri, don't change the subject."

Chichiri sighed, and then looked over his shoulder to see Tasuki had moved closer to him. "D-Do you know what you are?"

"Of course, Imma bandit."

"I don't mean that Tasuki! Did you ever feel like you didn't belong when you were with your family?"

Tasuki paused, but nodded lightly. "They always seemed to be keeping secrets from me."

"They were."

"How do you know?"

Chichiri turned to Tasuki completely, his gaze down cast. "Well, a few weeks ago, I was visited by a young woman and she told me that…" So Chichiri explained his story to Tasuki, every detail and every word spoken.

Tasuki seemed a little shocked, but it quickly passed. "So, I'm a vampire?"


"I see." Tasuki then moved closer, placing a hand on the monk's shoulder. "And my mother, Karma, she wants you to be my feeder…?"

Chichiri nodded. He was surprised on how well Tasuki was taking the news; did he always know that he was different?

"And you've been acting weird, trying to come up with a decision?"

"Tasuki, I don't want you to die. I really don't want you to die, but I'm worried about the future. When I die, I'll be replaced by someone else, and I just….I don't want to imagine you with someone else." Chichiri said, closing his eyes and trying to wash the emotion from his face.

"Chichiri…" Tasuki said, watching the monk's pain, watching him try to wash it away. Tasuki couldn't stand it anymore. The hand he had placed on the other's shoulder urged the other to move forward, and as he did, his arms wrapped around the other's body, holding the blunette against his body. "I'd die before I even thought about replacing you."

Chichiri was shocked, but he felt his doubts wash away as Tasuki held him. He remembered this feeling, when he was with Kouran; his ex who had died long ago, but with Tasuki, the feeling was stronger. "Tasuki, I…"

Tasuki put a finger to the other's lips before he replaced the finger with his own lips. He was determined to show Chichiri how he felt, before the monk protested, and it'd be easier to show then to voice it into words.

Chichiri blinked lightly behind the kiss, but didn't take long to respond, kissing the other back as he wrapped an arm around the red head, the other arm moving to Tasuki's free hand, lacing fingers with him.

Tasuki pulled back reluctantly, resting his forehead against the other's. "I love you."

Chichiri smiled at the other, a smile that his mask couldn't top. "I love you too, Tasuki."

They stared into each other's eyes; Chichiri into gold, and Tasuki into maroon, each searching for something there, the truth. When they found what they were looking for, they kissed each other again, making it deeper and more passionate.


Unknown to the two boys in the springs, Karma watched from the trees. She had prayed, she had hoped, she had begged Suzaku, and now there was her son, in the arms of his destined mate. It touched her heart as she watched them; it didn't occur to her at the time that they were naked, until the two got out to dress and head back to the hideout. She blushed then looked away.

As she watched them, she felt like going home, to eat, then to snuggle into the arms of her husband, but she had to see this through, she had to make sure that Tasuki took his first taste of blood. She wondered how he would do so with only one fang, she also wondered how much blood he would need to drink; she also wondered if he did what Dai did sometimes.

Would he go into a different state of mind when he fed? If he did, and if he got too out of hand, Karma would have to take him, dead or alive.

To Be Continued...