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As he stood there as the window overlooking Diagon Alley, he saw all the happy faces on the streets, without any worries and fear about their lives. It was amazing how fast the fear and anxiety left once Voldemort was gone. After countless spells and hexes and jinxes were thrown back and forth, it finally came to an end when --. No. He wasn't going to recall that day ever again. He let out a soft chuckle thinking, how easy it is now to block off certain memories after so many years.

After the final battle, he had taken off almost immediately, leaving behind only a note to Hermione. Once he left, he never looked back and stayed away from Britain for nearly 5 years. And now he was back. His eyes glazed as he remembered all the things he left behind: all his friends, his loved ones…her. He didn't want to return and tried to prolong his stay as far away from her as possible, but he knew he couldn't. He knew it was time to tell her the truth, for he would only be prolonging the agony of not being with her.

Is that…, he thought, as a flash of brown hair appeared on the streets below. He hurriedly gathered his cap and cloak and ventured out onto the streets hoping to catch another glimpse of that all too familiar brown hair. No such luck for him as he soon found out. Sighing, he put his cap and cloak on and wandered onto the busy street of Diagon Alley.

No one knew but he kept up with the happenings of Ron and Hermione. It wasn't hard considering they both rather famous being part of the Golden Trio but also because once Harry Potter was out of sight and out of mind, they both stepped out of the shadows of his glory( he hated to be credited for it). Ron went on to sign for one of the newly formed Quidditch teams, pretty much using it as a stepping-stone in his career while Hermione was offered a job in the Ministry and made the news ever so often whenever she made a breakthrough in runes translation.

He meandered down the street and exited The Leaky Cauldron quickly into Muggle London. He knew Hermione stayed just outside of Wizarding London in order to be close enough to incorporate both her magical and muggle life. He slowly made his way to the door and stood outside. Raising his hand, he made a move to knock on the door. But deliberating, he didn't and moved to the side bench outside her house.

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Hermione Granger was living her life the way she had always dreamed of. She had a good job doing something she was interested in, had a nice house just outside Diagon Alley on the non-wizarding part of London and had great friends such as Ron and Ginny. Something in her life was missing though and that was her other best friend, a certain Harry Potter. She was devastated when he initially went missing after the final battle and left her a short note about his leaving. She felt she deserved better, after all she was his best friend.

After months of immersing herself in her work with ancient runes, she managed to move on with her life with some help from Ron and Ginny. In Harry's absence, Ron became a significant part of her life. He was now the one who she went to for advice, although most of the time she was hesitant in listening to it and as a result became much closer than they had back at Hogwarts. Sure, the bickering still occurred but they grew to tolerate each other better.

In a few months time, there was to be a grand wedding. A wedding between two people who contributed to the downfall of Voldemort. However, it was widely known that there was another occasion on that particular day. The wedding would be held exactly 5 years since Harry Potter went missing.

Many knew what day it represented but the bride and especially the groom would tell you that it was merely a coincidence that the wedding was to be held on the 5th anniversary of Harry's disappearance. Some dubbed the wedding as somewhat surprising considering the differences in the couple's personalities but close friends would know that in the end, both of them were suited for each other.

"I just got back from Madam Malkin's with the dress for the wedding." Hermione shouted as she walked through her front door, "Diagon Alley was packed today that I hardly had enough space and time to stroll. And I so wanted to go to Flourish and Bott's."

Turning around when he heard her voice, Ron replied "Herms, haven't you had enough books already? I mean you have an entire room full of books! I'm sure you could give Madam Pince a run for her money."

"Don't. Call. Me. That. Ronald.Weasley." She said, punctuating each word with a slap on the arm. "You know how much I hate that nickname."

Ron just stuck his tongue out at her and proceeded to give her a greeting kiss on the cheek before turning back to the television that she had. One thing was on his mind though: The wedding was too far away.