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Harry found himself pacing about his living room, waiting for Hermione to arrive. It had been a week since he last saw her. Pacing about, he recalled what happened merely a few days ago that led to this situation.

He sat at his desk in his room, pondering how he would invite Hermione over without getting her even angrier. But he realized he couldn't do that at all once she saw his address. She was definitely going to blow once she found out that he had been living so near her. He knew he didn't have a choice though and wrote as simple as possible on his letter to her.


Whenever you are ready to listen to my side of the story, make your way over to No. 10.



Sending it off with his newly acquired owl to Hermione's place, he waited for a few minutes for his owl to return, only to be surprised when it came back with a reply from Hermione with two words: 3 days

So here he was, waiting for her arrival when he heard a knock on the door. This was it, the moment everything will be revealed.

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Calming his nerves, he moved towards his door and swung open and came face to face with not only Hermione, but Ron and Remus as well. He was stunned at the sight of his best friend and his other godfather. He was surprised at the look of anger in Ron and Hermione's eyes. Although there was a tinge of sadness and misery in there, the anger was very much evident in his best friends.

Remus rushed to Harry and embraced the young man. "Harry, my boy! I'm glad to see you." Blushing, Harry returned Remus' hug and felt the werewolf trembling. Feeling a little guilty on what he had put his father's best friend through; he could only manage a sheepish smile as a reply.

Pulling away from Remus, he turned to face Ron. Face red and struggling to keep quiet, Ron finally burst forward and hugged Harry off the ground. "Harry", he breathed out in relief," you're not dead!". Yet again, Harry could only sheepishly smile back, quickly gesturing for them to take a seat. Hermione trailed behind and Harry caught her eye, only for her to turn away and move quickly past her host.

Sighing, Harry followed closely and allowed them to settle down into his home as he poured them cups of tea. "Freshly brewed. I bought them from Asia before I came back." Remus and Ron shared a smile, while Hermione's look of anger failed to dissipate. Taking a seat opposite his guests, he braced himself for a barrage of questions. As if on cue, Ron asked "Where did you go Harry? 5 years…you were gone 5 years without any contact…"

Harry took in a deep breath and began to shed some light on events that unfolded 5 years ago. "You remember that we were separated right before I went to face Voldemort as you 2 had Lucius to deal with? We fought our way past Dumbledore's office and into the Main Hall. It was horrible. Bodies laid strewn all over the floor, students and Death Eaters alike. Blood covering from wall to wall, dust forming a layer around everything. And when I finally got rid of him, I took everything in. Housemates, who were barely into their teenage years, fighting for a cause that they didn't have to take part in… I just couldn't handle it. The war had taken too many innocents away and I just lost it. I cleaned up the Main Hall and left before any of you found out."

Only when Remus had placed a hand on his leg that Harry realized he was rocking in his chair. Shaking himself from his reverie, Harry looked up to see the tears starting to pool around Remus' eyes and Ron looking at him with a look of understanding.

Hermione's actions caught the other 3 people by the surprise as she suddenly stood up, and with a cold glare at Harry, said "That isn't an excuse from leaving your friends and the ones you love and the ones who love you for 5 years without as much as a proper goodbye."

"This is only a fraction of how I felt when you left." Was all she said before she abruptly apparated away from Harry's house.