"Who the hell would order so much Ramen?" Sasuke thought to himself. Occasionally, he was the ramen delivery boy. It was only a side job though. He hated having to ring doorbells and deliver ramen, because you always meet freaky people.

And he was pretty sure that this humungous ramen order was for another freaky guy.

He sighed, letting the plastic bag twist around his fingers and slowly untwist as he walked down the street. He stopped, checked the address, and climbed up the staircase.

"Loren Spa…room 203…" He sighed again, bracing himself as he rang the doorbell.

Is it an obese man this time? Or a party of drunks? Or…

The door swung open.

Sasuke's eyes widened. It was the most beautiful sight he had encountered, ever.

In the doorway stood a blonde boy, a golden halo of hair. He was the same height as he was, his body was slender. His skin was faintly tanned, three curious marks on either side of his cheeks. But what entranced him the most was his startling blue eyes. It reminded him of the sky.

Sasuke didn't realize that he was staring, but he seriously couldn't help it.

He felt so inferior. He had pale skin, black eyes and black hair. This customer… he was… glowing.

No way. This ramen can't be all for this one boy. I bet he has a psycho father or brother or something…

"Um," The blonde creature spoke. Sasuke felt lost in eternity at the sound of his sweet voice. "How much?"

"How much…? Oh… oh yeah. Twenty dollars…" Sasuke said faintly.

The blonde boy patted his pockets, searching for money. "Could you leave the ramen on my table? I think I left my money inside…"

Sasuke felt slightly stunned, slowly stepping into the apartment as he watched Naruto run around looking for money. He left the plastic bags of ramen on the table. The blonde boy returned and Sasuke blushed as the blonde came right up to him, trying to read his name tag.

"Sasuke...?" He asked, reading his name tag.


"I don't have any money," He blushed. "I'm sorry! It's just that Jiraiyma took all my savings and forgot to leave some spare money..." He rambled.

"Jiraiyma..." Sasuke's heart dropped. It sounded like a girls name. Probably his girlfriend.

"I... I'll pay you some other way?" Naruto asked hopefully. How could Sasuke resist those blue eyes?

"I, uh, yeah..." Sasuke stumbled on his words.

"I'll teach you my sexy no jutso!" The blonde suddenly jumped in glee. "Yeah, you'll love it!"

"Sexy no jutsu?" Sasuke asked curiously. He watched as the blonde suddenly poofed and turned into a girl. He stood shocked.

"Yeah I know, good trick huh," Naruto said pleased that Sasuke looked shocked.

"I don't know..." Sasuke blushed. "Why would you want to turn into a girl..." He paused when he realized what he was saying.

"SAY WHAT?" Naruto persisted. "Tell me!" He demanded. "What's wrong with my sexy no jutsu!"

"N-nothing... just saying that you... already look sexy as a guy... sexier..." He suddenly clamped a hand over his mouth. SHIT i did not just say that! I did not just tell him!...SHIT.

Naruto's blue eyes widened, looking curious. Sasuke turned red and ran out of the apartment and was flying down the stair case.


Phew... He could never go back there now. Not after what he had just told the blonde. What must he be thinking now? Sasuke sighed, digging his hands into his pockets. That boy was so beautiful...

Naruto was slightly stunned.

DAMNIT... he thought to himself. If only that boy didn't run away so quickly... maybe he could've told him that he thought he was sexy too. Which was true.

"Sasuke..." He mumbled curiously, remembering the boy's name. He had such silky black hair which fell on either side of his face, showing off his deep black eyes. His skin was so pale and smooth. And he looked so cute when he blushed.

Naruto wanted to see him again. But how?

His eyes fell on the ramen that was left on his table... Ramen delivery! the voice in his head yelled with delight.

"SASUKE!" The ramen store owner was getting impatient waiting for his delivery boy.

Sasuke quickly left picking up the empty ramen bowls and ran to the owner, apologizing.

"I have FIVE bowls of ramen to be delivered, there's no time to waste! They'll go soggy like last time and we got all sorts of complaints!"

Sasuke looked slightly angry. "It's not my fault..."

"It's not the customers fault either, so I guess you'll just have to pick up the pace!" The owner almost smacked the insolent Sasuke with his wok-spatula. "Well? I left the ramen on the table, the address is pinned to it. NO SLACKING...I don't want to start firing my delivery boys..."

"Yes, yes!" Sasuke rolled his eyes, running to get the ramen. What a nag...

He glimpsed at the paper with the address on it. It looked so familiar... Loren Spa... room 203? "Shit no!" Sasuke yelped.

"Sasuke! Go!" The store owner noticed Sasuke still hadn't left.

"I can't..." Sasuke said faintly, feeling stupid.

The ramen store owner almost shot daggers with his eyes making Sasuke change his mind and quickly escape with the ramen. "Fine! I'll do it..." He muttered.

He ran for a bit, then stopped, feeling reluctant to face the blonde boy again.

He'll probably complain about customer-harrassment... or... or...

Before he knew it he was already standing outside room 203. Just relax, all you have to do is give the ramen, get the money and get the hell out of the way. No need to say anything. Don't make eye contact...

He quickly prayed and pressed the doorbell.

The door opened almost the moment his finger touched the bell.

He closed his eyes, turning his head away and held out the ramen. "20 dollars," He managed to say. So far so good, now just don't make eye contact...

"I thought it would be you," He heard the sweet heavenly voice. NO! IGNORE IT!

"Sasuke?" The voice came again.

"What!" He blurted, finally looking up at the blonde.

"Could you let go of the bag...?" The blonde was holding onto the bag but Sasuke was still clutching onto it.

Sasuke let go quickly.

The blonde seemed to smirk ever so slightly. "So you work at the ramen store huh?"

Sasuke blinked. Was the blonde actually trying to make conversation? He chewed his thoughts over carefully before slowly saying; "Yes..."

"You want to come in? You look hot," The blonde boy paused effectively, making Sasuke's heart flip. "You looked as if you ran all the way. You were that eager huh..."

"No!" Sasuke watched the blonde laugh.

"I've got to get money anyway, so do come in for a bit."

Sasuke shrugged, taking a few moments to step inside.

The blonde was, once more, running around looking for money.

"Don't worry. I've got some this time," The blonde blushed. "And I owe you since the last delivery too."

"O-oh..." Why was Sasuke feeling so nervous around this boy? "W-what's your name?"

The blonde smiled, almost looking happy that Sasuke asked. "Naruto."

"Naruto..." Sasuke liked the way the name sounded on his tongue.


Sasuke blushed, deciding that the way Naruto said his name was so... hot.

"...You look cute when you blush."

Sasuke was about to return the compliment when there was a sudden loud crash coming from within the toilet.

"Oh god, that must be Jirayma..." Naruto sighed with frustration.

Sasuke felt his heart plummet even lower than it did the day before. He decided, politely, to quickly leave the apartment, not wanting to meet Naruto's girl friend.

"Wait!" Naruto yelled, running after Sasuke. He looked down the stair case at Sasuke who had stopped and looked back up at him. "Why are you leaving?"

Sasuke mumbled something about him having a girlfriend...

"I have a girlfriend?"

Naruto burst out into laughter when Sasuke told him that he thought Jiraiya sounded like a girlfriend to him.

"So is it?" Sasuke demanded, immediately blushing, feeling stupid.

"Jiraiya is a perverted old hermit that trains me!" Naruto managed to splutter, still laughing.

Sasuke gave a small smile.

Naruto smiled back.

"I have an extra special order tomorrow," He said suggestively, winking, before returning to his apartment.

Sasuke was staring into the space where Naruto had been standing.

Extra special order... His mind immediately ran wild, thinking up a thousand differant things that " Extra special" could mean.


love keiji,