Kiba was regretting leaving the Ramen shop.

No, no he didn't regret it... maybe just a tiny bit because he missed the warm atmosphere and the smell of noodles. But he did leave that all behind for a good reason.

He glanced at Sasuke.

The raven had entered a lighter mood the previous week. Probably beginning to forget about the blonde headed boy.

He seemed happier, even if he was covered in grimy water.

The work at the snake vendor was nothing like the ramen shop. It was alot more... shall we say, manual? Orochimaru had assigned them jobs which involved getting down and dirty.

With the snakes.

Kiba shivered, remembering when he had forced himself to stick his hands into one of the glass boxes to clean out the dirty water and refresh the plants for one of those slithering things.

He did get used to it. Eventually.

And he was vaguely surprised at how easy Sasuke seemed to find everything. Probably because the Uchiha was trying to forget about Naruto.

Sasuke only had his dark shirt on, and a pair of jeans. He was almost, completely covered head to toe in grey water which clung to his pale skin. Even his hair was sticking lightly to his face.

Kiba could only smile.

Even when the raven was covered in snake grime, he still looked attractive.

"Stop staring, mutt," Sasuke grunted.

Kiba was jerked out of his break, pushing himself off the damp floor when he noticed that the Uchiha needed help to lift a heavy glass box onto the shelf again.

"On three," he said, heaving the box up with Sasuke. The glass componant slid back into it's position.

The snake which was inside was slithering around in the fresh branches, the water still waving from the movement.

"I think that was the last one," Sasuke said, wiping his forehead. It did nothing to clear the sweat or dirt, since his hand was still equally covered in grime. "Maybe we can get some dinner after this."

Kiba grinned at the raven.

He shivered violently when he suddenly noticed Orochimaru slinking out of the office door.

"How are the beauties today?" Even his voice seemed slippery.

Kiba could only scrunch his face up when Sasuke shrugged. "Same as every day," the boy muttered tiredly.

Orochimaru gave a small chuckle. "Sasuke, I'd like a word with you in my office," he said, the smile not quite fitting his face.

Sasuke glanced at Kiba, who was frowning. Shrugging again, the raven simply followed the older man into the office room without a word. The door closed.

Kiba half glared uneasily at the office door, wondering what Orochimaru had singled Sasuke out for.

Then the front door bell tinkled.

"Coming," He called out, wiping his hands on his shirt.

Trying to forget being too concerned about Sasuke, he found the customer who was peering into one of the snake cages near the window.

"Three of these, should do," the man mumbled, nodding at the small black snakes piled up.

Kiba winced.

Usually Sasuke was there to do the orders, because he hated handling the snakes.

Swallowing back his uneasiness, he smiled vaguely at the customer then turned his attention to the snakes. Opening the cage, he reached in and felt his fingers wrap around three slick snake bodies.

"Fresh, or cut?" He said, lifting his hand out quickly.

He knew the snakes in this cage never bit, but it still made his stomach churn.

The man seemed to notice the look on Kiba's face and chuckled. "Leave 'em fresh," He said, scrunching a few notes of money onto the counter.

Grateful, Kiba stuffed them into a plastic bag and tied it tightly.

The man left.

"Well done,"

He jumped when he heard Sasuke's voice behind him, turning red for a moment and then laughed.

"You actually did it without my help," Sasuke was grinning back with ease.

"Yeah well, it proves I can do it by myself," Kiba protested, feeling a warm glitch inside of him. Part of him wanted to ask what Orochimaru wanted him for, but the other part argued that Sasuke seemed happier again.

The Uchiha tossed him his bag which he had left in the back room.

"We can leave now. Let's change, we'll get some rice on the way," the raven said, pulling his own dirty shirt off.

Kiba gritted his teeth together when he saw the pale flesh of Sasuke's body, trying not to stare. He quickly pulled his own shirt off to hide his embarrassment and began to change.

It was only after he had finished zipping up his shorts and folding the dirty clothes into his bag when he looked up.

Sasuke was staring at him.

Turning red, the boy snapped out of it and moved to the front door as if nothing happened, towelling his hair as he went.

Kiba raised an eyebrow, resisting the urge to smile.

Sasuke was staring at him changing.

He couldn't help but feel a warm fuzz glow from inside of him, but he held back the temptation to smirk and tease the raven for it. He would probably get punched.

He was glad when they were finally out of the snake vendor.

God, he really did hate that place.

Feeling refreshed in clean clothes and rubbing his hair with a small towel, he glanced at Sasuke.

They were walking down the street towards the rice stall. It was a cool night, and although the sun had already set the night sky was still a light shade of blue.

Sasuke ordered the two bowls of takeaway rice, with the usual sweet and sour chicken on the side.

"Where do you want to eat?"

"How about there," Kiba nodded at the park, stuffing his towel into his bag.

It wasn't long before they had found a comfortable bench under a large tree in the park, chopsticks stuck into the rice and appreciating the warm food after a hard days work.

Kiba chewed thoughtfully on the rice in his mouth before swallowing.

It still bothered him that Sasuke had said nothing about his talk with the Snake man.

Deciding finally to bring it up, he started. "What did Orochimaru say?"

Sasuke responded with a shrug, still eating a mouthful of rice. He seemed to take his time to slowly finish.

"Nothing much really. I don't want to talk about it."

Kiba slouched on the bench slightly with a small 'o', feeling awkward that he had been left out.

After a few more minutes of silence, he began to play with the remainder of the rice and sweet and sour sauce, mixing them around in the take away box.

"Not hungry?"

Kiba looked up at the dark eyes, heart jolting. "I'm full," he lied.

His eyes widened when he saw Sasuke give a small smirk and leaned towards him. A pale hand raised and touched his lip. For a moment he could swear his heart stopped beating.

The pale finger swept across the bottom of his lip briskly.

"You've always been a messy eater," Sasuke pulled his hand away, wiping it on his trousers.

Kiba blushed for no reason, returning his attention to the takeaway food.

"Stop toying with your food if you're not going to eat it," the raven snorted.

Kiba sighed despondantly, lifting the chopsticks to his mouth with a chunk of rice and sauce. He chewed slowly.

He stopped chewing when he felt Sasuke touch his chin and turned his face towards his.

For a moment, the raven glanced down at his sauce covered lips, then back up to his eyes. Sasuke leaned forward and briefly pressed their lips together.

Kiba felt panicked, unable to respond.

He felt a tongue prod gently between his lips, and a blurry haze settled permanantly over his concentration.

"yh-cn..." He mumbled between his mouthful of rice, trying to tell the Uchiha something between Why are you Kissing me and You can't kiss me with rice in my mouth!!

The tongue finally slid into his mouth however, and Kiba felt his eyes almost roll shut as a warm sensation filled his entire being. Sasuke was toying with the rice, tongue brushing against his tongue and sucking the sweet and sour sauce from his lips.

Drowning in the sensations, he could barely register when Sasuke had stopped kissing him.

For a few moments he stared with a dazed look into space, lips wet with sauce and saliva. He jerked slightly out of it when he noticed Sasuke return to eating.

"I don't get you," he mumbled, a little too breathless for his own liking.

Sasuke was silent for a moment. "Did you like it?" He finally asked.

Heart thudding, Kiba forced a casual laugh.

"I guess..." he said nervously, unsure what to say.

"Do you want me to do it again?"

Kiba blushed when Sasuke asked, noticing that the Uchiha was also pink in the cheeks for asking the question.

"I..." he bit his lip hesitantly.

Sasuke seemed to answer his own question when he leaned forward and captured the nervous lips, breathing and kissing against the blushing tanned boy.

Kiba responded after a moment of confusion, but nonetheless responded.

After a moment of brief kissing, the ricebox dropped from his hands and the chopsticks clattered to the floor next to it as he pushed Sasuke down onto the bench softly.

Their lips parted, Sasuke's covered with a bit of left over sauce.

Eyes, glazed, looked at each other before they resumed kissing, Kiba's hands running gently over Sasuke's shirt.

It must've tickled slightly, because the Uchiha was squirming a bit under his touch. Pale hands reached up to slide through the chocolate brown hair to pull the Inuzuka closer.

"Sas-ke," Kiba mumbled through their sauce stained lips, one hand pushing against the bench to stop himself from falling onto the boy, and the other fondling the edge of the trousers.

Sasuke's eyes flickered open, and suddenly the pale hands were pushing him away. But gently.

Immediately retreating, Kiba pulled back a little too quickly and wiped his lips, nervously looking at Sasuke sitting back up.

"It's getting cold. Late." Sasuke got up to his feet, tossing his rice box into the bin next to the bench.

Kiba nodded briefly, trying to pull his focus away from what just happened.

"I'll. I'll see you tomorrow," the Uchiha said, holding his bag.

Nodding again, Kiba just watched as Sasuke disappeared down the park and onto the road.

Kiba made a mental note in his mind to confront the boy, and ask him what the fuck just happened.

Meanwhile, he salvaged his rice box.

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