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That Awkward Silence

Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall are sitting by the fire in the headmaster's private quarters playing chess.

McGonagall leans back in her chair sipping her hot chocolate trying to calm herself, trying to concentrate on her next move but she's growing increasingly impatient. Her opponent refuses to sit still and is constantly scratching his foot.

"Albus will you stop fidgeting about? Anyone would think you are deliberately trying to distract me! Queen to D8."

Dumbledore manages to stop scratching and look up just in time to see his pawn ruthlessly crushed by McGonagall's queen.

"Oh Minerva, my dear, my third toe on my left foot is uncontrollably itchy. I have been to see Madam Pomfrey but she can find no cause or cure for my discomfort. Alas you don't care about me and my small peculiarities you just care to beat me."

"Why Albus! That's preposterous! How can you say such a thing? Of course I care for you….and your small peculiarities as you so sweetly put them! How long have we been friends? 50, 60 years? You know I care for you, deeply."

Though she had overreacted to his comment he felt it heartwarming that she cared for him so.

"And I for you my dear."

"Well then, you should know better than to say such foolish things!"

"But I must admit I am curious…no…never mind my dear…"

There it is, that awkward silence again.

"Curious? Of what?"

"Our, our… friendship Minerva. Is that all it is?"

"Albus whatever you are insinuating, I believe it is better left unsaid."

Dumbledore was slightly saddened but took heart in the fact that one day they would both muster up the courage to share their feelings for one another.

"Why yes my dear, if that is what you want I apologize. We are of course just the best of friends."

"Yes but Albus I really do mean what I said, I care for you very deeply."

"I know you do Minerva, I know you do. Now where were we then? Ah yes, knight to B4."

As McGonagall watched her bishop brutally slaughtered she couldn't help but notice that Dumbledore's bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle a little less.

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