Chapter 10 - Final

… After hobbling along for what seemed like hours upon hours, the Twins finally saw the sheer ledge rise up before them. Sideswipe at least was relieved. Sunstreaker had gotten quieter the further they'd walked, which had only served to increase his worry for his twin. His own disability had been ignored as he focused on keeping the yellow mech upright and mobile.

"C'mon Sunny," he said, hefting his brother to his side. "Just a little more, we're almost there. This is the last stretch."

"Yeah, for me as well," Sunstreaker replied softly.

"Don't give me that slag," Sideswipe warned. "You're gonna make it, do you hear me? You're not gonna quit now."

"Look at that thing Sideswipe. How are we going to climb that? Maybe you can, but you know I can't, not in my state. Its asking too much."

"How dare you, fragger!" Sideswipe would have liked to have hit him for that comment, but restrained himself to verbal blows instead. "I never asked that of you! I'll slagging carry you on my back if I have to. You're the one asking for too much if you think I'm just gonna leave you here."

"Bro, I'm just saying…"

"Don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut and save your strength. You're gonna need it."…

… As the sound of running engines approached, Ironhide moved to turn away from the ledge to report to Prowl about what he had seen, when a flash caught the corner of his optic. Shaking his head and thinking it had been a sliver of sunlight glinting off the water, he glanced back again to make sure. Then he did a double-take. Sunlight reflected off the remnants of a cracked and partially shattered windshield as two little figures approached the large slab of rock.

"Well I'll be slagged," he said. Then he turned back to the others who were just coming up. "Hurry up! They made it!"

The other three rushed up to see for themselves and Ratchet swore colorfully upon seeing the state Sunstreaker was in.

"I'm going to rebuild him into a gold-plated music box! I warned the little slagger not to do anything stupid and look at what he's gone and done to himself! And if Sideswipe has done ANYTHING equally creative, he's going to join his brother as an amplifier!"

Jazz chuckled. "We're glad they're okay, too, Ratchet."


The brothers reached the base of the ledge and looked up at the towering wall of rock before them. Sideswipe remembered the climb down and wondered to himself if he really could get both of them up all that way. A fall would mean damage, and to Sunstreaker, damage equalled death. As if to enhance the severity of the situation, Sideswipe swayed suddenly and leaned on his twin for support. Sunstreaker bit back a whimper as he steadied his brother, sending pain shooting through his injured leg.

Then a voice came down from the heavens.

"You guys need a lift?"

They looked up and saw a familiar, blue-visored face grinning back down at them from the top. Jazz drew back his arm and swung, releasing his grappling hook and length of cable, letting it run all the way down till the hook dangled in front of Sideswipe's face.

"Grab on! We're gon' pull ya up!"

"Thanks Jazz!" he called back, then turned to his twin. "Just hold onto me alright, bro? You're gonna be okay."

Sunstreaker gave him a quick hug. "Thanks for not giving up on me."

"Thanks for not giving up; now get on."

The yellow mech clung to his brother's back as the red coiled the cable around his hands and gave a light tug to signal Jazz that they were ready. The combined weight of the two Lamborghinis nearly yanked the saboteur off his feet, but Ironhide and Prowl were able to anchor him as the mechanics in his arm worked to slowly but surely pull the brothers up. As Sideswipe's head cleared the edge, Ratchet leaned down and hauled Sunstreaker off the red mech's shoulders none too gently, eliciting a cry of pain from the yellow twin.

"Don't hurt him!" Sideswipe called as Jazz laid hold of his shoulders.

Ratchet silenced him with a look. "The frag did you do to yourself?!" he demanded as he laid the beaten warrior down to check on him. "I thought I told you I'd slag you if you did something idiotic like this?"

"It wasn't my fault!" Sunstreaker protested. "Starscream-."

"Just shut up and get inside," Ratchet groused as he helped the warrior to stand, his touch a lot gentler than his voice. "And you!" He leveled a finger at Sideswipe who was slowly getting to his own feet with assistance from Ironhide, as Prowl helped Jazz up. "You and I are going to have a little chat when we get back, and you'd better not have taken any damage or so help me Primus…"

Sideswipe gulped. "Yes Ratchet."

Ironhide chuckled and transformed, opening his back door while the medic did the same for the yellow mech. "Get in kid."

The red mech did so after making sure his brother was safely loaded into the white ambulance. Jazz took up position as rear guard while Prowl took the lead in the front.

"Autobots, lets head for home."



A/N: So I hope everyone enjoyed this little ride. No grand plot or anything here, I just wanted to keep it to simple narrative storytelling for a change and I hope it worked. Thanks to all my reviewers who diligently read and reviewed each chapter from the beginning, I really appreciate it.