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In The Kitchen

'Whoever said the only good activity a kitchen could be used for is cooking, was obviously a celibate monk.'

It was late evening, the sky graced with many stars that provided for wondrous visual appreciation. And with the latest missions finally completed and done for, one would think a calm night of relaxation would be fitting to end the day. But a certain pale haired, abnormally perverse man, found such a night of complete solitude incomplete without the latest instalment of the scandalous Icha Icha series, that had just recently been released, within the safe confines of his hands and his nose buried in the pages. Anxiously waiting for the next smut-filled paragraph.

Kakashi entered the grocery store, the small chimes echoing as he opened the door. With a quick half-hearted wave to the cashier, he immediately resumed his current mission of retrieving the newest novel and set off in his frequented path to the section marked "Books/Magazines." As his poorly-postured form passed aisle three, the corner of his exposed right his eye surprisingly caught a glimpse of vivid pink. Now, there's only one person in the whole world who, to his accountability, had hair sitting upon her pretty little head that consisted purely of bubble gum hues. Heaping, thick, piles of the rosette hair that always appeared free and wild and somehow tamed into painstaking style.

The Copy Nin's lone dark eye glanced down the florescent illuminated lane to catch sight of the back of her slim figure as she began her dainty descent of item retrieval. Putting one hand on her lower thigh and slightly bending to take grasp of a loaf of bread on the lowest row of the rack. Now, he could have blamed the normal nature of men for what he was currently doing. He could have blamed Genma for being so outward with that sinfully profane behavior of his. Or himself for spending so much time around Genma. Or even Jiraiya for writing those dirty, yet addictive novels...or all three excuses. But, truth be told, theonly reason he could pin the blame for checking out the ample rear assets of his former student, without sounding like a coward hiding behind his shameless acquaintances obstinate conduct, was his own perverted mind. And, if he wished to keep his masculine pride in one piece, Kakashi would have to openly claim that the only thing that could measure up to a night of lazily reclining in a chair to read his favorite orange parental advised books would be an evening capitalized by a passion-filled affair with a willing partner to share a bed; as was any males preference.

And the girl, as much as her youth and complete ignorance to his stare alarmed him, did have all the sensual anatomy that he admired in a woman. Too bad for himself, and even her, Sakura was not the type to indulge in the same hobbies that he found amusing. However, he had to respect something attractive when he saw it, and what he was witnessing right now was, much to his chagrin, rather arousing.

A deep, dark and mischievous part of him that he had thought died years ago in his youth awoke and reminded himself she was his former student. And no harm had ever come from a few moments of reckless flirtation.

Momentarily abandoning his priority of acquiring written entertainment for the night, he instead sought out the new enticing entertainment stretched out before him just down the aisle.

Using the stealth that he commonly reserved for his S-ranked missions to keep his sandals muffled against the squeaky waxed tiles of the floor, Kakashi calmly situated himself directly behind the cherry blossom he knew too well in her sprouting youth and young adulthood. He leaned on the opposite metal shelf, crossing his arms and smirking as the kunoichi continued to ponder her choices, still unable to recognize his presence. Kakashi's eyes roamed over the backside of her figure, soft and round and he had to still his itching hand from reaching out for an intimate stroke. Of course, no sane teacher would intentionally think improper images of their students. Yet, whether it was his hormones or her unknowingly seduction, she called to him. His gaze slowly absorbed the smooth curves of her petite shoulders, traveling down her arched spine, narrow waistline and flared hips to her plentiful rear displayed for his viewing pleasure. He threw propriety into the wind and lingered on this scene for a moment longer than the others may have found suitable. He loved performing "Thousand Years of Death" against her during training. Though, he was sure even she (and Naruto) noticed how his fingers usually tended to trace over her bottom before performing the jutsu.

Kakashi was greatly aware of the intense training she exerted on herself to cultivate a well-toned exterior, and especially from this position, he noted a lovely posterior as well. It was obviously evident in her body and gently sculpted muscles. His lone eye continued its path down her frame. He was having a hard time resisting a single touch to the porcelain thighs that hid beneath her skirt. He could easily imagine tracing his fingertips up her silky calves to her milky thighs to cup the softness of her derriere in his palms.

But as his thoughts started to lean more over the border to naughty daydreams, he heard her speaking to herself,

"Hmm... honey white or wheat?" she mumbled quizzically, her eyes roaming amongst the choices of grain products along the shelf. The full, heavy grocery basket hung like a burden from the crease in her elbow as her fingertips continued to trace over each loaf of bread.

Sakura returned to her straight posture, honey white bread in her hands.

"You cook?" His deep voice alerted Sakura to his existence as she jolted with a breathy gasp. She turned around, with Kakashi noticing how her short, rosy hair wisped about her shoulders and tickled her neck.

"Sensei!" She reprehended softly, her fingers reaching up to slide a few stray strands of hair from her eyes. "Don't do that," Her face unconsciously formed into an angry pout that was more befitting for a child.

Kakashi chuckled as he realized just how cute that look was, and how amazed he was to actually feel the pull of desire at something so innocently intriguing rather than the promiscuously sexy smile from a woman that he was so used to receiving. Especially her lips, he smirked under his mask. Full and pink and begging to be thoroughly kissed; he had no doubt they would taste deliciously sweet. He shifted his leaning weight from the rows of products to resume his upright, and infamously slouched, position. "Sorry," He smiled and jabbed his hands into his pockets. "So, do you?"

"Do I what?" She tilted her head and pulled her chin back as her thin brows furrowed.

"You didn't answer my question." His eye pointed to her basket, full of cooking supplies.

"Oh," She smiled with a soft laugh when she realized how spacey she was being. "Sometimes. It's usually only when I'm in a good mood," She raised her brows from their narrowed settlement above her jade eyes, telling him just how shifty that mood of hers could be. "I was going to make biscuits and chocolate strawberries, just to snack on. But now I'm wondering if I should just make a sandwich," Her wistful eyes going towards the bread in her palms as if she were stuck in some great dilemma.

So, like any gentleman helping a damsel in distress, he offered his own opinion. "I wouldn't mind some biscuits and strawberries," Though, that was more of a selfish suggestion he had offered now that he seriously thought about it, pulling a hand out of his pocket to stroke his chin as his eye strayed to the left; lost in deeply mischievous and naughty thoughts. Finding the idea of a night with Sakura and chocolate strawberries to be too tempting to pass up. When his eye returned to look upon Sakura, he noticed her angry pout had come back.

"What?" Kakashi asked innocently.

"You made me change my mind...again." She stated with quirk of her lip and a sigh, shoving the loaf back to where it originally was. She turned to him briefly, giving him a rather condescending look up and down as if to measure his worth in gold, before walking towards the freezer section. When she heard the tap of sandals on the floor behind her, she turned to see him following her. As she eyed him, their gazes locked and he winked at her like she was a child. A child! So, she added a little more sway to her hips and slowed her step and smiled playfully at him over her shoulder as she chimed, "And I never invited you over to eat. Don't act like you'll get any." Her voice was diluted with mirth and her features were the very picture of a jauntily teasing lady.

His hand reached out to grab a random item off a shelf, looking down to lazily study the product in his hand as he treated their conversation with an easy sense of detachment. "Then why would you change your mind?" Without a second glance, he carelessly put the item back onto another shelf that was decidedly not the same one he had retrieved it from before shoving his hands into their usual residence of his pockets. That man, she thought with a mental roll of her eyes, if his hands weren't in an iron grasp around his naughty novels, they were glued into his pockets. Before she could return her eyes to the path before her, she noticed the direction his eye was tracing; starting at her ankles and roving up her exposed legs and the hem of her skirt. But just before that intense stare reached her rear, he snapped his eye up to her face and the mask on his face did absolutely nothing to cover his rakish smirk at getting caught in the act. "You'll give it to me."

Her breathing stopped as she nearly tripped over her own two feet, blushing like she was getting a first kiss from Sasuke. Had she heard correctly? Was...was Kakashi flirting with her?

He chuckled as he came to her side, looking down at her from his height. Explaining himself, "If you won't invite me, what was the point of putting back the bread? I thought you changed your mind for me, ne?" He swallowed as he fought all urges to let his fingers touch her. Looking up at him with brilliantly confused eyes. "Unless, of course, you intend to torture me all night with knowing thoughts of you eating delicious chocolate fruit. Sickly satisfied with yourself at forcing me to go home and starve to death."

She was silent for a moment and he started to fear he had frighted the chit with his randy statements. But he watched in relief as her lips twisted and shivered to prevent a smile from exploding across her face. The smile inevitably won out and she bursted into joyous laughter.

"You, sensei," She proclaimed in good humor, poking him hard in the gut with her forefinger. "Are hardly starved to death."

"Is that so?" He said curtly as his palm went to rub the sore spot on his hard stomach.

"Yes!" She exclaimed, laughing herself to fits. "In fact, I'll wager you could stand to workout a little more often."

He let out a quiet scoff and narrowed his troubled eye on her beaming face. Which only fueled her gratification of her provocation. "It's not so easy these days, is it?" She leaned over and said in a stage whisper as if in fear someone might hear. "All those years catching up to you, ne?" She pulled back and nodded as if she completely understood such a situation, offering him her pity. "It's alright, sensei. I'm sure there are a few women out there who find love-handles sexy."

Without missing a beat, Kakashi transferred his weight to one foot and tilted his head to the side. Letting his eye openly explore her backside as much as he could from such an angle. She blushed under his scrutiny and twisted her hips in the other direction to hide her rump, jutting out her chin and waiting for and explanation for such a blatant glimpse. "Perhaps," He drawled in a disturbingly calm voice, straightening his head to its former position to take his eye off her body and back to her face. "You shouldn't have those sweets after all." He reached out and patted her shoulder in an understandingly apologetic manner as he offered her advice. "I know chocolates are too tempting for someone as yourself to overlook, but a girl your age really should watch her figure more closely."

Sakura was at a complete loss for words. She was torn between hitting him and laughing at him.

But she couldn't help soaking his smug look into her mind. She secretly liked this part of Kakashi. The side that had a comeback for every comment and a reaction for every move thrown at him. She, as a kunoichi, was trained in many things such as evasion, medics, defense and even seduction, something that over time had become a greatly important aspect to get what she wanted from men–on or off the battlefield. However, Kakashi...that man had everything down pat; overbearing intimidation, persuasion, infuriating taunting and even the guilt trip. And Sakura liked that about Kakashi, his excessive aloofness. She loved knowing that behind all the pages of his books, behind his perverseness that rivaled Jiraiya, behind all that horribly messy hair and behind that ridiculous mask–he was dangerous.

"Whatever," She shook her head with a smile, knowing full and well she had no need to go on a diet and neither was she in danger of tipping the scales. So she quickly turned on her heel. Fully intending to leave him to whatever shopping reason he had entered the store in the first place. Yet, he continued to follow her to the frozen goods and she knew that blasted hot gaze of his was on her back every step she took.

It didn't annoy her, didn't even bother her. What did trouble her was the way, the knowing of his eye on her, was sending weird little chills down her spine–but she attested that quirky sensation to the frigid air conditioning. He was her former teacher, now friend and mentor. He always took the time to be concerned about her health, at times more than her parents would have been. Always there to offer advice as if he were still teaching her in the old days. And he'd always wave at her as they passed on the streets, though she didn't know how he ever spotted her with his eye scrupulously branded on the printed words of a novel.

Sakura opened a foggy freezer door, the cool air rushing out to immediately surround her senses as the humming of the machine got louder. Her hand reached up to grab the tube of plain dough above her head...that shoved to the back of the shelf. Unable to get it within her grasp, Sakura cursed her vertically impaired body and idiotic grocery store stockers as she stood upon the tips of her toes. Her fingertips barely felt the container when she realized that was a far as she could get, a hairbreadth away.

She growled irritably and sank back to her heels. Her hands grasping at the cold handle of the glass door, wringing it back and forth. The annoying piano music drifting from the quiet store speakers to her ears only served as further agitation. She stole another glance over her shoulder, finding Kakashi was leaning against yet another shelf and looking at her with something close to amusement. She grumbled just loud enough for him to hear and looked back to the dough. Blame it on her haughty female pride, but she wasn't going to ask someone who sat back and took delight in watching a vertically challenged woman who was in need of assistance for his help.

She lifted her hand again, fully intending to get the item all by herself. After all, it was just a roll of dough. No need to be dramatic.

But when she got as far as she could, the tips of her nails just grazing the plastic wrapper, she felt a sharp contrast of heat against the cold of her back. A strong, calloused hand overlapped hers as Kakashi leisurely rested his fingers on the desired item.

She quickly retracted her own, nervously wrapping the fingers of both her hands around the icy edge of a shelf that was lower and much closer to her accessible level. She swallowed in disbelief of his audacity as he took a step forward to leave nothing but clothing between them.

"Two?" She heard him ask. Sakura simply nodded, for she was desperately trying to ignore the sensations she felt as her backside was being compressed upon his front. It was worse and even more difficult to deny such perceptions when Kakashi's other hand slid next to hers on the shelf to completely surround her with his presence. His hard arm pressed to hers, his solid thighs molded to the rounded curves of her rear. She didn't understand why it was suddenly so difficult to breath.

"You'll have to bend over further," He told her in a deep tone of voice she had never heard uttered from his lips before this moment. "You're not giving me much space to work with in such a tight space." She let her eyes swivel up to the dough, noticing he was more than capable of grabbing it as the situation stood, the product already half within his grasp.

But, for a reason she could only attest to currently being rendered thoughtless, she let herself fall into the needless action as she closed her eyes and kept her fingers locked around the cold shelf. Her back slightly curving as she left her feet planted on the floor and leaned forward. The simple action sending her bottom to press intimately against the cradle of his hips.

Her heart thumped in her chest as he pressed back. His chest touching her shoulder blades as he finally wrapped his long fingers around two of the products in one single movement.

She felt the brush of his arm lowering as it slid around her waist and dropped the two tubes into the red basket that hung on her arm. "The next item?" His voice whispered against her ear as she felt his warm breath. She failed to notice the hitch in her own breath when his knee slyly touched the inside of her thigh. It took every nerve and muscle not to tremble or fall to the floor on her weakening knees. Dear God! She nearly was in great danger of swooning!

Fully intending to halt this atrociously embarrassing predicament, she whirled around with her jaw taut with ruefulness. Taking great pains to strategically place the grocery basket between them. She stopped herself from putting a hand on her cheek to feel how steamy it fealt...she would lay the blame for that blush on frost bite–serves her right for sticking her head in a freezer.

"Chocolate," She tried to snap at him, but her voice was as soft as a whisper, painfully evident that her own voice was disappearing under his stress. Kakashi slowly removed his hand from the chilly shelf and lowered it to his side, blinking at her. For a moment she assumed he would come up with some cheap or ridiculous comment, remark or excuse. But she just saw the small crinkle of his eye as he smiled and turned to resume walking to the next item. This time, it was Sakura who followed, finally able to steel her rattled nerves as a wide distance was created between them.

"Is this why you're following me around? To harass unsuspecting females who have difficulties reaching high shelves?" She scoffed, as she idly grabbed a box of fresh strawberries as they passed the fruits and vegetables; her eyes glaring into his back, accusing him of a scheme. Or rather, just of being a horrible cad. "Or is this just a ritualistic hobby or yours?"

Kakashi took a single glance over his broad shoulder and regarded her with his dark eye profoundly, a little too profoundly. "No," He said, looking away as carelessly as if she weren't even alive. But his tone displayed a secret underlying meaning. "I'm just an innocent pleasure seeker." He shrugged. "I was shopping for a novel before you interrupted me." Sakura rolled her eyes. Innocent...yeah, and Tsunade had small boobs, too. And Naruto hated ramen...and her hair didn't stick out like a soar thumb and Lee was sexy and Jiraiya liked fat chicks and...

He took note of her awkward silence, surely Sakura–the little spitfire–would have something to retort to such an openly inviting statement that of which he had just made. He decided to push it just a little more. "I'm just seeking some new entertainment," He assured her as he stopped in front of a counter of candies. Studying the sweets with detachment. "Do you think you could satisfy my needs?" He didn't see her jaw drop, but if he had, he would have laughed.

"Um..." She bit her lip and glanced around them like a rabbit trapped in a box.

"To keep me entertained, I mean." When she was still unresponsive, he turned to her and saw the hot blush on her face. The devil himself would have rolled over with hilarity with one glance upon her stricken face. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Sakura." He laughed and her horrified expression went from terrified to surprised to irritability.

Sakura stomped up to his side, feeling a tad cautious of being so close to him and her own wary alertness of his body. She blamed her edgy tenseness on his foul behavior in the frozen goods aisle. "Gutter," She half laughed, half scorned and partially declared. "Excuse me if I don't find detailed love scenes out of cheap romance novels endearing. Or that you've finally become tired of those retched books and come mooching out of my grocery basket to amuse yourself." He frowned, he wasn't mooching! At least, not yet... "But my mind, compared to your pea-sized brain, is not in the gutter."

He held up his hands in a mocking surrender motion and raised his brows.

Why did that infuriate her so much? So, instead of dragging out the moot subject, she whirled to face the piles of candy spread on the shelves. She stared blindly at the junk food for a moment before she finally eyed and identified the brand and flavor she wanted. She meant for a quick grab at a couple bars of chocolate, only to be interrupted by his voice.

"I like dark chocolate." He stated as if her purpose in this store were strictly meant to appease only him.

Sakura scoffed as she moved her hand to grab two bars of dark chocolate and toss them in her basket with a fling of the wrist.

"You did it, again," He told her.

She looked at him with a confused pout. "Did what?"

"You changed your choice because of what I wanted. You wouldn't do that unless you were cooking for me," He taunted.

Of all the nerve! Sakura almost scowled as she realized what he was getting at. Quickly, she snatched the chocolate from her basket, flicked them back onto the shelf, and snagged her favorite flavor. But, on a second thought as she looked up at him from under her lashes, she slowly put one of the bars back and picked up the once forsaken dark chocolate. In the end, demurely putting one of each flavor into her basket. It was faint, but the forward girl was actually displaying signs of shyness.

"Does that mean I'm invited?" Kakashi asked with a slightly crinkled eye, just enough smile to persuade her she couldn't survive the night without him there to accompany her. He really was quite enchanting at times, he thought proudly, and could charm the hell out of a demon.

Sakura only stared at him in silent irritation.

"You know, I'm going to your place anyway. I've got this mean ache in my neck and lower back," he added as he rubbed the back of his neck for emphasis. "I think I'll need one of those special messages you give to your patients."

That was the last draw of the straw. Sakura rolled her eyes and walked past him. Kakashi, of course, followed. What did he want from her?

"You only want me for my chocolate."

"Was that a 'yes'?"

"That was a 'hell no'," Sakura stated as she gave the clerk her basket, Kakashi coming up by her side to rest his hip on the counter. She really didn't understand why he was so insistent to follow her home and get in her kitchen. It wasn't as if she was a wonderful cook–Naruto was usually the only one who ever complimented those particular skills of hers. And Kakashi, well, he was obviously in a...odd mood tonight. One that involved bending her over refrigerator shelves. Maybe he had been drinking...She stole a sideways glance at him, looking him up and down. He didn't appear inebriated. Actually, he looked a little fatigued. If she remembered correctly, he had been sent on a mission earlier in the week. Perhaps he had just gotten home. Still, in either case, it didn't excuse his behavior.

"This pain is really bad." Kakashi continued, seeking her pity. "Terrible," He enthused.

"You're a big boy. I'm sure you can handle those aches...all by yourself." She assured with all the haughty grandeur of a queen. He smiled at the emphasis she put on the word 'ache' and her underlying message.

Seeing how the jade-eyed medic nin was refusing to recognize him a possible patient(dammit), he was being forced to play his hand. Though kunoichi had their beauty to work on their side...men had words. Or rather, voice.

Kakashi remained as he was, his hip still perched against the checking counter, as his arm reached out to her. His hand slipping around the side of her waist to the front of her figure to pull her body to his. She, of course, kept her feet firmly grounded and her eyes glued to the working hands of the clerk. Her throat swallowing hard in an attempt to ignore him as she resisted his persisting hand. But he smiled and let his own strength win out over the girl. Jerking her body around until her back was against his chest once more. She stiffened, her limbs going ridged as her hand grasped the edge of the counter, the other squeezing itself into a dangerous fist.

He bent down to her right side to whisper in her ear with a inducing tone. "If you help me out..." His deep voice was referring to his ailed back, of course. Of course... "And if you're a good little girl, I'll give you a..." His masked lips moved to touch her ear, running down the soft slope until it reached her lobe. "...tasty treat." His covered tongue softly grazed against the skin of her cheek, just in front of her ear.

Sakura stood frozen still. A deep blush instantly upon her face and not even a stutter out of her lips. In fact, she was having trouble breathing as this horribly brazen side of Kakashi had quickly made itself known. Kakashi was embarrassing her on purpose, he was torturing her, trying to get his way. Not for the fact that he wanted food, no, if he wanted food then he would just take it. He had come into this store with a bur under his saddle and some ridiculous scheme in his head to publicly humiliate her.

Her heart sunk as she searched the clerk's face for any embarrassment or annoyance. Yet, there was only a smirk played upon himself as he rung up the items. Damn him, she glared at the young man with all the spite and disgust of a malicious ferret. The clerks smirk quickly disappeared as his eyes lowered to the groceries.

Men are nothing but pigs, Sakura thought to herself. She tried to take a deep breath and calm herself then proceeded in another attempt to get out of her sensei's wrath(or amusement.) However, his arm only pressed her against his muscled length with more force, trapping Sakura in a firm position.

Kakashi's free hand started to outline her frame, from her shoulder to her waist to her hip. Then slowly back up, taking a moment too long as his fingers faintly touched the edge of her breast. If it were possible, she tensed even more. He abandoned her breast and let his hand slither down her thin arm. She wasn't really considering why he was playing this game when every movement he made against her skin sent small, tingling vibrations through her nerves. It was difficult to tell if he was actually using chakra in his favor or not. The girl who had only started the night with simple shopping was now crumbling to shaky breathing while distractedly clutching to the checkout counter. As Kakashi's fingertips teasingly traced over her hand and between her fingers, he redid the process of scrambling her senses.

"I can give you something sweeter than chocolate," He whispered in an alluring tone as his hand played with the edges of her skirt. "...and with more juice than strawberries," She felt his shoulder shift as he lowered his hand to reach underneath the fabric, tugging it up to play with the insides of her thighs until the tips of his fingers touched the soft cotton of her underclothing–until he felt the radiating heat of her core burning his fingers.

Sakura gasped and instantly squeezed her legs together, imprisoning his hand before it ventured any further. "Stop it, sensei," She harshly bit out through clenched teeth. Was he trying to make a skeptical out of her?

"I can make it stop... if you'll have me."

Tingling sensations attacked her before instinct kicked in as she called all her strength into wrenching away from the brute. How dare he! He had absolutely no right to even think about her in such a manner! Or touch her, for that matter. Mentor, teacher or friend–he was out of line.

She twisted free in a few jerky motions, his arms retreating from her body as she turned with all the malice in her eyes of a evil dictator. Her right hand immediately raising in the air, a sign of what she was about to do, she swung her palm down as hard as she possibly could–she'd make him think twice about touching her again. But half-way to his face, a vice-like grip wrapped around her wrist like an iron cuff.

Sakura snarled at him, watching his lips move into a smirk under that blasted mask. So, before he realized what hit him, she rebounded with her left palm as a hard slap rang across his right cheek. Jarring his head a inch or two to the side in the after-wave. The beeping of the items being rung up abruptly stopped as the clerk raised his eyes to the scene once more. But, as Kakashi's eye gave him a hard glowered look, the beeping resumed and his eyes were lowered once more to the groceries.

This time when he looked down at her, it was she who had the smug smirk. Okay, so he deserved that.

"Now, if you're brave enough to attempt company with me, you're invited," She said sharply, apparently pleased with herself. Which, of course, she was. If he would make a public degradation of her femininity, then she would stab his male pride. Eye for an eye, her smile broadened.

Kakashi released her wrist and stuck his hand in his pocket as she turned her full attention to the clerk. He couldn't help smiling at the huge ego trip she must have gotten from that little act. Though, he sometimes hated the fact that despite how much she'd grown, she was still as harmlessly virtuous as ever.

She was a little...too pure for his liking–he would have liked a woman who would've playfully drawn out that public act. And he knew that her very innocence mixed with her fiery tempter was probably one of the greatest reasons that he and so many other people were so attached to her. She, he had to admit, was the bubble gum that kept team seven closely stuck together even after their split.

The cashier behind the counter took the silence between them as a cue to separate the tension as he cleared his throat. "Your total comes to–"

"Here, just keep the change," Sakura said, slamming the cash in front of the man. She quickly grabbed her bags of groceries and walked out of the store. Her back straight, her shoulders stiff and her chin held high.

Kakashi watched as her slender form paused outside the transparent doors, briefly turning to look at him condescendingly. When he just stared at her, not following, she smiled triumphantly in the assumption that she had won. Obviously, she was jumping to conclusions in thinking she had successfully frightened him away. But, Kakashi being Kakashi, was never one to cry off from such a possibly promising evening.

So, he gave a brief nod of departure to the cashier as he launched himself from the counter to the door, watching as her smile turned into a frown.

She really didn't understand what was going on. He wasn't supposed to follow her, he was supposed to be so completely shocked out of his mind that he'd run from her like she had the plague. His outrageous behavior had been dwarfed in comparison to what she had just done to him in front of a fellow man/pig. She tried to convince herself that Kakashi was just entertaining himself–which he himself had informed her of such intentions–and she just happened to be the poor victim of his ploy(heaven help her if it were true.) But worse yet, she discovered that she was trying even more desperately to persuade herself that the oddly exciting feelings that had been produced from his wandering hands were only the exact response that her former sensei had hoped to encourage from her; which made her want to deny them all the more. And she tried to assure herself that the moment his hands left her skin as she left his embrace, that she didn't feel an ounce of disappointment.

"Do you want me to carry those for you?" His normal laid-back voice asked, failing to startle her as he approached from behind.

Sakura turned around to refuse his help, but his fingers were already briefly intertwined with hers as he removed the groceries from her burden.

"I don't think you should have done that," She harshly told him as her feet quickly led the way to her private apartment. Making it clear that she detested the liberties he had taken from her in a public area. A grocery store. "I swear, I could hate your forever for what you just did."

Kakashi tried not to let the smirk get the best of him. "Do you hate me because you didn't like it?" He said contemplatively. "Or do you hate me because you really do want it?"

Sakura gave him a mean stare. "Of course I didn't like it! And I hate that you practice your perverted moves on me like I'm some...some kind of doll." She spat.

"Practice? I wasn't practicing..." Kakashi said wistfully, as if he were innocent of all crimes–speaking more to himself as he didn't listened to her grumbling complaints. "Why would I want to practice jutsu's in a store–" His voice was detached as he looked up at the darkening sky.

"And I hate that you pulled that degrading stunt in public–"

"The clerk was the only one who saw us," He reassured her calmly. Sakura growled in frustration as she attempted to ignore him. "Sakura, if anything, I was teaching you a lesson."

She stopped to study his figure. "Lesson?" She said with all the ardor of a teenage girl, never mind that she was a teenage girl. "If I remember correctly, you put a stop to your duties of teacher several years ago." Her hand perched pugnaciously on her hip, growing more menacing by the moment at seeing how her biting words failed to touch him. He stopped several feet from her and stared pointedly at her face to let her know just how much her statement left him unaffected. "Alright," She gave a light jostle of her head. "Do tell me how such a lesson served to advocate me on such a tender subject."

He blinked. "You're too easily intimidated." He stated it as if it were the most obvious thing.

She scoffed, crossed her arms and cocked her hip. "Don't tell me that's your only excuse?"

"It's true," He offered in a reasonable tone. "You should have kept your cool if you were so worried about other people witnessing what I was doing to you. In the end, you would have come out more victorious. Instead, you risked others seeing you smack your teacher–which would have inevitably led to rumors and questions as to why you would do such a thing to your poor old sensei." He put a hand on his chest and sighed dramatically as if he were troubled by such a thought.

"But there weren't any other shoppers." She retorted.

"Ah, but if there were..." He let his voice trail off.

"I think you're being ridiculous," She stated, more for the sake of dragging out the subject than admitting he was right. A little disappointed in herself for the weak comeback.

Kakashi, for the first time in a long time, felt himself getting annoyed at such a childish display of behavior. "It's kind of hypocritical of you to say that, isn't it?"

Sakura quickly snapped her eyes to his. "What?" She said as if she hadn't heard him correctly.

"If you'd stop pretending to be so innocent you wouldn't draw so much attention to yourself. Didn't kunoichi have lessons about those subjects when you were young?"

"I wasn't pretending anything." She ground out, offended by his blunt words. Why was he being so...so...so damned mean to her tonight?

"Oh, that's right. You always do act like a child," Kakashi gave her an irritated look as she returned the favor to him. She wouldn't let him see how those words suddenly stung her. Not when he was always so aloof to the world and she was as emotionally challenged as a hormonal pregnant woman.

Her lips staggered for a moment, searching for something, anything to hiss at him. But Sakura didn't reply, moreover couldn't reply. And instead, for the umpteenth time that night, turned on her heel away from him and kept a high pace walking towards her home. After a long moment of silence and tension in the air she mumbled, "I don't act like a child."

Kakashi caught it and smiled to himself–wisely deciding not to comment on her opinion. As it already stood, he was gravely lucky he was thus unharmed. Sakura usually failed, or simply cared, to hold back her strength whilst she was angry. Naruto, God have mercy on his poor face, had been on the receiving end of too many of those tragic incidents.

Sakura unlocked the door and took the bags from Kakashi's hands to set them on the kitchen island with a loud thud. He followed in after her and settled himself comfortably on one of the stools at the counter; he, along with Naruto and Sasuke, had been long familiar with her cozy apartment ever since she had moved in last year. It was a nice place to hang out when one had nothing better to do.

There was silence as Sakura performed her cooking duties. Kakashi made a mental note that she'd make some lucky man a suitable wife as he watched her situate the frilly apron upon her trimmed waist. Her hands were swift, yet always busy. Kakashi's eyes constantly followed her as she set to work. Washing her hands before she turned on the stove to melt the chocolate, spreading apart one package of dough. The more he noticed how easy and natural it was for Sakura to be in the kitchen, the more he wondered how nice life would be living with Sakura–not that he found such a thought absolutely compelling.

After she flattened one roll of dough, she looked at Kakashi who still remained supinely situated at the island. She had felt his eyes on her ever since she set the groceries down and it unnerved her more than she would have liked to admit.

"Am I entertaining you, sensei?" She asked curtly as she dried her wet hands on her apron.

"Indubitably, my dear Sakura." He nodded sluggishly. She pursed her lips.

"Water?" She offered him, already going to get him a glass.


"I wish," She mumbled under her breath.

"Water's fine." He chuckled.

As Sakura set it in front of him she noticed Kakashi idly rubbing his neck.

"You were serious about the pain in your neck?" The medic-nin asked quietly, as hesitantly and skeptically as possible.

"Yeah... but I'm a big boy. I can handle it." He mocked, she blushed.

"Don't be stupid," She clucked. "Come on, turn around. It's easier to relax like this," She motioned her hand for him to obey.

He didn't acquiesce. "It's nothing," He smiled. "Some upstart nin got the best of my back last night, is all. It'll be fine by morning." He shrugged her hand off his shoulder.

She couldn't help giggling. "I can't imagine you getting bested by anybody–least of all an upstart."

"Like I said," He gave her an impatiently dour look. "It was only my back that got bested."

"Who bested who is irrelevant at this point, sensei. Now, if you'd be so kind as to turn around so I may have a look at your back." She crossed her arms and gave him a rather indignant look with her jade eyes.

"Alright," He drawled, standing to grab the back of the wooden chair and in one swift motion Kakashi swirled it around. Lifting his leg and straddling the furniture, he nodded his head over his shoulder at his back. "Have at, Nurse Haruno." He followed her orders as he sat down, his chest leaning forward to rest against the back of the chair.

"As you wish, Mr. Hatake." She beamed. "But first I'll have to ask you to remover your vest." She pointed and heard something that vaguely sounded like an impatient sigh from the man as she watched him slowly wrap his fingers around the metal zipper to pull it down. She took her place behind him and helped him shrug the heavy article of clothing from his body. Hanging it from the back of one of her other chairs.

Before he could lean forward again, she took the opportunity to grab the hem of his black shirt to tug it up. Slowly revealing tautly tanned skin and sculpted muscles. Once the bottom of the shirt was hooked over his broad shoulders, he rested his chest onto the back of the chair and planted his elbows on his knees to let his head hang lazily over the backing. She let her eyes roam distractedly over gruff, ugly and misshapen scars that wouldn't have looked appetizing to even the most hard-hearted of women. She bit her lip and lowered her eyes away from the craggy site for a moment.

"I know it isn't pretty," He mumbled in a dead tone, her eyes snapping up to his messy head of hair when she heard his voice. Feeling guilty when she realized that she had been staring and stalling. She couldn't see his lazy eye, but she was sure his usual glint of detachment was still there. "You don't have–" He started to sit up and pull down his shirt. She opened her mouth to speak, she had best stop him before he said anything more that would make her feel horrible...

"My, my..." She drawled out teasingly. "It seems that nin did get the best of you, are you sure he didn't attack any other part of your 'poor old' body...like your head." She said as she stared at the two whelping bruises on his flesh, not the gruesome scars. One in the distinct shape of a foot on his lower back, blue and purple and violating his spine. The other faintly resembling a fist that hovered on his left shoulder, lined in the shape of knuckles.

She heard him snicker disdainfully and she couldn't stop another little laugh. "I'm just jesting," She smiled warmly and wasted no more time in pressing her fingertips upon his shoulders. Channeling her chakra to his stressed pressure points so he could immediately feel the rush of the relaxation flowing into his system. Her chakra felt cool, like calm water and eased the burning pain that plagued his bones. As he greedily immersed himself under her touch, she started to press her fingers more accurately against his bare skin, actually taking the time to massage his beaten body rather than healing.

Kakashi let out an appreciative sound as her soft palms gently splayed down his sharp shoulder blades. The tips of her nails scraping along the obtuse angles that outlined strong bands of tissue. Sakura smiled meekly as she earned a few more grateful groans that oddly created a tickling sensation in her belly.

"I didn't mean it," He turned his head only centimeters to the side, not bothering to try and see her as she let her fingers spread open over his sides.

"Mean what?" Sakura felt the rough contours of his abdominals contract jerkily under her touch and she blushed. Surely she had a clue to what he was talking about. But she be damned if she'd pass up a verbal apology.

"You don't act like a child," He paused, lowering his head once more. "Most of the time..." He chided, she rolled her eyes. "You're actually more mature than most of the jounin," He assured her, a picture of a less than astute Genma popping into his head. Then again, he had no more room to talk–the act of verging almost obsessively compulsively on reading corny romance novels would usually be reserved for young women. Not middle-aged men. "And what I did to you earlier..."

"Yes," She encouraged, fully intending to get a complete apology. Her hands smoothing up to the slope of his shoulders and neck .

"...was rather amusing."

Sakura hit him on the back of the head.

He reached up to rub his skull. "I mean I'm sorry." He frowned when he felt a bump forming.

"And?" Her hands got rougher.

"And...I'm a shameless moocher?" He offered, she smiled with a self-satisfied nod of her chin.

"You're forgiven. But I still think I should have smacked you harder in that store...but since you honestly confessed that you're really just a perverted free-loader, I suppose I'll be able to restrain myself from any further violence."

"You have my humble gratitude." Kakashi chuckled. "Do I get any praise if I say I love your massages?"

"No," Her hand slipped under the rumpled, bunched up material around his shoulders to slip under his turtle-necked top. Her nails playing with the nape of his neck and combing through his thick hair. His head fell further forward with a deep grunt as she gingerly touched the rim of his ears, giving her another fluttery, flighty feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Because you're supposed to love my massages, no matter what. Besides, this is the first one I've ever given you."

She was startled by the feel of his hand on her wrist, muffled by the fabric of his clothing on her hands and his gloves. "Right there," He groaned, drawing her hand to the desired sensitive spot just behind his ear that he wished for her to manipulate. Her heart skipped a beat at the pitch in his tone that sent a jolt through her arms as she quickly snapped her hands back to her sides as if she had been burnt. Taking a short, flustered breath.

Her hands trembled in alarm at her strange reaction as she stared at the back of his head until he finally turned around.

"What?" His eye met hers, purely confused by her retraction.

"You're distracting me from my cooking." She accused and left him to his chair.

What did he say this time? He frowned to himself, reaching over his shoulder to thrust his sweater down his back in one swift motion.

His dark eye followed her as he planted his elbows on his knees once more. Watching as she bent at the waist to shove one set of biscuits into the oven, finding himself at yet another perfect angle to achieve the best view. His head tilting a little as she shifted. But his good mood soared to the ground as she announced,

"You need a bath," She blurted then turned to his shocked face.

"Excuse me?" She thought she might have seen that sharp jaw of his drop an inch beneath his mask.

"That's right, you need to bathe. You practically have flies swarming around you." She said easily–perhaps stretching the truth just a tad. "Don't you ever shower when you return from missions?"

"I suppose I never thought about it," Sakura rolled her eyes for the simple fact that he was probably serious. Then she watched in silent mirth as he actually smelt himself. "I don't smell anything." He supplied.

"Sensei, you've been gone for an entire week." She explained. "Haven't you bathed since your departure?"

"Well...uh..." He scratched the back of his head. "It rained once yesterday, if that counts, I got soaked to the bone."

"Ew!" She declared in a rather girlish squeal of repulsion. "You can't be serious."


Well, she had to give him one thing; he didn't smell half as bad as she would have if she had gone without soap and water for a week. She supposed she had the rain to thank for his diluted stinkiness.

"What do you use to shave?" She asked in disbelief.

"A kunai." She shuttered at the thought.

"Without water?"


"Oh. My. God." Her lower lip recoiled into a frown.

He just blinked at her as if she had lost her mind. Like shaving without soap, water and a razor blade was the most common thing in the world.

"You," She pointed. "Bathroom," She shifted the aim of her pointing finger to the doorway. "Now," Then she proceeded to stomp her foot.

"Sakura, I really don't–"

"Now," She growled.

"Honestly, I don't think it's good idea–"

"Sensei," She whined, actually whined like a child having a fit. "You're so gross!"

A thick laugh left his throat as he stood and strode over to her, she drew back in a overly dramatic display of disgust. He laughed harder. "Really, Sakura, words like that could hurt my feelings."

"You deserve to have your feelings hurt for smelling like that," She pinched her nose a little more pointedly than what was necessary and attempted to warn him off with her glaring eyes. He really didn't smell that bad(amazingly), but it was the thought alone that utterly sickened her.

But as he took another menacing step closer to assault her nose with that humorous glint in his eye, she released another high-pitched squeal and waved him away–nearly on the verge of tears. "Go take a bath!" She screamed and side-stepped to escape him and his smelliness.

"Well," He tapped his chin and leaned against the counter where she had been standing before he had chased her away. "I could be persuaded if you volunteered to give me a sponge ba–"

"Sensei!" She snapped at him aggressively with another hard stomp of her foot.

"Alright," He surrendered. "Where's your towels?"

"Third shelf of the bathroom closet," She informed with a sigh and escorted him into the hall.

"You know," He called as he stood in her bathroom, stripping of his trousers. "I'm sure you're aware there's enough room for two in here." He looked at her tub before pulling his sweater off, and in doing so, removed his mask as well.

"I hope you don't talk to Sasuke or Naruto like this," She crossed her arms as she stood outside the closed door.

"Only on special occasions."

"You're hopeless." She shook her head. "Absolutely hopeless." She waited until she heard the muffled sound of clothing hit the floor, closed her eyes and cracked open the door. "Clothes," She stuck her hand in, palm up. Retracting it when the heavy drop of his clothing were tossed to the door and landed in her hand. "They'll be washed by the time you get out." Then she left him to his shower, turning to the washroom. Sorting through the items, she found his hitae-ate and threw the rest of the heavy articles of clothing and gloves into the washing machine, setting it on medium load, tossed in a few extra scoops of detergent(just for good measure) and pushed the start button.

She heard the bathroom water running as she returned to the kitchen and hung the headband next to his dark green vest, intending to later polish the dulled, scratched metallic symbol that branded the Kohona leaf.

Placing the second batch of dough on the counter to prepare to roll, she left it as was. Deciding to wait until the first pan was done baking considering one of her oven shelves was broken, meaning only one pan could be placed in at a time.

Sakura put on a pot of coffee and pulled out a chair beside her kitchen island. Opening the local paper to read over the latest news. Smiling when she saw a picture of her neighbors newlywed photo and sipping her steaming mug of coffee.

Fifteen minutes later, she stood to take his clothes out of the washer and transfer them into the dryer.

When she returned again to her kitchen, she poured herself a fresh cup of brew. But, when she turned around, Kakashi was just entering through the white doorframe of her kitchen with nothing but a towel around his hips; the edges only held loosely together by his fingers.

"Oh! You're–" She blushed, feeling her fingers stumble around the handle of the mug as she almost dropped the hot liquid; some of it spilling onto her hand to steal her attention away from him before she could realize he had nothing to cover his face. "Shit," She cursed under her breath as she quickly turned in the other direction. Really, walking through her own home without a stitch of clothing on–the man had no modesty whatsoever!

"My clothes?" She heard the humor in his voice. "You said they'd be ready for me."

"They'll be dry in a few minutes," She clipped off, willing him to disappear from the room. Scooting closer to the counter to abandon her mug of coffee.

"The food's not done yet?" He ran his fingers through his wet hair as she heard him approach.

"No," She shoved her coffee cup aside and immediately buried her hands in the mushy dough that, truly, didn't need her attention at that moment. But it gave her nervous hands something to do with themselves. "My stove doesn't cook very fast." She explained.

"I see," He sighed. "Well, do you need any help?" He asked, glancing over her shoulder to watch her hands fumble with the biscuit dough.

"Nope," She said a little too quickly. "I'm just fine." She picked up the fat ball of dough and slammed it down enthusiastically against the counter top to roll it out once more.

"Hm," He took another inquisitive step closer and as his scent wafted to her nose all the tension she had been feeling seemed to melt away in the humor of it all.

She took in one deep breath and let it out in a loud, hearty burst of laughter.

His brows furrowed in confusion of her odd behavior. "What are you laughing about?" He asked her back, seeing as how she still refused to face him.

"Kakashi-sensei, you smell like a girl!" She pressed the clean back of her wrist to her mouth as she tried desperately to stop laughing.

Well, she was right. He did smell like a woman. "I suppose you're right." He agreed, fingering a wet lock of his hair that hung over his eye. "I guess I just could have used soap to wash my hair."

"You used my bubble gum scented shampoo, didn't you?" She choked on the mirth of her own voice.

"I didn't have much of a choice," He shrugged.

"At least you smell better." She returned to beating the heaven and hell out of her dough.

"So says you..." She giggle at that. "I think I prefer smelling stale than smelling like a flower."

"Bubble gum," She corrected. "Only my body wash is flower scented and the only why you'd smell like a flower was if you used–" She bit her lip. "You didn't."

"You were out of soap."

Just the strained sound of distress in his voice sent her bending over in fits of giggles as she fell to her elbows on the counter. Her stomach coiling in the most amusingly silly attack of contracting laughter she'd had in nearly a year.

She let out a breathy sigh as she settled herself. But as she straightened her back, she felt Kakashi's free hand at her neck, pressing her back down into her bent position as he ran his palm down her spine.

The remnants of all her joyous laughter abruptly stopped as she retaliated and pushed herself upright. But his hand still did not leave her body is it continued its descending trail.

"I rather like the way you look, bent over like that." He said deeply, quietly.

"Well, I...I'm not sure what you mean." She lied.

"Are you sure you don't need my help?" He asked again, letting the hand on her back slide around her waist and onward to the counter.

"Sensei, what do you think you're doing?" Sakura asked as her fingers continued to work, not noticing that she was merely poking at it rather than mixing it.

"Kneading your dough," His hand enveloped hers as he pushed it deep into the gooey concoction, intertwining their fingers.

Sakura gave a light laugh–more like a nervous laugh. "I don't think you should–"

His hard, bare, lips pressed beneath her ear lobe, listening as he took a long breath to inhale her feminine scent. She froze against him. Her hands stilling in the doughy ingredients.

He didn't have his mask on.

"Wh-wh-wha..." She clenched her jaw in annoyance of her stuttering voice. But she was confused beyond all reason. He was ogling her, without a mask, without any clothes...and she was left speechless.

"Shh," She felt his smirk on her skin. "Lean your head back," He ordered. And when she didn't obey, he let his thumb caress the small scooped area of her collar bone below her neck; smearing her skin with the sweet powder of the dough. Barely letting chakra sift into her nerves, but she still felt it. It was as if his own soothing fingers were untying every knotted muscle and pressure point. Crawling up her neck until they trailed under her chin, slowly tilting her head back against the curve of his shoulder.

Some strange moans echoed from her throat, leaving her fingers to completely forget their busy task. His warm breath teasing her skin, yet somehow effective enough to give her goose bumps. She arched her neck a little more to soak in his touch, turning her head in an attempt to fully view what he looked like beneath his mask. Sakura so desperately wanted to see his face, but her eyes couldn't seem to focus on his features at such close range. It was blurry and hard to concentrate on any one part of his face with the way he was handling her, paralyzing her with the gentle flow of chakra.

Kakashi's fingers left her jaw and melded with her own, guiding her hands in smoothing out the dough. Sakura tried to focus on moving her hands with his, but his soft kisses upon her skin were too distracting. She let out another small mewl as his tongue lightly touched the crook of her neck. Nipping at her flesh before his seductively educing kisses gently climbed to her cheek, along her jaw...but not close enough to reach her lips.

She was surprised at the depth of the disappointed sound that escaped her throat.

"Should I drop the towel?" He whispered in her ear.

"Hm?" She mumbled, knowing he had said something but not listening to his words.

Sakura didn't catch it as his other hand wrapped around her waist, she didn't even hear the material of the towel hit the floor. All she honed in on was the way his hands manipulated her body. Seizing her senses and holding them captive within his power.

One doughy hand clenched wildly at her short skirt, tugging it up until it was nothing more than a bundled wrap of fabric around her lower waist, above her hips. Revealing the white thong underwear beneath.

He took pleasing note of her choice in panties.

"Have you ever felt anything this strong, Sakura?" The hard set of his jaw tightened against her hair as he spoke in her ear. Leaning forward to let her feel the flesh on flesh sensations of his body on hers. Letting her feel the growing erection pressed against her bare backside.

She gasped in something close to fear, but he wouldn't allow her to pull away. He kept one hand on her hip, refusing to let her go as the other hooked its fingers into the low, square-cut neck of her top.

In a single, harsh tug he exposed one bra-cupped breast.

There was a brief struggle between them, her shoulder squirming and her legs wriggling; but his strong arms would not let her win out. Her efforts halted with a stiffening of the body as he scooped his hand beneath the cup and popped out one peach colored, round breast.

"No, sensei..." She tried to speak out what sanity she had left intact. "Why... why are you doing this?" She asked as Kakashi moved his kisses down her neck again, ignoring her words. "You've already been invited...please, don't do this." Her voice betrayed her with a heady moan. Losing its support as she gasped, feeling him latch onto her pulse with the suction of his lips.

"Just relax," His lust-laced words crushed her judgment. Tracing his rough hand against the bottom bulb of her soft breast until the palm took complete possession. His thumb stroked her skin with gentle circles and leaving her thoughts to battle for morality.

"You shouldn't...be doing this," She tried to warn him. But Kakashi only continued to ravish her neck once again, pressing and prodding with his tongue. All the while feeling the hardness growing against the milky slopes of her derriere. Sakura desperately grasped for what senses she had left as his tongue hungrily swept across the curve of her ear. His cruel hand clenching at her hip while the other harassed the budding tip of her naked breast. Calloused pads of fingers that nearly felt like sandpaper rubbing and flinging the perked pink nipple.

"I'm–confused." She thought the words through her mind. Knowing as they left her lips they made sense to her, but must have sounded weird and awkward as she spoke in strangled single words, enunciating each syllable. "Student...teacher..."

"I know," Was it just her being caught up in the moment, or did he just live up to his infamous perversive streak in that one statement. With his alluringly deep voice and pull of each word leading her to believe he found such a taboo opportunity too tempting to pass.

Whatever demons possessed her to perform what she did next, she did not know. But all thoughts were diverted to his pleasing hands as she pushed herself back into him. Pressing her rump against his hips, and the erection that had been burning her skin.

The simple action sending the man down on her like raging animal as he forced his knee between her thighs and spread them apart none too gently.

She didn't even attempt to fight, for she knew it would be futile. Nor did she think she wanted to fight such strong emotions or the blazing heat of his wet chest on her back.

She felt him shift himself, impaling his member between her soft thighs. She heard him groan at the feeling and she shivered. Sakura blindly let him lead her hands to the edge of the counter, making her wrap her dainty fingers around the sharp ledge.

Nothing, however, could have prepared her for the ferocity of what his hunger did to her next.

In a quick, single movement, she felt him retract his hips from hers. And just as she was about to groan in disappointment, he thrust back against her rear with such strength she was forced to release the counter and fall to her weak elbows. A loud, heady cry stumbling from her lips as the shaft of his member caressed her clit through the cotton of her thong.

Sakura moaned through clenched teeth and panting breath. Her tongue fighting for all the passion and raging emotions she felt to remain silent as another shiver reverberated down her spine when his hips began to undulate against hers.

"Sensei," She pleaded. "Stop..." She closed her eyes as tears of confusion frosted her vision.

She felt his steady breathing as his chest leaned into her back. Pressing her further down to the counter. "What's the point," He drawled in that strange voice. "We're already half-way there."

She swallowed convulsively as her elbows gave out under his weight and she sank to the flat top. Her chest squashing the dough and her free breast molding into the moist substance. One of his hands leaving the counter ledge to twist in her hair and she hated to admit how good his touch felt.

He pulled back again and she braced herself for another body jolting shock.

But before he could make an impact, a loud annoying beeping flooded the kitchen. A wretched, ugly sound that could hurt the ear.

"Th-the stove." Her eyes snapped open. The horrible sound continued to echo in the apartment as she listened to his steady breathing in contrast to her frenzied pants. "I... I should get that," She whispered, her voice of a trembling rush of emotion. Pushing against the counter to straighten her posture, but he would not budge. "Sensei...please."

"Don't," He groaned in a painfully strangled voice. "Just stay where you are." His nose burying itself in the pink tresses of her hair. She cried out again as he finished where he left off and thrust between her thighs. Her body jolting forward against the counter and jarring her head.

"No," She whimpered on shaken legs when he pulled back to do it again. It was too much and she didn't know how to handle or respond to so advances.

She noticed his pause, then his long deep inhalation of breath as he removed his hands from her thick glossy hair. "Alright," He removed his heat from her body and stood erect behind her as he took a step back.

Sakura knew he was watching her, staring at her as she remained motionless in her exposing position. She let her watery eyes wander unsteadily over her cookie jars and toaster as she bit her lip in a strangled sob. Helplessly frightened out of her wits end.

She slowly stood, her shaky hands quickly righting her skirt as she pushed it back down her thighs, refusing to turn to him as she stuffed her sticky breast back into her bra.

The silence loomed as they remained as such for another minute.

"Your towel," She called, staring into the wood of her cabinet. Wringing her hands against her stomach. "Please, pick it up." She waited until she heard the soft slip of cotton on flesh as he wrapped it back around his hips.

When that was said and done, Sakura scurried over to the stove and turned off the oven beeper as she grabbed a hold of the hot pot of melted chocolate. Kakashi stayed unmovingly silent as she took the addictive ingredient to the kitchen sink, pouring it into a small bowl for serving. Staring into the dark mixture of sweet flavors, yet not seeing a single thing of the task set out before her, down to the last drip of chocolate until she scoffed aloud and proclaimed quietly, "I really am innocent, aren't I?" She admitted, giving herself a forced smile. As if it were the worst thing in the world.

Kakashi kept his mouth in a tight line, caught somewhere between ripping his own head off or slapping her senseless for saying such a twitty thing.

Taking one glance down at the counter he had bent her over, his eyes narrowed in on the creamy dough. And there, in the mushy substance, was the perfect mold of Sakura's breast. He would have laughed if he hadn't been so disgusted with himself.

"Sensei," She called, the empty pan that had held the chocolate grasped in her hands. His eyes snapped up to her. Lusty, dark eyes that couldn't help roaming over her trembling figure.

He noticed the disbelieving emotions pulling on her face. Her green eyes wide and glazed and in awe of his face.

And he remember he had on no mask.

She blinked and found that she couldn't quite get the lump out of her throat.

He looked...normal, she thought contemplatively. Taking as much of his features in as possible. Plain and simple, maybe a little handsome if he smiled just right. He looked his age, around thirty, she supposed. Tan and sharp and a strong nose and jaw line. A small raged scar on his chin, but nothing disfiguring.

Her fingers itched to trace that scar down his jaw and took a step closer. But she thought better of it and remained where she was–at a safe distance across the room.

Kakashi simply gave her roughish grin as he turned and left the room to retrieve his laundry.