Title: Sugar Cubes

Genre: Romance

Rating: K+

Summary: Misa wants to know why L likes sugar cubes. A little Misa X L drabble.

L knew that Misa Amane was sneaking up behind him. He was trained in the fighting arts. Without even batting an eye, L tossed a sugar cube quickly behind him. He grinned slightly when he heard "oww!", concluding that he hit the target. "What's up with you and sugar cubes, L-san?" Misa asked, rubbing her forehead.

L turned his head slightly and replied, "What do you mean?" "I mean, why do you always seem to have at least one of these stupid sugar cubes with you!" Misa exclaimed. She grabbed the sugar cube that L had thrown and threw it back at him. When Misa blinked, she saw the sugar cube caught firmly in L's right hand.

"I like sugar…is that so wrong?" L asked as he slid the sugar cube into his mouth. Misa shrugged and muttered, "Not really, but still…" L chuckled a bit and replied, "Misa-chan, the others don't know this, but I believe that you are a very intelligent woman…" Misa blushed slightly at L's compliment. "You really mean it?"

L nodded and slowly pulled out another sugar cube from a plastic bag. "I like sugar cubes," L began suddenly, "because they remind me of a certain girl I know. Sweet and nice…" Misa walked over to L and wrapped her arms around him. "Thanks…L-san…" Suddenly, before L could reply, Misa gave him a quick kiss on the lips and merrily walked away. L smiled and thought, 'Heh, she tastes like sugar…'