Disclaimer: I don't own The Covenant. The title of the fic and the individual pieces are taken from the Flyleaf song "All Around Me".


1. My Hands Are Searching For You

Tyler felt his blood throb with the pulse of the bass blaring far below. The annual Spenser party at the Dells was well underway. But it hadn't started, he thought with a small smile, not really. How could it when he and his buddies were still up here on this cliff, waiting for the last of their number to get done with Family Dinner? Once Reid got here, they'd be four, and then it'd be time to get the party started.

The fog and the night brushed against his face. A spattering of rain had coated his clothes with droplets that glittered when the Marblehead lighthouse's beam swung their way. It was a cold New England fall night, but he was dressed for it. He reveled in it. This land was in his bones, and the magic and the music were in his blood. Only his skin itched, making him feel somehow…unfulfilled. He'd felt this way since summer, but before he'd always blamed it on being so close to Ascension. Now, half-listening to Pogue and Caleb chatter, he began to wonder if maybe Reid was right. Maybe he just needed to find someone to help him scratch this itch.

He was still wondering why he'd taken the problem to Reid in the first place.