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15. Into Our Secret Place

Caleb flinched in spite of himself when Gorman fired the rifle. The shot cracked through the small clearing around his ancestral home. "It's just me!" he shouted to the old caretaker. He didn't know why he'd brought Sarah out here. Only known her a day and already he was bringing her within spitting distance of his darkest secrets.

He didn't take her in though. Gorman wouldn't have stood for it. The old man was charged with protecting not only the old house but the Covenant's seat of power. Beneath the homestead, in a natural cave, was the room where his ancestors had met in council. The decision to form the Covenant and to hide their powers from the other colonists had been made in that cellar. Now, it was a sort of clubhouse for Caleb and his friends. They kept the Book of Damnation—the history of their lines dating back to the old Ipswich colony—down there. It was the only truly safe place to talk about the Power.

Caleb didn't go downstairs though, as much as he wanted to. He'd rather spend the afternoon flipping through the Book than go upstairs. He was careful not to look towards the hearth and the wing-back chair that sat in front of it as he gave the medicine he'd picked up from the pharmacy to Gorman.

The caretaker was gruff as usual, but Caleb could see a softening in the corners of the old man's eyes as they chatted. Gorman was a Parry, like Pogue, but a second son who'd been put up for adoption so he wouldn't have to grow up in the shadow of an older brother blessed with the Power. The old man still used the name of his adopted parents—Twoberry—even though he now knew the truth. He was the perfect secret-keeper for the Covenant.