Six months…that's how long it had been before it started again…Sora wasn't even 16 yet and he was faced with another confrontation…6 months after their last battle…it starts again. Donald and Goofy arrived on Destiny Islands to some surprise from Sora, Riku, and Kairi. All the formalities were appropriately placed, and then the two got down to business.

"King Mickey needs to speak to you guys at Disney Castle!" said Donald.

"What's going on?" asked Kairi. The usual smile had faded from her face.

"The King just requests an audience with you…he says there's nothin' wrong, but he has been know to hold secrets and stuff back, hasn't he?" replied Goofy, scratching his head.

Sora looked across the water at the Islands he had finally gotten back to after more than a year. His mom had been worried sick and the night when he walked in the house and looked at his mom's tired face, and his dad who was caring, but stern at the same time…he just didn't think he could leave again without saying goodbye to them properly.

"But…what about my mom…and my dad…I have to say goodbye!" Sora exclaimed. Kairi and Riku nodded in agreement.

"As much as I would love to go on another 'whirlwind adventure' I can't leave without saying goodbye…not again." Kairi said.

"I'll bet you two would want do the same thing." Said Riku. Donald and Goofy nod as they walk to the ship.

A figure, wearing a hood much like the Organization's, walks out of the ship and turns its head towards the group. Sora wasn't too wary as Donald and Goofy deemed him "O.K."

"We must go now. You will see your family soon." The figure said. Sora confers with Riku and Kairi and comes up with an agreement after about 10 minutes.

"If we don't see them in, at least, two days, we come back here and we do nothing for the King." Said Sora smugly.

"Whatever." Said the figure. "Not that there's going to be a 'here' to come back to."

"What was that?" asked Riku.

"Nothing…get on the ship…" the figure replied. Donald and Goofy entered the rather large Gummi ship, followed by Sora. As Riku and Kairi try to get on, they are stopped by the figure

"Who said you were coming?" asked the figure.

"We did!" shouted Kairi. Sora looked back at his two friends and pushed past the guy in the cloak to get off the ship.

"I thought they were coming! You…I can't leave them behind…not again!" shouted Sora. He was going through that angst stage at the moment where he wanted to rebel against everything and was filled with too many emotions…in fact, all of them were I guess.

Donald and Goofy nod in agreement.

"Firion…you have to let them on…if you knew half of the stuff that happened." Said Donald.

"Yeah. Those three have gone through too much together for you to split them up for the THIRD time!" exclaimed Goofy.

"Whatever." Said the cloaked figure again after a brief pause. He appeared to be named Firion. Firion pulls off his cloak revealing some rather shiny looking armor and some short, spiky red hair.

"You remind me of someone…" said Kairi, almost in a question.

"I…I'm nobody." Firion said.

"Nobody huh?" replied Kairi. "Don't you worry…I'll figure it out." Firion nodded uneasily and walked onto the ship, followed by Donald and Goofy.

Sora spun around and stared at Kairi and Riku.

"So, are you to ready? Ready to do this again?"

"Couldn't have prepared myself more." Said Riku with one of those "smart ass" smirks.

"And we'll be together this time…no matter what!" said Kairi.

Sora smiles, but he is suddenly cut off when he sees it, the lone Neo Shadow. It would have been alright, as there was only one, but there were two things wrong. One: There hadn't been any Heartless, anywhere, since they returned from their last journey, and Two: The kept on coming. One turned into two and two turned into four until half of the beach was covered. Sora pulled out the Oblivion Keyblade. It had become his favorite blade of choice upon returning, and the most talked about one. Sora tilted his head slightly and looked to see that The Way to the Dawn and the Oathkeeper were safely in the hands of Riku and Kairi.

"FIRION! DONALD! GOOFY! You might want to come out here for a minute or two!" Riku shouted. Donald and Goofy rush out, followed by an agitated Firion walking out slowly.

"I knew this was going to happen." Said Firion angrily. He pulled out a rather large sword and rushed the Heartless.

"Lexaeus?" mouthed Riku. "Nah…" he said out loud as he rushed in to fight. Donald and Goofy shortly follow and, after nodding to Kairi, Sora goes in.

"Donald! I could really use some home remedies about now!" shouted Kairi. Donald squashes out another Heartless and casts cure on Kairi. The battle had been going on for slightly more than 15 minutes.

"We need to get out!" They'll keep coming if we don't!" shouted Firion. He ran towards the ship, dispelling any Heartless in his way.

"But…our families…friends..." Sora mumbled, slicing up another Heartless.

"Awww. They'll be fine…I promise!" said Goofy running to the ship.

"Yeah Sora…we got it covered!" said Donald following Goofy. Riku and Kairi spared a glance at Sora.

"Hey…They're my friends too…I trust them!" said Sora. Riku and Kairi nod at him to show their support and run off to the ship.

The door to the ship slams shut and the Heartless disappear…to the main island. Sora looks around the Gummi ship and sees why it is so large. In the front, there is a cockpit (which is apparently robot-driven). The back had a small, one-person, kitchen area (in which Sora didn't know how someone got food out of it) and a bathroom. Finally, the mid-section was the largest part. It had large windows, 6 booths with tables, and some fluorescent lights on the top. It looked like a small train car. The ship rumbles and floats high into the air. From there, Sora, Riku, and Kairi look out the window. The Heartless had just about destroyed the first fourth of the island, but just as they got to the Town Center, Sora sees 13 Gummi ships taking off from the northernmost part of the island.

"What's going on? What are those ships for?" asked Kairi.

"Gawrsh, we said we had it covered!" replied Goofy.

"Well, when we came here, we knew that our presence would imbalance the world, thus releasing the Heartless." Said Donald.

"Yeah." Agreed Goofy. "So, we asked King Mickey if we could borrow one of his mini-fleets. He agreed, so we brought in 14 ships…this one, seven for people and animals, a transport for medicine, food, and supplies, another transport for building supplies to build up their community, two more carriers for luggage, and two fighters to defend the fleet."

"New world…uninhabited…they're going there." Said Firion. He pretty much summed up the rest of the story.

Sora glanced back out of the large window to get one last glance at Destiny Islands…the home he'd never see again. He turned around and looked throughout the cabin. Donald picked a seat across from Sora.

"We're real sorry Sora…we needed you…the king needed you…"

"Don't worry about it Donald, if there's one thing I've learned during the time we've been together is that you need to keep a smile on your face!" said Sora. He'd put his fingers in his mouth and stretched it into a weird looking smile. Donald, Goofy, and Kairi got a kick out of it and it got a smile out of Riku. Firion seemed slightly agitated.

"Where to now?" asked Riku. "Disney Castle?" Firion shook his head.

"The World That Never Was…" Sora, Riku, Kairi, and even Donald and Goofy jumped at the sound of the name.

"FIRION! What is this?" asked Donald.

"An order from the king…that's what." Firion replied. He'd tossed Donald a piece of rolled up parchment. It had all of the things a decree would…the seal…the signature. Sora got more than a little miffed.

"Why? Why do we have to go THERE?" asked Sora.

"I just told you, didn't I?" said Firion calmly as he entered the cockpit. Sora looked back out the window…he could see the islands faintly…and then he couldn't. All of it was covered in shadows…and then gone. Sora turned away and stared at Kairi, who'd been crying when she saw it. He felt like going over to her…to comfort her…to tell her everything would be alright and to be her hero…but he couldn't…something stopped him. He closed his eyes after getting one last glimpse of Kairi…and fell asleep, not knowing what would happen next.