It was the heartbeat that returned first…he felt blood pumping to his brain. This fueled his eyesight. It's a humbling feeling seeing that your blood was decorating the walls…but that's what he saw. His mouth was working next.

"This doesn't seem physically possible…" Sora said. He looked down at his blood soaked arm. The bracelet…or rather the marble…was glowing.

"Shit…is it supposed to bring you back to life?" Sora asked to no one in particular. Soon his organs flew from random areas of the room. They affixed themselves back to where they were supposed to go and then the blood that painted the walls came off and returned to where they came from as well. Soon, his chest sewed itself back up and he was as good as new…well sort of. He still had all of the wounds Riku dealt to him before he…died…

"Wait…do I still have them?" Sora thought. He reached gingerly into his pocket and pulled out the bag of berries his dad gave him, knowing full well they'd be squished. He opened up the bag and there they were, whole and ready to eat. Sora smiled, realizing that these berries were something special. He popped one in his mouth and felt the energy surge back into his body. He stood up and immediately thought of what to do.

"Kairi?" he called. He heard nothing. He walked into the bathroom and searched all the places she could be, finishing with the cupboard by the shower. He ran his fingers through his hair in a panic and stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. He heard the door open and then heard someone gasp. He turned around and saw Cloud, Laguna, Tifa, and Yuffie all staring at him with a questionable look. Tifa was covering her mouth with her hand.

"Where is she…?" Sora asked desperately. They all kept staring at him until Laguna stepped forward. He paused for a minute and finally spoke.

"You shouldn't be here…" he said. Sora smiled.

"You almost sound like you're sad I'm not dead." Sora replied.

"Not at all…we're just…how did you…" Laguna said. Sora smiled and held up the bracelet. The Rat Marble shimmering inside of the recess. Laguna laughed.

"So…where is she…Kairi…is she OK?" Sora asked.

"We still have her in the castle. She's in the dining room with Axel, Roxas, and Larxene." Yuffie replied. "I wouldn't say she's OK…she still thinks your dead."

"Then let's go put her right." Sora said brightly. Yuffie, Cloud, Laguna, and Tifa stepped out into the hallway, but Sora stopped in the doorway. He reached around his neck and realized his chain was gone.

"So…this is how it happened…" Sora whispered to himself, thinking of Kairi's vision. "It wasn't her…"

"What was that?" Tifa asked.

"Nothing…" Sora replied. "Lets go."

"Master…may I ask why you have summoned me?" Firion asked. He was completely reformed after his…rewiring.

"Yes…I've got an inkling that there's a marble somewhere…the Dragon…the most powerful of all twelve animals." Terra said

"Indeed master…" Firion replied.

"Don't interrupt me!" Terra exclaimed. "Now…there's a place called The City of Heroes in a far off place. There, I want you to meet up with a man called Syndrome…he'll lead you to the marble…maybe unwittingly…if you help him with his plans. See…there's a big thorn in his side called Mr. Incredible…and his family…I want you to go and make sure you don't get caught up with King Mickey's goons…they'll undoubtedly be there."

"Yes master…" Firion said. He put up his hood, walked through a portal, and was gone.

"Are you sure?" Xemnas asked. "Sending him I mean…"


"I mean. When they get wind of Firion being there, they'll undoubtedly send the ones that drove him out of the King's good graces in the first place…"

"The know it all duck and the half-witted dog will be no problem for Firion now…he's been reprogrammed and he knows what to expect." Terra turned towards Xemnas. "Stop worrying so much."

Kairi was staring at the wall. She didn't even bother to look over when the door came open.

"Look what we brought!" Tifa exclaimed. Larxene stood up from her chair in excitement.

"I thought…" Axel said.

"The marble…" Laguna interrupted.

"K…Kairi…look!" Larxene exclaimed. She shook her head and kept looking at the wall.

"I think you should take care of this…" Roxas said. She heard footsteps and someone sat down in the chair that Larxene had been sitting.

"Don't you just hate it…" began the person. "When the love of your life is killed by someone we thought was our friend?" Kairi turned her head for a moment and then looked back at the wall.

"I'm not in the mood, Sora…" Kairi said. She waited for a few seconds to let it register, and when it did, she looked back over at Sora, whole and healthy. He had a knowing smile on his face and he was reclined in the chair with his arms crossed.

"Sora!" Kairi shouted. She leapt out of her chair, right into Sora's chest. She knocked him and the right over and she had him pinned down.

"Whoa…watch it. I just got killed and you're trying to make it happen again?"

"Shut up…" She said. She kissed him, almost endlessly, but stopped when someone cleared their throats.

"You're already having one…" Axel said in the best smart-assiest tone he could think of. Kairi ignored him.

"The vision…I…I didn't kill you…" Kairi said.

"I know…" Sora replied. Kairi stood up and helped Sora up. He looked down and smiled.

"Sorry…" Kairi said. "I got a little blood on you."

"No worries…It's mine anyways…" Sora replied. Kairi smiled and handed him his chain.

"I took it without realizing it…" she said.

"Nah…you keep it…that way, I'll always be with you…" Sora replied.

"That's my line…when I gave you my lucky charm…remember?" Kairi asked. Sora nodded, knowing full well where he got it from.

"But…there's the problem of Riku still…" Roxas said.

"I know…" Sora replied. "But I'm not blaming Riku for any of this…there was something wrong with him…you didn't see his eyes…his smile…those teeth…"

"That's exactly what I said…he's being controlled by Xemnas." Kairi replied. Sora nodded.

"We need to go talk to the king…" he said. "But right now, we can't do anything other than that except for getting cleaned up…so let's forget it for now…you guys…finish your food or whatever. Me and Kairi will go." Everyone nodded in response. Kairi and Sora sparked up their conversation again as they left.

"So how was the cave?" Kairi asked.

"Fine…nothing I couldn't handle." Sora replied cockily. "Hey…I got you a puppy…"

Mickey walked along the pathway towards the dining room. Sonny was trotting along beside him. Leon, Donald, and Goofy walked behind them. They were almost to the dining room when they ran into Sora and Kairi.

"We were just looking for you." Sora said.

"I thought you were…" Mickey began. Sora took off the bracelet and handed it to Mickey. The King looked at the marble. "The Rat Marble…that makes sense now…I'm glad it was the one in the cave."

"It brings things back to life?" Sora asked.

"Reanimation…reincarnation…you've pretty much got it."

"Later on, you'll have to explain to me what all the marbles do…" Sora said. It seemed like he was going to continue his thought, but he was soon plowed over by Donald and Goofy.

"We thought you were a goner!" Goofy exclaimed

"We're so glad you're OK!" Donald added.

"It's good to see you guys too…" Sora said. He smiled Donald and Goofy stood up, but Sora let his head gently fall back to the ground. "I think I've been knocked down more in the past week than I have in my entire life…"

"Is…is that him?" Kairi asked. Sora looked up. She was looking right at Sonny.

"Yeah." Sora replied. "His name is Sonny." Kairi knelt down and patter her knees gently. Sonny came trotting forward. She scratched him behind the ears and he barked happily.

"Awww…black labs are my favorite!" Kairi exclaimed. Sonny understood this and wagged his tail incredibly fast.

"So…is everything OK with him?" Sora asked.

"Yep." Mickey replied. "He's got no sicknesses…he's got no viruses…and better yet, he isn't digital."

"What do you mean?" Sora asked.

"I mean that someone brought him into the Digital Dimension from our dimension." Mickey replied.

"That's great!" Sora exclaimed.

"So you found him in the cave…and the cave was in a digital place?" Kairi asked. She didn't seem too bothered by this fact, as she kept on petting Sonny.

"Yeah…I rescued him…" Sora replied. Sonny barked. "Well…that isn't really fair. More like he rescued me." Everyone laughed.

"I ran some tests…and this is one extraordinary puppy…" Mickey said. "He is able to see in the dark extraordinarily well…and I mean pitch black like the cave."

"That's probably how he led me to the marble." Sora said.

"And…he can understand what we say…" Mickey said. Sora looked down at Sonny.

"If you can understand what I'm saying…" Kairi began. "Spin around three times, lay down, and then bark twice." Sonny complied to all three of these commands.

"That's probably how he understood that I was looking for the marble in the first place." Sora said.

"You picked the best dog in the world!" Kairi exclaimed. Sonny stood up and barked happily.

"Anyway, I need to tell you about Riku…" Sora said. "This isn't his fault…it's Xemnas…"

"I know…Leon told me…" Mickey replied. "But it's still bad. They have Riku on their side now…and I'm sure they're getting closer to Midgar." Mickey replied. "Right now, we need to be in a tactical meeting to send in the army…or part of it at least. Sora…Kairi…to the conference room. Leon, go get everyone in the dining room and bring them to the conference room." Leon nodded and was off.

"What about us sir?" Donald asked.

"You two are to find the next marble. It's the Dragon Marble and this one is a doozy…combustion…all consuming flames out of nowhere." Mickey replied.

"We already have a fire spell." Goofy said. "What's the use of conbuster if we already have fire?" Goofy asked.

"Combustion…" Donald said. "But at least you know what this one means…"

"This fire will actually melt a Firaga spell." Mickey replied. "Plus…it can encase you in a sort of…flame armor…anyway…You two are to go to the City of Heroes and meet up with a Mr. Incredible and his family…Firion should be there to impede you…and I'm sure that the Armored Warrior would like a measure of revenge." Donald and Goofy looked at each other and smiled. Mickey handed them a keycard with the coordinates downloaded into them. They took it and ran off.

"To the hangar!" Donald exclaimed.