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The door to Mrs. Figg's home burst open and in strode a furious dark-haired witch carrying an unconscious dark-haired boy in her arms. Wasting no time at all she climbed the stairs, as gently as she could, to Mrs. Figg's spare bedroom where she placed the child on the bed. She brushed his messy hair from his eyes and kissed the lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead before she rushed down the stairs again. Ignoring the wide eyed Mrs. Figg she grabbed a handful of powder from a pot on the mantelpiece and threw it into the fire barking,

"Poppy Pomfrey!"

She then turned on her heel and quickly joined the unconscious child's side. Moments later a gasp was heard from the doorway and a kind looking, curly haired witch hurried over.

"Is that?"

"Yes, Poppy, it is."

"What happened?"

"All I saw was him being smacked across the floor, cracking his head against the wall rendering him unconscious."

Tears formed in both the witches eyes and while Poppy was scrambling about a bag looking for different potions a thundering voice could be heard booming from below.


"I take it Albus doesn't know."

"I think he just found out."

"Well you really should meet him downstairs, him coming up here in such a state will only upset the child."

Minerva McGonagall walked slowly but confidently down the stairs to greet the booming voice. Glaring as she passed Mrs. Figg she couldn't help but notice how the temperature dropped the closer she neared the living room.


Opening the door she replied sarcastically,

"Well aren't we observant."

"Minerva what in Merlin's name is going on? Please don't tell me what Arabella has told me is true!"

Fighting to control her anger she answered as calmly as possible,

"Well that depends on what Arabella has told you."

"That Harry Potter is lying upstairs unconscious and that you brought him here."

"Well then remarkably she has told you the truth."

"Do you care to elaborate?"

"What more do you need to know?"

"How on Earth you came to be here? You told me you were visiting your cousin!"

"And that's the truth, I just neglected to tell you that Arabella Figg is my cousin."

Albus eyes widened and his temper started to grow.

"You mean to say that every Saturday for the past 4 years the cousin you have been visiting is Arabella Figg? And what? It's just a coincidence that she lives right around the corner from Harry Potter?"

"Albus, I have never lied to you and do not intend on starting now. So to answer your question truthfully, yes, every Saturday for the past 4 years I have visited my cousin Arabella so that I could keep an eye on young Harry."

"Minerva I told you to stay away. When he is there he is hidden and magical powers protect him from dark evil. You have jeopardized all that by bringing him here. You have endangered him, put him in harms way."

That was the last straw, her eyes brimming with tears, her lips pursed into a thin line, she snapped!

"How dare you accuse me of deliberately endangering the life of Harry? You of all people should know how much he means to me, I love him like he is my own child, my own flesh and blood! I have sat back in the shadows and watched him grow for years now. I have seen with my own eyes how his own family, yes his own family, Lily's family, mentally abuse him, treat him like he is no better than a dog. They have shown him no love and affection! The only time I have ever seen him smile was on the rare occasions he was left alone in the garden and I snuck up and let him play with me in my animagus form! It broke my heart to sit back and see them destroy him, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived! But today they took it one step too far. That big oaf of a man hit little Harry, sent him flying across the room! Well I wasn't about to sit by and do nothing! The magical barricades may protect him from evil but who is to protect him from his own family? Answer me that Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of our time!"

Wincing as she emphasized 'greatest' he answered,

"Even so Minerva you shouldn't have interfered, you should have come to me first."

"What? And let them beat Harry to a pulp? He's five years old Albus! FIVE! No one deserves to be treated like that! There wasn't a minute to lose, I had to get him out of there! And don't think for one second that I am letting you send him back there!"

"Minerva, trust me, he is safest there. Lily's spell is - "

Minerva cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

"Lily's spell is useless if his own family abuses him! Her spell works through love and they show him no love Albus! Not once in four years have they shown him any ounce of affection!"

"Calm down Minerva, calm down. Are you sure your not overreacting? Are you sure, absolutely positive that his uncle hit him?"

"Albus, a little boy is upstairs lying unconscious with a bruised face how in the name of Merlin do you explain that?"

Minerva seized Albus' hand and led him upstairs. Poppy was leaning over the still unconscious Harry and Arabella was pacing the room, they both looked up when Minerva and Albus entered.

"How is he Poppy?"

"With the proper care he'll be fine. He suffered a slight concussion and I healed the nasty bruise on his right cheek. Upon further inspection I found more bruising on both his wrists. He is also weak and undernourished. Food and plenty of rest is the best treatment for him."

"And he certainly won't be getting that if he returns to the Dursley's!"

All three women turned to Albus and found tears glazing his eyes and their sparkle was replaced with a fire, a fire of fury and rage.

"Minerva I apologize, you did the right thing. I only hope this was the first time this has ever happened. How dare they! He will never have to go back there again! EVER! My only regret is placing him there in the first place, my only thought was to keep him out of the clutches of evil, never once did I think that the evil would be his family!"

He walked over to Harry, kissed his head and whispered,

"Please forgive me Harry, if I'd have known…"

With a small pop he was gone.

"Where do you think he has gone?" Arabella quietly asked.

"4 Privet Drive." Minerva said through clenched teeth.

"Did you see the look in his eyes? Now I know why he is the only one You-Know-Who is afraid of. Heaven help the Dursley's." Poppy murmured.

Minerva's head snapped up and she fixed Poppy with a glare that would freeze fire.

"They deserve anything that happens to them! They brought this upon themselves. I wish I was there now, I would hex them into oblivion!" Minerva hissed angrily.

Before an argument could erupt the small boy in the bed started stirring. Slowly his eyes opened and he blinked a few times trying to determine his whereabouts. Minerva leapt to his side and soothingly said,

"Shh Harry, it's alright, nobody's going to hurt you. Your safe now Harry, shh."

He shuddered at her touch, yanked the covers and scurried into the corner curling himself into a ball. He was petrified, unsure of his surroundings and company.

"It's alright Harry, you remember me don't you Harry? I'm Mrs. Figg remember? I've babysat you a few times. I'm the crazy old lady with all the cats."

Shaking he looked up and recognized her. He smiled slightly, somewhat relieved to see a familiar face.

"That's it Harry dear, you remember me. There is no need to be scared, you're safe now, no one's going to hurt you."

Still curled up in a ball, memories came flooding back and Harry started to cry. Minerva being closest quickly drew him into a hug. Rubbing his back and whispering words of comfort into his ear. Rocking him back and forth while he buried his head in her shoulder and bawled his eyes out. It broke the three women's hearts to see the young five year old so upset. They were all at a loss for words and unsure of what to do. Luckily he dozed off in Minerva's arms and as she was tucking him back under the covers they heard a pop from downstairs announcing the return of Albus.

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