Okay, first off, I'm telling you now that I don't do drabbles very often. Inspiration just doesn't come as often for them as my stories so this won't be updated very often. Luckily I've already got a few reserved for you.

I owe the inspiration for this one to Final Fantasy X-2. It's basically a songfic and it's my first one of those, so don't be cheesed off. This one will make you cry and it's the actual song that goes along with this scene in FF. If you've seen it, kudos to you!

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar, Final Fantasy, or "1000 Words" by Sweetbox.
They called me to battle. It was that simple. All the benders in Ba Sing Se were called to the front lines, even Aang. Since Zuko wasn't a bender inside the city walls, he didn't have to go, but he didn't want me to go either.

"You could die out there," he had whispered.

"I have to do my part to end this war," I replied calmly.

"I promise I'll find a way to stop this."

I know that you're hiding things
Using gentle words to shelter me
Your words were like a dream
But dreams could never fool me
Not that easily

The next thing I know, he's telling me about this super machine he found that could stop the war. I had heard rumors about it when the Dai Li didn't think anyone was listening. It's strength was supposed to be enough to end the war and I wondered why no one had used it before. Then they answered my questions when they said it had never been used before and could destroy not only the Fire Nation, but the whole world. I had to stop Zuko.

I acted so distant then
Didn't say goodbye before you left
But I was listening
You'll fight your battles far from me
Far too easily

He was gone by the time I got to his home in the bad part of the city. His uncle told me he had been gone for a while. I took off and found him in a heavily guarded part of Ba Sing Se and got past the guards easily, but they ran after me. He was already activating the machine when I found him. I stood right in the spot that the machine was aimed for so he wouldn't fire it.

"Zuko, stop!" I yelled, waving my arms frantically.

He looked up and saw me with an obviously confused look on his face. Just then, the guards caught up with us and aimed some odd looking weapons at us. He jumped down and ran to me, taking me in his arms as if trying to protect me.

Cause a thousand words
Call out through the ages
They'll fly to you
Even though we can't see, I know they're reaching you
Suspended on silver wings

Oh a thousand words
One thousand embraces
Will cradle you
Making all of your weary days seem far away
They'll hold you forever

I looked into his eyes, knowing this was it. He looked back at me, staring deep into my eyes and right into my very soul. This was the last time he would hold me in his strong embrace. No words were exchanged verbally, everything that was needed to be said was said in each other's eyes. We loved each other. We knew it and didn't care that anyone else did. I was on the verge of tears, but I tried to smile for him one last time. Before we knew it, odd popping sounds came from the guards' weapons and we were falling. All my few memories with him flashed before my eyes and a tear escaped my eye as I fell.

Oh a thousand words
Have never been spoken
They'll fly to you
They'll carry you home and back into my arms
Suspended on silver wings ohhh

He tried to reach for me from where he landed on the ground, blood starting to sink into his green robes. All I could do was move my fingers a bit and let another tear fall. I knew there was no coming out of this and I only thanked La that he was with me when I fell for good.

And a thousand words
Call out through the ages
They'll cradle you
Turning all of the lonely years to only days
They'll hold you forever

And then there was nothing.. nothing but a memory of us and our sacrifice for the war..

Thanks again to Final Fantasy X-2 for the inspiration for this drabble/songfic. I actually have the video for that concert from the game on my computer. Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope you review!