Here's another one I wrote awhile back. Hope you like it.

Carnival of Death

6:30 AM

The Winchester brother's pulled up to the carnival and parked in the employee's lot.

"Well what do you think?" Dean said as he put his arm on the back of the seat and looked out Sammy's side window.

"It looks like a carnival." Sam said as he too looked out of the window.

"No crap." Dean said smacking his hand on the back of Sam's head.

"Well what do you want me to say?"

"Do you think it's worth a look?"

"We really don't have much to go on except according to the paper four people said they were going to the carnival and disappeared, all on different days."

"It might not be anything supernatural, it could be any number of things…runaways, kidnapping…."

"Serial killer." Sam added.

"Yeah, even that."

"Well we're here so I guess it won't hurt to check it out."

"Well let's see if we can get ourselves hired."


They walked over to one of the booths that was just starting to set up for the morning crowds.

"Hey can you tell us where the manager's office is?" Dean asked.

The man looked up at him then over at Sam then he hitched his thumb over his shoulder.

"The big blue trailer at the far end." The man said as he went back to his work.

"Thanks." Sam said as he and Dean headed for the trailer. "What if they don't need any help?"

"Carnivals always need help, people come and go all the time." Dean said as he and Sam walked up the steps of the trailer and knocked on the door.

"What?" A man's gruff voice sounded from inside the trailer.

"We're looking for jobs." Dean shouted through the door.

The door flew open and a large man in his forties stood there looking at him.

"What can you do?"

"Just about anything." Dean said smiling.

"In trouble with the law?" The man knew that a lot of criminals liked traveling with carnivals because they kept moving and were never in one place more then a week or two. "Because if you are, we don't want ya."

"No, no trouble with the law. Just looking for a little change of scenery."

"We can always use roustabouts and actually I do have an opening at the House of Mirrors and I need a ride operator." The man looked back and forth between them sizing them up.

"Just show us what needs to be done and we'll get it done for you."

"You keep a fourth of what you make at the stands, the rest goes to me. Everyone here helps to set up and tear down the equipment. Cause any trouble and if I find out it's your fault, I'll fire you on the spot…. Understood?"

"Understood….Don't worry, we won't cause any trouble." Dean said.

"Then we're hired?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, you're hired."

"We appreciate it." Dean said putting out his hand. "I'm Dean Connors and this is my brother Sam."

The man shook their hands.

"I'm Kyle Winston but most around here just call me on I'll show you around."

He took them around the carnival introducing them and showing them what they would be doing. Dean would operate the roller coaster and Sam would be at the House of Mirrors. They also would help to set up and tear down the equipment as the carnival moved from town to town. He then showed them one of the few empty trailers that they could stay in.

"You can start today. Go to your assign posts and they'll teach you what to do. Do a good job, don't cause any trouble, and you're welcome to stay. But if you boys get in any trouble, or bring the law down on us for any reason…." Kyle didn't need to continue, they got the message. "Carnies are a strange bunch; they stick together like glue and watch out for each other. But they're suspicious of any new comers….It's going to take awhile before they accept you. So just don't rub anybody the wrong way and you should be fine."

"Thanks. We appreciate you letting us stay."

"Well then get out there and earn your keep."