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Guardian Angel by Gogirl

Chapter One- An Angel's Mission

Heaven. A place of dreams and the ultimate paradise. The population being the good souls that have earned God's Paradise, Him, and the angels. Guardian angels, to be exact.

These angels are to chose a human on Earth to watch over, guide them, give them faith, and come for them when the time has come for them to enter Heaven. Occasionally, they have to come to Earth to protect their chosen person. This is such a story.

It all began when the Head Angel was meeting with another guardian angel named Fiona, on official business matters. He looked at her and said, "Fiona, there is some news concerning the one you protect."

"Is something wrong?" Fiona asked, worried.

"You are the guardian angel of the wizard boy, Harry Potter, are you not?" asked the Head Angel.

"Yes, yes, I am," said Fiona. She then added, "He's the second one that I chose to protect." This was true. Guardian angels can chose more than person to protect, if their first one is gone and doesn't need them anymore.

"So I've heard. It has been brought to His attention that the boy is in grave danger this year."

Fiona raised an eyebrow. "I'm not one to question, sir, but he's been in danger many times before, and he always survives. What makes this time so different?"

"It's because that this year, he will be facing more danger than he ever has realized. The wizard that killed his parents is planning a brutal attack. He's going to take advantage of the situation the Ministry of Magic is facing..."

"What do you mean?" asked Fiona. "Does this have something to do with the fact that the Minister of Magic won't believe that... well, you know... that the wizard has returned to power?"

"Sadly, yes. So, you have to go to Earth. Your job is to protect the boy. But you must be in human form. Your best chance to get to Hogwarts would be to apply for the job as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

"How can I do that? We angels may have powers, but I don't really know a lot about fighting the Dark Arts."

"We fight the Darkness," said the Head Angel simply. "That is the same as the Dark Arts. We may not be wizards or witches, but we have power. Use it. Come now, it isn't your first time you went to Earth in human form to give the boy faith..."

"When he was seven," Fiona replied, the memory crossing her mind for a brief second. "Unfortunately, I didn't have to pose as a Hogwarts teacher."

"You'll do fine," the Head Angel assured her gently. "Remember the oath of the angels: 'Have faith. Things will work out.'"

"They didn't work out for the boy I was supposed to protect before Harry," said Fiona bitterly.

The Head Angel looked at her sympathetically. "Fi..." he began. But Fiona held up her hand.

"Please don't call me Fi," she said in a quiet, sad tone. "That's what he used to call me. It's all I have left of him now."

"It was his choice," the Head Angel protested. "People make their choices. All we can do is try to guide them into making the right choice."

But Fiona wouldn't be comforted. "I know it was many years ago," she said. "but he was my responsibility. Something went horribly wrong between us, and it shouldn't have happened."

"You still think of him then?"

"Every day..." She took a deep breath. "But I won't let the same thing happen to Harry. Nor will I let him die. I accept my mission."

"Then... good luck," said the Head Angel. "I have faith in you, and so does He," he added reassuringly.

Fiona thanked him and walked off, preparing to go down to Earth. "Have faith. Things will work out. Have faith. Things will work out..." she repeated the oath over and over again as though to assure herself she'd do fine.

She stopped muttering the oath when she remembered her first job as a guardian angel. She didn't go down to Earth to visit the boy back then... There are three ways a guardian angel can be seen. One, if the angel takes human form and goes to Earth. Two, if a person is dying, they usually see an angel standing nearby, waiting to take him/her away. And three, if the angel visits a person in his/her dreams. The third way was how the first boy had seen Fiona.

Fiona remembered that she pitied the boy for having such a dreary life. She decided to visit the boy in his dreams... she gave him bright dreams full of hope. Unfortunately, as the boy got older the effects of his childhood got to him...

Stop it, Fiona told herself firmly. Stop thinking about it. You loved him, you loved him with all your heart... but you're Harry's guardian angel now. You love him too. I have to protect him from... from whatever is going to happen. I won't let anything happen to him. I won't tolerate failure.

If I do fail.... well, I won't think about that, Fiona thought. She couldn't bear to think about it. She had already lost the first one she was supposed to protect. If anything happened to him, Fiona wouldn't know what she would do.

Looking down at Earth, Fiona took a deep breath, went over what she was supposed to do in her head, and closed her eyes, using all her power to put herself in a human form...


Little did she know, that at that very moment, the Death Eaters and Voldemort's allies, the dementors, were meeting with their master at the once fine mansion of the Riddle House. It was around midnight. All the Muggles who lived in Little Hangleton were asleep, and had no idea what was going on. Voldemort was careful not to arouse suspicions of "the Muggle scum".

Voldemort faced the Death Eaters, staring at them with his red, catlike eyes. "Are our spies positioned at the Ministry?" he demanded of the Death Eaters.

"Y-Yes, Master," stammered Wormtail. "They are ready and awaiting your commands,"

"Excellent," breathed Voldemort in a low hiss. "It is all going according to plan. I may have failed to kill the boy in his fourth year, but it turned out better then I ever hoped. The denial of the Minister of Magic was unexpected, yes, but it will work to my advantage perfectly...."

He turned to Lucius Malfoy. "Go to the Ministry. Inform our spies my instructions. I will arrive when the time comes. Remember, do not attack the boy until that fool, Albus Dumbledore, lets his guard down. He may be planning an alliance to stop me, but he won't be able to save the boy from what's to come. And his alliance will not go very far either...not if the bumbling old Minister has anything to say about it..."

"Yes, My Lord," said Lucius Malfoy, bowing.

Voldemort paced around the Death Eaters, a cruel, twisted smile forming on his chalk-white face. "Ah, the cruel irony... Harry Potter's demise will be caused by the very Dark sorcerer whom people believed he had destroyed... and he'll be handed over to me by the very people who were supposed be helping him..."

"M-My Lord," asked Wormtail. "what if Dumbledore catches on to your plan? Suppose the Ministry won't do what we expect them to do?"

"Well," Voldemort replied, his red eyes blazing. "I don't really expect that to happen. And by the time that idiot Fudge does catch on, Harry Potter will be dead."

He let out a high, cold, merciless laugh which the Death Eaters joined in moments later...


Harry woke and sat up bolt right in his camp bed, his scar blazing with pain. It was in the middle of the night, and everyone in the Burrow was asleep.

The pain in his scar left moments later, but Harry wasn't thinking about that. He was thinking about the dream he had just had... Voldemort was with his Death Eaters, talking about his spies in the Ministry. He kept saying that Fudge's denial about Voldemort rising back to power would work to his advantage to kill him! Harry covered his face with his hands, trying to ignore Ron's snores.

What did he mean by that? Harry wondered. Spies in the Ministry? Harry wasn't really surprised at that fact; he knew that some of the Death Eaters (including his arch-rival Draco Malfoy's father, Lucius) were now working in the Ministry, and they still were, supposedly for Voldemort's purposes, but... how would the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, help cause his murder? It didn't make sense.

Should I send Dumbledore an owl and tell him about this? he wondered. No, no, I shouldn't. He's busy preparing that alliance to work against Voldemort.

The thought of telling Ron and Hermione about his dream didn't last in his mind for a minute. Harry knew that they'd both be worried sick... especially the Weasleys. Harry didn't want to worry them, after all they had done for him this summer...

Harry would have been with the Dursleys, his hateful, Muggle relatives at this point in time if it hadn't been for the Weasleys; Mrs. Weasley in particular. She had come over to the house early in the summer holidays, asking if Harry could stay with them for most of the summer.

The whole scenario was rather funny. It had been a normal afternoon in the Muggle world for Harry, he was about to write a letter to Ron, when somebody knocked on his bedroom door. Harry was shocked; none of the Dursleys had ever knocked on his door before... they had either just barged in or ignored him most of the time. He opened the door and to his complete surprise, Ron and Hermione were standing in the hallway...

"What're you two doing here?" Harry had asked in amazement.

"Ron, Mrs. Weasley, and I have come to ask if we can take you back to the Burrow for the summer," Hermione explained. "We came by Floo powder, so your uncle is pretty upset."

"Mum is-er- discussing it with your uncle downstairs," Ron had said with a wicked grin. "We'll show you what we mean..."

Motioning for Harry and Hermione to follow him, Ron quietly snuck down the hallway, and pointed down the stairs, where Harry could clearly hear Uncle Vernon's yells.

"WE DON'T ALLOW YOUR KIND HERE!" Uncle Vernon had been bellowing. "GET OUT!"

"Mr. Dursley," they could hear Mrs. Weasley saying in a polite, yet cold tone. "Harry has told us how you feel about 'our kind', so we have come to ask if Harry can spend the rest of the summer term at our house. He's more then welcome to."

"He can't go," said Uncle Vernon gruffly.

"And why not?" asked Mrs. Weasley stiffly.

"My family doesn't take too kindly to people like you! The boy is dangerous enough with all that magic rubbish enough as it is! We don't want people like him giving ideas to normal people like us!"

That had been the final straw for Mrs. Weasley. The whole household had practically exploded from Mrs. Weasley's yells. Harry couldn't remember all of it, but she mentioned bigotry and said something like, "HE HAS ENOUGH TROUBLE WITHOUT YOU AND YOUR HORRIBLE FAMILY MISTREATING HIM!" and "IT'S MUGGLES LIKE YOU WHO GIVE MUGGLES A BAD NAME!" Her yells were more than a match for Uncle Vernon's usual bellows.

In the end, Mrs. Weasley had won, so Harry was spending the summer at the Weasley's with Ron and Hermione. They even went through enough trouble to remember Harry's sixteenth birthday last week. So that was more than enough of a reason not to worry them...

As for contacting Sirius Black, his godfather, Harry wasn't sure where he was. Last he heard, Sirius was staying with Remus Lupin to help with Dumbledore's alliance.

Harry decided to forget about it for now. He wasn't even sure what it was. He laid back, trying to get back to sleep, thinking about the next day, when he, Ron, and Hermione would go to Diagon Alley to prepare for their sixth year at Hogwarts...

To be continued...

I hope this part was good for all you readers, I've been working on this idea for quite a while. Up next: a fight breaks out in Diagon Alley between Ron and Draco Malfoy, and a stranger breaks them up... who is it? Stay tuned!

P.S. Regarding the part when Mrs. Weasley was yelling at Uncle Vernon... I couldn't resist! Admit it, you've been looking forward to when THAT would happen!