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Later, on that same night, Fiona entered the trophy room for the final time. She hadn't really left Earth yet, but had remained invisible from all of the humans to make sure Harry was okay.... and to do something else. There was one last goodbye she had to take care of...

She sat beside the cabinet where Tom's old trophy was kept. A part of her, too big a part of her perhaps, wanted to hold on to what she had left of Tom. But she knew that this was for the best; she had to let go now.

Fiona would always remember Tom, of course, just the good memories of their friendship, and not the bad ones.

Speaking of the good old days, she could see them somehow, as though they were being played in front of her on a movie screen. Each of those memories, she always saw the boy she had lost... Not Voldemort, but Tom, and how he used to be. She saw Tom, being melancholy every time a student or the head of the orphanage pushed him around: Tom, angry with everyone that had ever been cruel to him... and Fiona remembered that the second he had left Hogwarts, before he left to travel around the world to meet other Dark wizards, he had gotten every single person who had been mean to him.

Every last one. Fiona shuddered slightly.

Of all the memories that were playing in front of her, there was one that stood out in particular, when Tom was twelve...


They were in the sunny field, playing as always. Tom seemed to be deep in thought. "Fi? Do you think I'm evil?" he had asked suddenly.

Fiona was shocked. "Who on Earth gave you that idea, Tom?" she asked sharply.

"Those gang of Gryffindors that keep on picking on me. They caught me talking to my pet snake again. The strange thing is that they almost seemed afraid of me; they said that I must be evil because the gift of Parseltongue was the mark of a Dark wizard." He rested his head on his knees. "I'll bet the whole school will know by tomorrow. They'll probably have new *interesting* names to call me."

"Tom, I've told you a thousand times," Fiona said, rather exasperated. "It doesn't matter what powers you have or what House you're in..."

"...You don't have to end up like the other Slytherins if you don't want to," Tom recited. "I know, I know, I've heard it more times than I can count." His tone was suddenly bitter. "I hate them. All of them. I'll get them one of these days..."

"Tom, don't think like that," Fiona said sternly. "If there's one thing I've kept telling you, it's that fighting never solves anything. If you act like those bullies, you become like those bullies. You have more sense than that! And thinking negatively won't solve anything neither."

"I know, I know," Tom sighed. "Forget it. Who knows? Maybe they won't spread it around if they're that scared of me."

"Now, I suggest we stop talking about them and start having some fun before it's morning.... morning... morning...."


Fiona's last word of that memory echoed until the scene dissolved completely, leaving behind the last time Tom had really been Tom... that fateful night he when he found out about his father, when he had been crying in her arms. Finally, that memory had vanished too.

I still say that it didn't have to end like this, Fiona thought miserably. You could have made the right choice, Tom. But what's done is done. There's nothing more that I can do for you.

Fiona began to sing. She had a lovely voice, as all angels do. The song she was singing came from nowhere in particular, and it made her think of Tom.... and Harry:

"When I look back on these times,

And the dreams we left behind,

I'll be glad 'cause I was blessed to get,

To have you in my life.

When I look back on these days,

I'll look and see your face.

You were right there for me....

"In my dreams, I'll always see you soar above the sky,

In my heart, there will always be

A place for you, for all my life.

I'll keep a part of you with me,

And everywhere I am, there you'll be....

And everywhere I am, there you'll be..."

She remembered the entire year at Hogwarts as though the whole thing had happened in a single day. Most of all, she remembered the whole experience in Harry's mind. It was strange, when Harry in that black ocean, saying over and over again that it was his fault that all those people had died.... she saw an eerie reflection of herself. Of how she had blamed her self about Tom's fate, when it really wasn't... In a funny sort of way, Harry had helped her realize that.

"Well you showed me how it feels,

To feel the sky within my reach.

And I always will remember

All the strength you gave to me.

Your love made me see it through,

Oh, I owe so much to you.

You were right there for me...

"In my dreams, I'll always see you soar above the sky,

In my dreams, there will always be

A place for you, for all my life.

I'll keep a part of you with me,

And everywhere I am, there you'll be..."

She didn't know what was ahead for Harry. But she knew, without any doubt, that he would not end up like Tom. He was different. He had faced the same crossroads Tom presumably had long ago, and he had made a different choice than Tom had, despite the things he had went through.

When Voldemort was finally defeated for good, would Fiona be sad? No. In a sad sort of way, Tom's words on that day he had turned away from her had been correct: Tom Marvolo Riddle was dead.

"'Cause I always saw in you

My light, my strength.

And I wanna thank you now

For all the way.

You were right there for me...

You were right there for me...


There will always be a place for you in my heart, Harry, Fiona thought. And for you, Tom.

"In my dreams, I'll always see you soar above the sky,

In my heart, there will always be

A place for you, for all my life.

I'll keep a part of you with me,

And everywhere I am, there you'll be...

And everywhere I am, there you'll be..."

Fiona paused. Celeste appeared before her. "Are you ready to leave yet?" she asked.

"Yes," Fiona said, nodding.

Celeste smiled, her merry looking eyes burning bright. "You've done a good job, Fiona. You ought to be proud."

"Thanks, Celeste," Fiona said gratefully.

"Harry will be fine," Celeste assured her.

"I know," Fiona said, getting up. "You go on ahead, I'll see you in a minute..."

Celeste disappeared into thin air. Fiona turned back to the trophy, staring at the words T.M. Riddle engraved into it. She whispered the final words of the song:

"There you'll be...."

And then she vanished, finally free of her guilt.

The End.

Author's Note: Okay, I hope you all have enjoyed this fanfiction. Here's a few reasons about why I wrote this fic:

1) It seemed like a cool idea to give Harry a guardian angel. It was also a kind of nice ring to it to make her the former guardian angel of Tom Riddle.

2) I've always wondered what other characters hear when the dementors get close to them. I figured Neville would hear something about his parents, not a lot of people put him in their fanfics anyway... And he needed an angel too. Thus, Celeste.

3) Though I hate Voldemort for all the horrible things he's done, I find the younger version of him intriguing. And I cannot help but feel sorry for him, sometimes...

And finally, I *so* wanted to get back at those people who wanted to ban Harry Potter books for religious reasons. IN YOUR FACE, BOOK BURNERS!!! Sorry, sugar rush. Honestly, I don't know what their problem is. So far, this is the longest fanfiction I had ever written, but it won't be my last one, I assure you.