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Kairi raced down the beach. She was looking for Sora and Riku. She had to find them. The king was here looking for them. He had said it was urgent.

Suddenly she saw Riku just ahead she ran up to him and bent over to catch her breath.

"Kairi whats wrong?" Riku asked with concern.

Kairi stood back up looking at her silver haired friend "King Mickey is here. He says he needs to speak to the 3 of us, you me and Sora Where is he? The king fears Organization XIII might be reforming."

Riku's eyes flashed with concern and then alarm. Just when he finally thought they could rest in peace.

"Go back to the king, I'll get Sora and meet you back at your house. " As Riku spoke Kairi nod and set back towards her home. If Organization XIII was involved who knew when the heartless and nobodies would be back.

As Riku approached where he had just left Sora he saw the brown eyed teen holding something small and silvery in his hands. "Sora"

Sora looked up at a Riku, closing his hand around the object within it and acknowledging his presence without speaking.

"Sora, King Mickey is here, He says he needs to speak to us. Organization XIII is reforming!" Riku exclaimed motioning for Sora to follow him.

But Sora did not move, he simply looked at Riku and spoke "I know" in a low voice.

Riku was at first confused then alarmed. "How? Where they here? Did they attack you?" Riku moved closer to his friend.

Sora just looked away out towards the ocean. "You forget Riku. I was one of them"

"Sora?" Riku reached out to touch Sora but was stopped by an invisible energy barrier.

"Goodbye Riku" Sora said as a portal opened up next to Sora.

Riku pounded on the barrier. "No Sora! Don't Stop! Please No!" Riku screamed as Sora simply stepped through the portal and disappeared.

Riku dropped to his knees, tears in his eyes. What had they done to Sora? He went to hit the barrier again and found it gone. Not more then 15 minutes ago he had been laughing and talking with Sora. They had discussed what they were doing over the weekend. Things were settling down. Why this why now?

Riku returned to Kairi's house. He knew the others would be worried if he didn't return quickly. Not that they didn't have a reason to be.

He walked in and Kairi jumped up from the couch. Mickey, Donald and Goofy were there as well.

"Riku good your back. Wait where's Sora?" Kairi said,

Riku looked away. His voice thick with emotion he spoke "When I found him he said he already knew"

"He did? So where is he?" Kairi said.

Mickey however just looked slightly horrified. "I'm too late"

"To late for what! Where's Sora?" Kairi asked again this time looking to Mickey panic rising.

Riku too looked at Mickey. What did the King know?

Riku didn't look at Kairi when he answered her question. He instead looked straight at the king. "Sora's gone. He's gone after them Kairi." That had to be it. It was the only thing that made sense in his mind. Sora didn't want to involve his friends again. Risk them getting hurt. For now he would ignore the look he had seen in Sora's eyes right before he disappeared.

"What! Alone!" She clutched her fists. "I thought he'd learned! He tried to teach you! He's been hanging around you to much!" She didn't mean it to be hurtful. Riku knew this she was frustrated over their friend. So was he.

"I have to help him." Riku said his mind reeling. "He's probably gone to The Castle That Never Was"

He turned towards the door. "Wait Riku don't go. You might not like what you find" Mickey tried to stop him.

"He's alone I have to go to him" Riku said then ran out the door. Though the king's voice echoed in his ears, no matter how hard he tried to block it out. Just what would Riku find?

Kairi, seated on the couch started to shake with tears. "Tell me whats going on. No one ever lets me know everything. I'm just supposed to sit and wait. Whats happened to Sora?"

Mickey looked down "I don't know, but it can't be good. I can't stop Riku at this point. I never could when it came to him doing thingd for Sora. You may be his only chance now" Mickey walked over to Kairi and gathered her hands into his. "At this point all I know for sure is that Xemnas is back. I saw him in Radiant Garden. And the only way he could be released from his death like prison is by the power of the keyblade. I have much to do. I hate to ask but can you accompany Donald and Goofy back to Radiant Garden? I need to know if there is any other activity there. And you'll find old allies of Sora's there who can help."

Kairi nodded her head. "I'll go, but what are you afraid Riku will find?"

Mickey just looked away. "That the Sora we knew is long gone." With that he stood and left himself.


Kairi stood in the streets of Radiant Garden. Donald and Goofy behind her, this place had so many dream-like memories for her. The castle most of all, and a face, always the face of a boy not much older then her with violet hair and piercing blue eyes.

"This way Kairi, Merlin's house is over here" Goofy proclaimed as they walked through the streets.

She stayed quiet. What was she going to say to them? She barely knew these people. It didn't seem she had much of a chance to contemplate because Donald was knocking on the door to a home.

"Donald!" came a high pitched squeal from the girl on the other side of the door. She picked him up swung him around.

"Hello Yuffie" Goofy said with a smile as she put the duck down.

"How are you? And who's this?" Yuffie said sticking her face into Kairi's looking her over. Kairi just took a step back not sure how to take the energetic girl.

"It's Kairi!" Donald said.

"Oh! The friend of Sora's! The princess girl! Cool man you've grown up!" Yuffie said dragging her in.

"Um Hi" Kairi said scratching the back of her neck as goofy shut the door.

"So what are you guys here for? Where's Sora? Oh yah Leon and Aerith are down at the restoration site. Cid's working on his latest contraption and Merlin's asleep I think" Yuffie said quicker then should be humanly possible Kairi decided. "Oh yah Cloud's back, without Tifa. Though he's as emo as ever. Sephiroth's not around. You know if I didn't' know they were mortal enemies I'd think he has a thing for Sephiroth!"

"Actually Sora's why were are here" Kairi said looking at the girl. She was sure who the others were but she really didn't need anymore 'personal' information about them just yet.

"What mess has he gotten himself into this time?!" Yuffie exclaimed. "Leon said one time that we should just lock him in a closet and be done with it" she giggled.

Kairi gave a soft smile. She kind of agreed with this Leon guy at the moment. Though it was sad moment.

"Can you take me to restoration site? The king sent me and I really only want to have to explain this once. From what I can remember Leon is in charge of you guys right?" Kairi asked. She really couldn't bear to tell the story over and over. And as nice as Yuffie seemed she didn't really trust the hyperactive girl to retell the story straight.

"Alright!" Yuffie exclaimed ad took Kairi by the hand and drug her out the door. "You guys wait here ok! I was supposed to be watching the house!" she yelled back to Donald and Goofy who could only look on exasperated.


As it turned out Cloud was down at the restoration site as well. But they didn't really speak to him. Yuffie told Kairi it was better to leave him alone in that mood. The only two people she'd seen get away with talking to him when he was like that was Leon and Sora.

Kairi eyes widen when she set foot inside the castle. She remembered this! More so then in the town. She stopped a moment and placed a hand on the wall.

"Hey whats up? Leon and Aerith should be this way a bit more" Yuffie said turning to Kairi

"There should be a door here" Kairi said blinking.

"huh?" Yuffie asked.

Kairi just shook her head a bit then turned back to Yuffie. "Lets go its nothing" Kairi waved it off and followed Yuffie to meet Leon and Aerith.

"SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll" Yuffie bellowed out as she hit the bottom step.

The tall dark brown haired male's muscles clenched as he didn't even turn around. "Yuffie I told you before. Never call me that. And secondly why aren't you back at the house? I've explained this before."

"Its ok Donald and Goofy are back there." Yuffie said.

Leon turned around "Is Sora here?"

Then Leon's eyes landed on Kairi and narrowed. "Who is she?"

"Sora's not here, but she's his friend. Kairi remember?" Yuffie said as Aerith came out of the next door. Though smartly kept quiet. She'd find out what was going on soon enough.

Leon's demeanor slipped back into 'colder then ice' mode, and Kairi was almost afraid of him.

"Damnit" He said smacking the wall "The entrance should be here somewhere"

Aerith placed a hand on Leon's shoulder "We'll find it don't worry"

Kairi half expected the Brunette to hurt the girl but all he did was slump a bit defeated. "We've been looking for months. And if we don't find it we may never be able to fix things."

Kairi couldn't help it. She always wished to help others. "What are you looking for?"

"What do you care" Leon shot at her.

Kairi was slightly hurt, but Riku could get like this on a bad day so she just decided to move on. His anger was most likely out of frustration.

"Because this castle used to be my home" Kairi barely realized she had said it or that it was true. But it had to be.

Leon's eyes widen in realization. He now remembered what Sora had told him about the girl known as Kairi. She had been the Princess from Radiant Garden. The reaction he had after that surprised everyone in the room including himself. He flung his arms around the girl hugging her tight. "Oh thank Hyde"

Yuffie and Aerith's eyes almost jumped out of their socket.

"I…I can't remember everything very well. It's like a dream. But I'll do what I can to help. But I need help too" The girl said the embrace.

Leon let go of her and nodded. "Anything you can tell us would be helpful I'm sure."

Kairi nodded and thought then turned and walked back out to the wall where she had first declared there should be a door, and stopped. "When I walked by here earlier I remembered there was something missing. A door way, but the wall is solid." Kairi said tapping on the wall.

Leon looked at it for a moment then remembered something. "Of course. That's why we couldn't find it. It makes so much sense" Leon looked ready to hurt himself then in one fluid motion and drew his gun blade and slashed at the wall several time, were Kairi had indicated. For a moment she though he had lost it. Then the pieces of wall fell to reveal a hallway.

Leon smiled a genuine smile. "Xehanort closed off many of the areas of the castle he felt unnecessary or dangerous. Ansem's personal living quarters would qualify." He turned to Kairi and asked. "What did you need? Anything"


Riku had taken a small side pod from the gummy ship. He couldn't summon portals anymore since Xehanort's heartless had left him. But this would have to do. He had to admit he wasn't sure if he was going to make it to the World That Never Was a few times. Idly wondering how Sora had done this. Though Sora did have a much better ship then Riku currently had.

He landed finding he could only access the very first entrance point. The area near where he had fought Roxas and lost. That was fine he could handle it. He parked the ship and transported down the surface.

The world was as bleak as he remembered it. The sun never shinned here and the neon lights of the fake city gave the place an eerie look. He made his way through the city slightly surprised that he hadn't faced any Heartless or Nobodies yet. The Way to Dawn in his hand. Where had Sora gone? By this point he could be half way up the castle. That was probably why he found no enemies. Sora had already dispersed them.

He hated to admit it. But Sora was by far a better fighter now then Riku could ever really hope to be. One on one Riku would fall to his friend. Not that he really had to worry about that anymore. He would never ever fight Sora.

He reached the base of the castle, and used the keyblade to extent the path upward. He was still cautious. The quiet bothering him more then anything. Maybe he had guessed wrong and the nobodies and Sora had not returned here.


Off high in the castle, a cloaked figure stood staring out the window. Zexion stood in the doorway looking at the man in the black coat that signified Organization XIII. "The one who held Xehanort's Heartless is here" Zexion said having learned of this through his scent.

"I know" replied the figure. "Tell the others to leave him be. He'll find his way here. I'll take care of him"

Zexion nodded and disappeared into a black portal to go off and listen to his orders.


Riku's spirits were dragging. The last time he had been here the castle had been destroyed. But as it was now, someone had rebuilt it. The layout was different. If he had been so wrong then why had someone take the trouble to rebuild the castle? Maybe they were out and only a few were in the castle. Those he had yet to run into.

His steps lead him to the Proof of Existence. His eyes went wide. All of the spaces that were once red, (All but Roxas's) were now blue. They were all awake. This wasn't possible.

He kept walking however till he came to a door. He pushed it open and came across the first person he had seen in this forsaken castle. The Way to Dawn clenched firmly in his hand. He would recognize the Organization robes anywhere.

He advanced and swung at the figure "Where is Sora" He yelled his keyblade came crashing down.

Its progression was stopped however by the last thing he ever expected. The sparkling blue white and gold of Ultima was in his face. The hood dropped from the figure's head, brown hair and ice blue eyes looked back at him. "Right here Riku"

In that moment Riku's world truly shattered.


After Leon had drug Cloud into the group, Kairi explained what had happened. How King Mickey had shown up and announced that Organization XIII was reforming. How he had spotted Xemnas here no less. Though it seemed no one else could confirm the King's sighting. How Sora had left on his own, and how Riku had ran after him. Thus leaving her to accompany Donald and Goofy here to ask for help. And how Mickey feared Sora may no longer be himself.

"So Sora's become then enemy then" Cloud said calm and emotionless. But Aerith could see something in his eyes die.

"NO!" Kairi exclaimed. "What ever he is he's not the enemy. He needs our help"

"You can't bring someone back who's been totally lost to the darkness it's not possible" Cloud said with an emotion in his voice the others couldn't identify. "Don't bother trying. It will destroy you."

"I don't care!" Kairi said tears in her eyes. "He'll be fine. Xemnas has done something to him. We'll get him back!"

"Don't be fooli-" CRACK a fist connected with Cloud's jaw.

Leon stood with a glare between Kairi and Cloud. Cloud was on the ground since he wasn't expecting the attack but he glared daggers up at Leon.

"You're the one being foolish. Sora is our friend. He's save this world and others countless times. The least we can do is save him." Leon said fire in his eyes.

"It's pointless. He's gone, I'll kill him if I see him again" Cloud said venom in his voice.

"Cloud, Sora is not Sephiroth!" Leon knew that was a little bit below the belt but it had the desired effect of stopping Cloud's rant.

Cloud simply stood and walked away, before he disappeared though he turned back. "No, no he's not. Just hope I don't run into him first. I really will save him."

Leon just punched the wall. "Damnit I never can understand him the bastard"

Yuffie was currently back in a corner. Cloud terrified Yuffie when he was truly angry.

Aerith went after Cloud. She was the only one who could calm him down in this state. Leon just turned to Kairi and bent down to her level. She still had tears in her eyes.

"Don't listen to him. We've all lost people to the darkness, people we are still searching for. You can save Sora from whatever fate has befallen him. We'll help you. Don't worry" Leon said softer then even thought possible.

Kairi just nodded. They would save Sora they had too.


Riku immediately dropped the Way Too Dawn as it disappeared.

"Sora?" He asked confused. "Why are you wearing one of those robes? Here in this castle."

Sora turned from him with less emotion then Sora should have. Riku almost felt like crying. But he wouldn't believe it. He couldn't believe it. Not Sora, anyone but Sora.

"I thought it would be obvious Riku. You know Organization XIII has reformed thanks to the King. And you know I was one of them." It was voiced with cold indifference.

"No you weren't! Roxas was not you Sora" Riku exclaimed.

Sora looked back with his reply "But I am Roxas"

"But you're not a heartless or a nobody! You have your heart why are you here! You're you again!" Riku said.

"Well you're partially right" Sora said looking back out the window. "I'm not a Heartless or a Nobody. I'm both, though I don't have my heart back"

"But no that's not possible. Xemnas must have tricked you. You got you're heart back at Hallow Bastion. Come on Sora come with me. If the Bastard is back we'll defeat him again. Come with me we will do it together this time!" Riku said.

Sora turned around face expressionless. "No, I did not get my heart back at Hallow Bastion, like you I thought I had. But no all that happened is Kairi lent me her heart so that I could be complete. It however was only temporary. As time passed I stopped feeling things. I felt emptier and emptier. I wanted to deny it at first when I could still be afraid it scared me. I continued to act as though I had emotions to hide. And then it became routine.

But not having my heart ate away at me. I knew that doing this would be dangerous and perhaps undo everything I had worked for, but I can't care. All I have is an insane innate drive to find my heart and become whole. The only ones who can help me do that are the other nobodies, the other with that drive. They failed last time because Xemnas was a fool. I will not fail however. I will find my heart, their hearts. We will be whole again.' Sora said walking towards Riku.

"Now don't get in my way. You were my friend and though I can not feel bad about it now, logic tells me that if I have to kill you, I wont like it when I get my heart back" Sora open up a portal behind Riku.

"Good bye Riku, and don't come here again" with that Sora pushed Riku off balance and through the portal.


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