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Saix sat in silence staring up at the sky where Kingdom Hearts had once been. He had a lot to think about that was sure. So far this child Sora who had originally been among them as Roxas and then nearly destroyed them as Sora was now leading the organization, and not only that but he was succeeding –Succeeding where their former leader Xemnas had failed. In a few weeks he had done what they had been trying to do for years.

Some might think that this would cause his violent side (one might joke that he didn't have any other 'sides' but one might also find themselves in pieces in inbetwix and inbetween.) But they would be wrong. For the first time since he awoke in this form he felt a calm sweep over himself. He had been passed over once but that was ok. He could understand that not everyone could go at once he was sure. But Sora was producing results he would sit and wait. After all it did no good to attack their leader and get himself sent to the back of the line now was there? And the fact that Sora obviously knew what to do to get their hearts back and he hadn't skipped out on them yet to retrieve his own spoke volumes to the Lunar Diviner as well.

For now he would sit and watch the starless night sky.

Zexion appeared suddenly in The Castle That Never Was. The woman in his arms- Sakuya better known as Sora's mom was unconscious. However Zexion's nerves were frayed. Of all the times he had seen her in the past few years- Hell he'd even taken her form- he'd not recognized the burnet girl. Perhaps it had been because she had grown up he didn't know. Or maybe his mind had just not wanted to remember. Realize that she was the enemy. (Though not really any longer and that might of made all the difference in the world)

None of this changed the fact that Kairi the little princess girl had been his best friend as a child. Standing there in the castle had brought that home to him for the first time. If he hadn't known for a fact that he didn't have a heart it would have just warmed. Knowing that she had escaped the fate of the rest of the town's inhabitants made him very happy.

It was obvious though that she had forgotten him, and she didn't have the same excuse that he did for the memory loss. What was even worse was that she had replaced him, with the very boy that was working to get their hearts back. Zexion may have understood irony but that did not mean he liked it. The same person that was offering to get his life back had already taken away one of the most important things he could remember.

Sora's anger had reached its peak. Half of them had figured out their final goal but none were willing to share the information. He had left his normal room and headed to the roof. The darkness around him threatened to destroy the castle and he wasn't ready for that yet. He'd pulled as far as he could and still it was not good enough. He had to sink further, find out what they had, and the only thing he knew that would be capable of such a feat was to take a life. The thought he had entertained when he was with his uncle stayed with him.

But who was to be the victim? Did it matter if it was a faceless stranger or someone close to him? To get his heart back he would do anything right now. Even kill those closest to him. It was his best bet and the person he considered closest was Kairi. He had loved her right? He knew it would hurt him when he got his heart back. The thought of what he had done. But surely he and everyone else would understand it was necessary right? Stupid human hearts.

Zexion held the woman in his arms. Normally he would have gone to Vexen first but he needed a moment. Things were starting to come together for him. Love the most confusing emotion of all was the key to their hearts. All of the others that had regained their heart had done so when they found the person that they had been in love with in their previous life.

But where did that leave him? The only person he strongly remembered from his past life had been that girl. –Though the fact she finally seemed to recognize him did make him happy on some level- but he had not been in love with her. So where did that leave him? Did that mean that Sora's plan would not work for him? Was that why Sora still needed all this information? Why he was still looking? Like himself Sora was too young to have been truly in love before they had been claimed by the darkness. Was that why he was still here helping the others? Nobodies and Heartless were selfish by nature. It was hard to care or worry about others when you had no heart.

That also left the question of why Sora wanted this woman. Did he want here because of her research or because she was his mother? Maybe in place of a love of the romantic type that was not there he would use the next closest person to him- his mother.

And if that were the case then where did that leave the rest of them without their hearts? Zexion couldn't risk it. Wouldn't risk it, after all again they were selfish by nature. He had time, he wasn't due back for another day or two. He couldn't tell Sora he had failed. Who knew what he would do- that and it was too easy to learn that he had indeed not failed.

His decision made he adjusted the woman in his arms and summoned another portal. The abandoned castle oblivion would do well for his plan.

The first thing Xehanort realize we he came too was that he was not in his old room anymore. The next was that he was indeed Xehanort and not Xemnas any longer. And for the first time in 11 years he truly felt. He was overwhelmed. Guilt was the first thing that struck him- he had caused all of this, and guilt for getting his heart back before the others. Next came joy that he had got his heart back finally after all these years. And last regret for all he had put its family through, the boy Riku most off all. He was one horrible father that was for sure. He had twisted the boy, tormented him and tortured him and worst of all drug him into the darkness with him.

It wasn't until his heartless had merged with the boy that he discovered he was indeed his own son. But that didn't stop him even for a second. It just made his plans stronger and himself more determined. The only thing he had even remotely felt at the time was anger that his wife and son had left him. Though he didn't blame them now, it had even most likely spared their lives. He didn't hope that they would accept him back in their lives; he only hoped that one day they would understand and maybe forgive him. He knew he didn't deserve it.

His thoughts however were interrupted when the door opened. From what he'd seen so far they had been very accepting, but he doubted they would extend him the same courtesy. Braig walked in silently and shut the door. It was a tense silence for Xehanort not knowing exact what he wanted with him, but at least he would be more understanding then the others. Or so he hoped. He may blame it all on him and snuck up here to finish him off.

"That's a look in your eyes I haven't seen in years." Braig finally stated. "Nor one I ever thought I'd see again. "

"It is good to see that you have recovered your heart and your fiancé" Xehanort replied catching the flinch in Braig's eye.

"Had recovered her, Zexion took her. I really doubt Sora would hurt her. But you were with Zexion, do you know what he wants with her? I have to know. I really want to storm back to the castle and rescue her, But if it really will help…" Braig trailed off.

"Honestly I don't know much. Sora wont share anything, not even with Zexion who is currently his second in command or Vexen." Xehanort offered. "But he is making progress. He's obviously figured something out. What yet no one knows."

"I guess that's as good as I really expected. Though the others will be glad to know you're currently sane. They will probably want your help as well." Braig turned to leave.

"Wait" Xehanort called as Braig turned to leave. Braig turned back to look at him.

"Is Riku here…" Xehanort trailed off.

"No he's not. He's in Twilight Town searching for a way to help Sora- Though he doesn't seem to need much in my opinion." Braig stated with a bit of pride.

Disappointed but relieved at the same time Xehanort nodded. "Probably better that way for the moment. I don't know what to say to him or if he'll listen."

"Kids are a handful aren't they?" Were the last words offered by Braig as he left the room. Leaving Xehanort slightly curious.

Marluxia sighed as he prepared to leave. He'd been sent on a solo mission. This meant one of two things. Either Sora had found a way to restore him without his heartless (which he didn't really thing was possible) or he really did need to succeed on this mission.

At least it shouldn't be too hard. Capturing the little princess girl should be easy enough he supposed. And he'd get to see Larxene again. He had desperately (more than a nobody should be able too) wanted to see her happy. This Aerith person seemed to do that for her. Maybe he'd get a chance to say thank you. Maybe in the end that was all this was about anyway.

The town was quaint enough, and in some ways for Marluxia it was hard to believe everything had started here. Though the mechanical nature of the city bothered him a bit, after all he was very fond of flowers. He absent mindedly wondered if his past life had involved them somehow.

From his notes he knew that both the princess girl, Aerith and Larxene spent most of their time down at the castle. They had a noble goal really. The nobodies themselves were only concerned with restoring themselves. That was all they really could care about. These people wanted to fix everything. In the end though they might be his only hope. That was probably what Sora wanted with the little princess girl. Finding out what they had uncovered. She would be the most likely of all of them to share.

He only semi-tried to stay hidden, really these people weren't the enemy anymore. Just working on opposite sides of the same goal, heck if he explained what he knew the princess girl might even come willingly. That sounded a lot better than fighting really. Mind made up he walked the short distances left to the castle and walked in.

He really didn't want to make a scene, he was sure the three down here would be open to him. Especially Larxene, but there was a small chance someone else was here. That foul mouth pilot or the hyper ninja were possible. The men were suppose to be gone but if they got back soon he would be screwed he was sure.

It didn't take long to find them. Larxene was at a computer while the other two were sifting through papers on the floor. For the moment he would watch waiting for the right time to enter.

"Damnit" Elena yelled smacking the console. "I don't even remember Shinra having these kinds of security codes not even Hojo's lab was this encrypted."

"It's alright we will figure it out." Aerith said standing and placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I wish Tseng was here, he was always better at this then me." Elena closed her hand in a fist.

"I know it's hard we all miss people but we're here together now and that's what matters right?" Aerith smiled at Elena.

Elena just hugged Aerith, "I still don't understand how you're here but I don't care if I ever understand I'm just glad you're alive."

"Same" Said Aerith just hugging harder back. Kairi still trying to busy herself in the papers.

That's when Elena looked up and froze. Marluxia had gotten a little closer to get a better look and swore mentally as he had given himself away. He really hadn't wanted to interrupt the moment.

He put his hands up in the air. "It's ok; I'm here on a mission of peace sorta. I need to speak with the girl (motioning to Kairi), and honestly I wanted to see how you were doing." He said walking forward.

"Marluxia" Elena said stepping away slight from Aerith who turned to see their visitor.

"What do you want with me?" asked Kairi honestly curious as she stood.

"Well actually Sora sent me. He needs your help. As you've figured out he's found a way to restore some hearts-but not all." Marluxia paused closing his eyes for a moment. "He wants to find out if you've discovered anything that might help us all."

Kairi smiled, "Sora is opening up that's wonderful." She looked at the others. "What do you think?"

Aerith just looked at Elena who then spoke. "I trust Marluxia, and you trust Sora, it can't hurt. From what I remember he really is just trying to restore the hearts of the organization members."

"All right but I have a few questions. Why all the kidnapping then? And why didn't you just do the same now? "Kairi asked Marluxia.

"Call it a difference in methods. I can't tell you what was going through Zexion's mind. But I can tell you we were simple told to retrieve. Zexion must have thought kidnapping was the only way to achieve this. I however thought if I talked it out a bit not only would I get to speak with Larxene again but we might avoid all this fighting." Marluxia replied.

"Alright I'll go with you." Said Kairi "And maybe I can get Sora to understand that if we all work together we can fix everything."

Marluxia smiled. "Alright" as he walked forward to Elena.

"It's good to see you happy, and I'll visit again when I get my heart back." With that he hugged her and then turned to Aerith.

"I want to thank you too and ask you to take good care of her." Marluxia said and Aerith smiled. But as she moved to hug him as well something strange happened. The air almost became electrified. A wind blew through the room and Aerith and Marluxia who were now unconscious were floated into the air. Elena who snapped out of her shock tried desperately to do something but she want knocked back, there was a flash of light and only Aerith remained, now laying on the ground still unconscious.

Zexion stood over a table. Though Vexen had originally perfected the process, Zexion had garnered enough information to repeat it. Sakuya's form lay on the table before him but she wasn't yet complete. He'd have to be delicate when transferring the memories.

Last time Sora was expecting that Riku had changed. This time however he would be concerned if he noticed anything different at all. Hopefully this copy would contain all of his mother's memories but not the element that would allow her to restore Sora's heart. Once he had his heart back he would find away to free the woman and return her to Sora then but only then.

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