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NCIS fan fiction

Ghost Lies

Chapter one-ghost lies

Melinda took a glance around the room and noticed all the kids were seated in certain spots, each away from the one lonesome spot by the window. Gripping her books hard, she walked on ahead, eager to just get through with the first day. Laying her books down on the wood table she sat in the blue chair. The view outside the window brought a gloomy daze on her face as she saw the clouds roaming around free in dark consistencies. On some days it just seemed lazy, and on others it seemed like it was the only thing that made her day.

She wasn't the typical girl she sought out to be or looked like. Her long dark hair swayed with every movement she made and her beautiful eyes told lies of her life. Her smile penetrated through each heart, but that's not what made her different. What made her different was the fact that she could see and hear other spirits. The moaning of the ghosts could drive anyone to the loony bin, but for her, it was like a serene universe of paranormal activity. Only her best friend, Sean, knew what was going on in her world. Too bad he would be the only one.

Anthony DiNozzo rose from his seat, causing it to squeak in anger. The dark night made him nervous as he waited for his partner, Kate Todd, to come in to the bullpen. The mood glowed a dirty orange, as if in fear of what might happen. Something was up, he just wasn't' sure what it was. He stood by the large windows, wondering when Kate would come.

"What is it Tony?" Kate came in, her backpack hanging on one shoulder, her face flushed red from running up here. "Something's up Kate. I can feel it in my gut. Gibbs called and said we had a case." "So what's different about that? We get cases everyday Tony." Kate replied looking like she was about to slap him for making her rush. "This one is different. I don't know how, but it is. As soon as everyone else get's here, we're gonna go look at the body." Tony had the most worried look on his face. Gibbs stormed from the side towards the interrogation room, reasons unknown, into the bullpen. "Gibbs." Gibbs's blue eyes pierced into the two agents in a way that would freeze water. "We got a body. We got a 'friend' who might be a suspect. You two go check out the body and try to get an ID. Get Ducky there, to get the body. NOW!" With final words, Kate and Tony rushed off, wondering why Gibbs wouldn't' be there.

The body of Melinda Scott lay in a heap on the cold marble floor of the large mansion. Her dark hair shinned with the blood soaked in it and her hands on either side of her body lay in a heap, with big gashes tears across her chest. Kate snapped pictures, while Tony bagged and tagged evidence. "Tony. What do you think happened?" Tony slide beside her, still glancing around for more evidence. "I don't know. It looks like a bear attack or something, but it's impossible in the house." The dazed, confused look on his face, expressed perfectly how Kate felt at the moment. "Ducky! Its' yours!" Tony called out as Ducky and Palmer dragged their equipment through the 10 yard area from the door, to the middle where the body lay in a cold disarray.

Off to the side, by the NCIS van, Kate and Tony leaned on the side talking. "Why are we working this case Tony?" There was no relation between the young girl and Navy, and that was an unusual case. "I don't know. I think it's because her father was a Navy instructor, but he hasn't seen his daughter for like five years now. Said there was something "special" about her." Kate stared at Tony, hoping he would elaborate further, but no explanation came.

Gibbs paced through the cold room, looking into the two-way mirror for any sign of movement from the suspect at hand, Sean Taylor. His brown shaggy hair covered his hazel brown eyes that were filled with passion, for something that was remained unknown. His hands clasped together, and beads of sweat poured down his body. He knew something, but he wasn't about to spill it out just yet.

A few minutes later, Gibbs walked in the orange painted rooms, slamming the door hard behind him. "So…there something you want to tell us, cuz now would be the good time to say it." He leaned in, staring the young boy down as Sean's eyes clouded with fear. "She's dead isn't she?" Somehow, the she was irrelevant. The fact that he knew was worth so much more right now. "Who is she? What's her name?" The boy took a huge breath of air and let it out heavily followed with a forced gulp. "Her name is…was…Melinda Scott. She was my best friend." Suddenly the brown eyes filled with pools of tears that poured down his cheeks and under his chin before landing on the already tear-stained blue t-shirt that hung loosely of his body. Giving up, Gibbs walked out of the room, leaving the wounded boy alone with himself. The minute Gibbs left the room to where he could not see what was going on behind him, Sean picked up his head, and gave a small devious chuckle. "There's more than meets the eye Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. There's much more."

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