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Parings: TATE

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Summary: A strange case for all of the team that will test thier loyalty and strenght, physical and emotional...i'm not too good at summaries...just keep reading:D

Rated: T for references and bad language.

Chapter Five-So much for that

The young man looked around the place, narrowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. "What am I doing here?" Kate heard him say. "Sean?" She whispered out loud, not used to this kind of weirdness. "Yeah. Who else would it be?" That was a tough question to answer. "Listen…do you know who Kyle is?" Kate asked carefully, hoping she had her gun with her. "No…should I?"

Tony paced impatiently through the bullpen, eagerly waiting for Gibb's soulful return from MTAC. Director Jenny sped through the room, her eager eyes widening when finding that the bullpen was empty except for Tony. Gibbs finally emerged from the room and rushed down stairs. "Gibbs! Where is she? What's going on?" Tony babbled out. "Tony. I don't know. But we'll find her. Track her." Gibbs tossed him a pile of papers, once of which had a code of numbers typed on the top. "Track her based on what? She left her cell phone in her room." "That watch she always wears has a tracking device on her." Gibbs called out, a twinkle in his eyes, but a stern look on his face. "What?" "Just trace it Tony. Use those numbers as the code. Do it now! I'll be at Abby's."

Director Jenny stared wide-eyed, surprised that Gibbs had Kate, Kate Todd, tracked. Tony ran to the computer and punched in the numbers, finally getting a signal on Kate's GPS in her watch. "Thank God Kate." Tony whispered out. He saw a flash of red hair and noticed that Director Jenny had finally retreated back to her office upstairs. Tony opened his drawer, holstered his weapon, grabbed his phone and the laptop and raced to the elevator. When inside, he called McGee and told him to meet him by the car outside and to make sure he geared up.

"You got a lead Tony?" McGee said when they were in the car. "Kate's being tracked using a GPS. Here's the map. Tell me where to go." Tony handed McGee the laptop and began driving out of the parking lot and onto the road. "Go left. Go right. Just go straight for a while…Hey Tony?" McGee said after a moment of silence. "Yeah?" Tony replied, his eyes not averting from the road. "You love her don't you?" McGee replied, then suddenly expecting a head slap from Tony. "Yeah…I guess I do Probie. I guess I do. Which is why we need to get to her. Plus I wanna know what her tattoo is." With a quick smile, Tony turned into a huge building, based on McGee's directions, and they soon realized this was the house where the murder took place. They stepped out of the car, both their weapons out, and slowly entered the house.

Upon entering, they heard voices coming from the room off to the left. "Listen…do you know who Kyle is?" They heard Kate ask, almost cautiously. "No…should I?" They heard Sean reply. Tony and McGee gave each other a quizzical look and ran towards her, their guns drawn up, with flashlights pointed as well. "Kate?" Tony asked out loud, stupidly considering she was right in front of them. He ran over to her and gave her a quick hug, while getting a questionable look from Kate. "I'm just glad that your alright." Which was the best thing he could say, considering that she had scars on her face and her arms were bruised up. McGee looked forward and saw Sean on his knees on the floor, his head in his hands and his eyes scrunched. "Sean? Sean!" McGee screamed out loud, causing Kate and Tony to turn their attention to Sean who was now scrunched in a ball. "McGee. He has a split personality. Kyle, the other him, is the killer." Kate shrieked out, when McGee was about to approach the man on the floor. McGee suddenly shrunk back from the man and escaped of to the side. "What?" Tony said surprised next to Kate. "Yeah. That's who killed Melinda." Suddenly, they heard a loud laughing sound, almost maniacal. "That's right sweetheart." As obvious as could be, they realized that this hear was Kyle. His voice got deeper and his features got darker. Right as Kyle was about to go for Kate's legs, McGee and Tony attacked him and wrestled him, so that Tony could handcuff him. "Come on dirtbag, get up." As Tony dragged him away and outside, he read the jerk his Miranda Rights. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney…"

The computer in Abby's lab began to beep furiously just as Gibbs's cell phone began shrilling loudly. Gibbs answered his phone and stepped out the room to hear the person on the other end, which was impossible to do inside with Abby's loud, obnoxious music playing. "Gibbs." He answered. "Gibbs. It's DiNozzo. We got Kate. The killer, who turned out to be Sean, well actually Kyle. Well technically Sean, but non technically Kyle…"Tony spat out before Gibbs heard the phone scratch. "Gibbs. It's Kate. We got Sean. He has a split personality, his other personality is Kyle. He confessed to the murder…well actually Sean confessed to the murder and we are bringing him in now. I don't know who your going to end up talking to though. Sorry." Gibbs sighed and then hung up the phone, and walked back in Abby's room.

"Gibbs. Gibbs. The killer is…" "The killer is Sean Abby, I know." "Let me guess. Tony?" Gibbs nodded, giving Abby an apologetic look before stalking off towards the bullpen, ready to great his next "victim". Abby spun around to face her computer once again, and glanced down at Bert. "At least this time it wasn't just him."

Kate and Tony stood on the other side of the glass and watched Gibbs interrogating Sean. It was finally recognizable that it was Sean, not Kyle that he was interrogating. They heard Sean sigh and then began to break down sobbing and confessing to killing his best friend.

"Wow. What an interesting day." Kate replied and looked away at the sobbing Sean and at Tony. "I'm just glad your okay Kate. I really am." "And why is that Tony?" Kate asked, hoping that the answer was what she hoped and what she felt too. "Well because, if you weren't then I wouldn't have anyone to argue with, and no one to gang up on Probie with, and…" He looked at Kate. She looked disappointed and she looked away. "And…well Kate. I…um…I love you." He replied, for the first time, answering nervously. Kate's eyes flickered up and saw that he was telling the truth. "I love you too Tony." She leaned into his body, his arms wrapping around her petite waist, and she felt him giving her a kiss on her forehead. Just as they were about to kiss, McGee wandered in to tell them that the interrogation was over and that Sean was leaving. "Sorry if I interrupted." He replied after stating it bashfully and rushing out of the room. "Well. We should go say good-bye right?" Tony gazed into Kate's eyes before bending down and giving Kate a deep passionate kiss. "Wow." Kate replied a few seconds later. "Hey Kate." "Yeah Tony?" "About that tattoo…"


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