What If

Disclaimer: I disclaim ownership of Knights of the Old Republic I&II

Note: This sequence of stories is a What If series. Each chapter will be its own individual 'What If', unless I say otherwise. If you have a 'What If' you would liked tested, or have questions about the What If I write, just drop me a line.


A young Trig Jarros ran around the plains of Dantooine with his little friends, playing tag.
"I'm gonna win! You can't catch me!" one of his friends yelled. With a determined look on his face he burst at the boy with incredible speed.
"Ha! I got you!" He shouted viciously, pushing the boy into the ground before running away in the direction of the Enclave.

A young Bastila Shan giggled happily, playing with some of her friends in the courtyard of the enclave. She stood up to look up at the clouds, aimlessly."So pretty…" She mumbled, shielding her eyes with both hands.
"Bastila watch out!" One of her friends exclaimed in warning. Bastila, confused, turned around slowly.

Trig Jarros wasn't paying attention to where he was running when suddenly a girl just a little younger than him came into view.
"Hey girl move out of the way!" he shouted like a typical little boy.

Bastila, not aware of what was going on, quickly felt herself falling to the ground, someone on top of her.

"Stupid girl!" Trig yelled as he felt himself fall on top of her, ground nearing.

Bastila yelped in pain as they came in contact with the ground, tears springing to her eyes.
"You stupid boy!' She shouted at him, tears slipping lose down her small face. A young Jedi Knight Kavar, stunned by the sudden commotion, ran over.

"What's going on?" He asked, not really sure what to do. Trig spat on the ground, getting off Bastila.
"This girl got in my way!" Trig said, backing away from Bastila and Kavar. Kavar sighed as he looked at Bastila.
"Are you ok?" He asked gently, trying to help her up onto her feet. Bastila glared at Trig as she stood up without Kavars' help and spit on the ground close to where Trig had. They glared at each other for a few moments before both turning away, heading back to their confused friends.

Kavar sighed in defeat. "I'm never going to be a Master." He sighed, slumping his shoulders forwards and dropping his head. Master Vandar set a little hand on his shoulder and gave a small laugh.

"Kavar, they are young children. Surely you do not believe you can determine the future of your status off them alone." He said in a joking voice. Kavar sighed.

"Yes but I didn't help them at all!" He said, sighing once more and placing his palms on his forehead.

"They're just two little kids Kavar. Don't think much of if."