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Howl stood on the shore of Crystal Lake, gazing out over the water. His mind was wandering to all sorts of places, just like always. Twilight was the best time for thinking.

Sophie came out of the castle, which was crouched nearby, and put her hand on the wizard's shoulder. "Come on, it's time for dinner."

The pair turned around to go back inside, but stopped almost immediately.

A golden-furred wolf stood at the door, watching them. "Do you recognize me?" it asked in a growl. Both shook their heads.

Pure white wings burst from the wolf's shoulders, "Now do you?"

Sophie laughed, "Hi, Kyria!"

The wolf began to glow, and her shape morphed until her elfin form stood before them.

Kyria inclined her head, "It's good to see you again. I trust you're doing well?"

Sophie and Howl nodded. "Do you want to stay for dinner? You could meet Calcifer and Markl."

The elf smiled, "Of course I'll stay." Kyria followed the others inside.

Laughter echoed from the castle as darkness fell.