A/N: Okay this is the fanfic I'm writing for Halloween, originally I was planning to write a sequel ot Great, Our Captain's Possessed by a Butterfly, I decided to this instead... this a merger of Quest of Kings and The Biju Biju Fruit... okay here's the basic stories of both fallowed by the characters:

Quest of Kings: Is an Au of Zatch Bell that's a cross over of One Piece with the mamodos paired the Straw Hats, each member has a mamodo and later on Kaya joins, they are not the only but other One Piece character are Bookkeepers as well (Buggy, Kuro, Tashigi and Vivi are examples), for those unfamiliar with Zatch Bell is about demons called mamodos fighting to be king of their world called the Mamodo world, in order to fight they need human partner who can read their spells, once the book is burned the mamodo is sent back and loses all hope of becoming king.

The Biju Biju Fruit: Is an AU of both Naruto and One Piece, in which various members of the Rookie 9 join up at the same time as the Straw Hats with other Naruto characters in roles (IE: Jiraiya is a member of Shanks' crew and Konohamaru being a member of Usopp's pirates) which character has been rehashed in some way, this also contains some spoilers for what I plan to do with the fic (Hinata's fighting style, a bit of Sakura's past, Ino's Devil Fruit Powers...).

Before each chapter I will put Bios for the additional cast (two or three each chapter) here's the first three...

Fox D. Naruto: Unofficial Co-captain and Luffy's younger brother. At first glance he's just a hyper kid but sealed within is the (not-so) evil Kyubi no Yoko. He's a clone user (which means he can produce copies of himself) whop specializes in Shadow Clones who also ate the Biju Biju Fruit Model: Kyubi which enables him to transform into a half demon or full version as Kyubi as well use the Kyubi's power such as transformation. He has feelings for Hinata but won't admit it...

Kyubi no Yoko: The greatest of the Biju, was sealed into Naruto shortly after his birth, after Naruto ate the Biju Biju Fruit, he had gained the ability to talk to Naruto. After 14 ears of being sealed inside of Naruto he has mellowed out a bit, now less evil, more sarcastic and a bit a of a perv... he doesn't like Luffy very much...

Zatch Bell: Luffy's mamodo partner and has the most girls after him the ship (however he's oblivious to it...), he's just as hyper as both Naruto and Luffy. He lost his memories of the Mamodo world when a mamodo showed up and erased them, Zatch is the only mamodo how haven't gained them back yet. For some reason he wears a blue dress and is also commando. His powers involve lighting.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece, Naruto or Zatch Bell, if I did then One Piece and Zatch Bell would get the same treatment as Naruto.

Luffy: But both us are on Toonami.

Me: I meant the Uncut DVD box sets.

Luffy and Zatch: Oh...

True Evil

By Emma Iveli

The three great evils are those who ate the devil's fruit, those who have a tailed beast sealed within them and the thousand year demons… those evil will destroy our fair island and later the world… if they are not stopped here.

Chapter 1: The Isalnd

Luffy, Naruto and Zatch stood in a black place… it was nothingness... they see anything but themselves and each other.

"Where are we?" asked Zatch.

"I don't know…" said Luffy.

"Where are we?" thought Naruto.

"Kit this is a dream… don't worry about it…" said Kyubi.

"I guess that makes sense… it's a dream…" said Naruto.

"Oh…" said Zatch and Luffy knowing the answer came from Kyubi.

"Please… the prophecy was fake…" came a voice that beloning to a young girl.

"Who's there…" said Luffy.

"Please you have to save me… my island… and the world… please… please..." said the voice.

Just then all three of them woke up…

"That was weird…" thought Naruto.

"Morn'…" said Luffy.

"Good morning…" said Zatch.

"Morn'… looks like I woke up earlier…" said Naruto.

"Kit do not join in that yell…" said Kyubi.

"Well too bad…" thought Naruto.

"If you don't join… I promise to stop asking you if you barrow Make-Out paradise for me…" said Kyubi.

"Really?" thought Naruto.

"That's right…" said Kyubi "For a week…" he whispered.

"Sorry… Kyubi promised me he'll stop brothering me about Make Out Paradise…" said Naruto.

"That's okay…" said Luffy.

"But I do have an idea kit…" said Kyubi.

Naruto head what the idea was and let Luffy and Zatch in on it…

Later Naruto managed to sneak into the girl's cabin.

"Okay… I want to have some fun with the chaise… Robin wouldn't have much of a reaction, Kaya can't fight, Nya's a cat, Yuki won't have much of a reaction either… neither would Kolulu… I' won't do Hinata…" thought Naruto.

"Oh Hinata…" said Kyubi who then began to make kissy sounds.

Naruto ignored his inner demon and continued "So that mean Ino, Tia, Nami and Sakura will be the most fun…" he thought.

He took out a bucket of markers, pulled Jigglypuff and left. He went to the ram's head where his brother and Zatch were waiting… Naruto gave the thumbs meaning it was time.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy and I'm going to be king of the pirates!" yelled Luffy.

"And I'm Zatch Bell and I'm going to be king of the mamodos!" yelled Zatch.

After a minute there were screams. The three burst out laughing… that is until there were 4 extremely angry girls with funny marks all over their faces appeared behind them…

"Fox…" said Nami.

"D…" said Ino.

"Naruto…" said Sakura.

"You are so getting it…" said Tia.

The mamodo girl ran toward the Jinchuriki head… when she choked him… he turned into a puff of smoke.

"It was a shadow clone…" said Nami snapping her fingers in disappointment.

"Hey girls over here!" came Naruto's voice.

All 4 turned around and saw about 20 Narutos.

"Oh no…" said Tia.

"How can such an idiot pull off this kind of prank…" said Ino.

"I blame the fox…" said Sakura.

Each one of the girls got their weapons ready…

"Uh-oh…" said one of the Narutos.

All 4 girls jumped down and began to fight… during the fight, everyone else managed to get to the deck.

"What happened this time?" asked Brago.

"Look at their faces…" said Kiba trying to suppress a laugh.

"Wow, I'm impressed… how did Naruto come up with prank…" said Zoro.

"I think the fox came up with this one…" responded Robin.

When all the Narutos were gone all 4 girls were angrier.

"Where is he?" yelled Tia.

"You didn't hear it from me…" said Sasuke.

All 4 girls turned their attention to Sasuke.

"He's in the cabin…" said Sasuke.

"Thanks Sasuke…" said Sakura and Ino in a loving tone.

All 4 girls went down to the boys cabin.

"Oh hi… you found me…" came Naruto's voice.

"Soul Soul Posses!" came Ino's voice.

"Nami, Tia, it's your turn" came Naruto's voice but in a very feminine tone.

"Giga La Seoshi!" came Nami's voice.

"Ino!" came Naruto's voice, "That was a dirty trick!"

"It gets even dirtier…" came Sakura's voice.

"Oh… hi Sakura!" came Naruto's voice in a panicking tone.

All that heard was Naruto screaming.

"Sasuke… that was evil…" said Usopp.

"If he wasn't the one that did I would have…" said Sanji lighting a cigarette.

"D-do you think Naruto will be all right?" asked Hinata.

"With Kyubi, I'm sure he'll be all right…" said Kaya.

At breakfast Naruto was bruises and beaten, most of his bruises were all ready gone and the rest were healing.

"That was fun…" he said.

This comment earned glares from Sakura, Ino, Tia and Nami. Hinata just laughed a bit.

"Oh year…" said Naruto, "Sasuke you will pay… I don't know how… but you will…"

"May I ask why?" asked Sasuke.

"I know Teme, you were the one who ratted me out…" said Naruto with a glare.

"So what if I was, idiot…" said Sasuke.

"So what's the next island?" asked Usopp hopping the change the subject away from the fight.

"It's called Pure Island…" said Nami checking map.

"I have heard legends about the island, it claims that all Devil Fruit Eaters and Jinchuriki are evil… along with something called Thousand Year Demons… which I believe are mamodos…" said Robin.

"That's a load of hooey…" said Luffy.

"Yeah there are evil mamodos and evil devil fruit eater but not all of them…" said Ino.

"Can't say for Jinchuriki as we know one…" said Zatch.

Naruto just laughed a bit.

"What else is there about them?" asked Sakura.

"I have also heard that the town on the island have ways to keep them out… I don't know how but they do…" said Robin.

"I wonder if it's true…" said Luffy.

"The down side is that it's the next island and we really need supplies…" said Nami.

"Especially with the human meat disposal, the fox ramen disposal and the mamodo fish disposal…" said Sanji point to Zatch and the D brothers.

"Cut down on the ramen kit… please…" said Kyubi.

"Never…" thought Naruto.

Not too long later they arrived one the island… most of the island was covered in a huge white dome.

"I wonder what that is…" said Kanchome.

"Looks like a giant dome…" said Zatch.

"Meow…" said Nya (Translation: I can see that)

"Come on guys let's go!" yelled Luffy.

"Yeah!" cheered Naruto and Zatch.

"I have a bad feeling about this…" said Sakura.

After everyone fallowed Zatch and the D brother, they came across a strange gate… it could only hold one person at the time. And there was a gaud next to it.

"Only one person or animal at the time…" said the gaud.

"I'll go first!" yelled Luffy.

Each person or animal in Chopper, Ponygon, Nya and Akamaru's cases went though. It was strange… Luffy, Ino, Robin, Chopper and the mamodos each heard a bell when they walk though that no one else heard, everyone else other than Naruto didn't hear anything… Naruto heard two bells however. The guard sighed… he knew the others would retrieve them. They stepped inside the done, it was odd… it seemed like it was day yet they were inside, there were stand lights on the clinging that seemed to produce natural sun light.

"Wow…" said Naruto.

"That's so cool…" said Luffy.

"We should be staring at the ceiling… we need get supplies…" said Nami.

"Aye aye hot boss lady…" said Kyubi even though Nami couldn't hear him.

"Stop what you are doing right now! And get into a circle…" came a voice.

Just then a mob all dressed in a strange white uniform showed up and surrounded the Straw Hats.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"In the name of Pure island we will imprison you for your evilness…" said one of mob members in the white uniform.

"This can't be good…" said Naruto.

Next Time: A fight between the Straw Hats and the Pure Keepers occur. What will happen... and is there the true evil in the shadow.

A/N: Okay in an upcoming chapter I'm planning for those haven't eaten a devil fruit or is a mamodo to wear disguises (I won't say why) but I'm having trouble on Zoro's, Sakura, Sasuke, Kiba and Hinata's will be what they wear in Naruto, Nami, Sanji and Kaya's will be based on their Zatch Bell counterparts (IE: Nami as Megumi, Sanji as Fulgore and Kaya as Shion) and Usopp's is Sogeking of course... but I'm having trouble with Zoro, should I have him dressed like Lori (who is a girl by the way) or some other idea...