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Over 2,000 years ago the legna appeared on our island… they brought wealth and prosperity or so it seemed… 1,000 years ago, Pure Island was place where many battles held by mamodos… this caused much destruction for the island… though very few showed it, the legna enjoyed the damage caused by the battle… years later a famous prophet appeared and knew the Legna were evil he prophesized that the Legna would take over but hope in the form of a mamodo, a devil fruit eater and someone with the one of the tailed beasts sealed within them would save the day however the Legna found out about this and switched the prophecy delivered, it made it seem that savors would destroyed the island instead oft the other way around… this put the infamous policy into action by building the dome to make sure no one would enter and the only gate which sense the three of them… however the prophet also made sure that the prophecy would be in the castle… which it was with the message of not to trust the false prophecy.

Chapter 11: Farewell to Pure Island

Pure Island was being rebuilt, many of the people were rebuilding their homes and business while others were hauling the remains of the dome away… meanwhile at the docks Sara was saying goodbye to the Straw Hats, Kakashi, Usa, Ko, Hyde and Eido.

"So do you really have to go so soon?" asked Sara.

"Yeah… we're looking for One Piece… we have to go… the Log Pose set!" said Luffy.

"I understand…" said Sara.

Ko cleared her throat, "Well me and Usa should get going but before we leave I want to say something…." said Ko.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"Thanks… you saved my life, Usa's life and even our mothers lives… we got a letter asking if a weird crystal tree engulfed us as well…" said Ko holding up a letter.

"Our island has special trained birds…" explained Usa.

"Captain Oblivious… The 6 Year Old Cross-dresser… Tangerine Head… The Violent Tomboy… The Weird Goth Kid… Handy Girl… Duck Boy… Perv Master S… Pinocchio… Frosty… Mr. Ed… Chopper… Zoro… Kolulu… Nya… Kaya… if one of you defeats Tachi… then I will finally join this crew…" said Ko.

"Really!" yelled Luffy, Zatch and Naruto.

"That's right… only if Tachi is defeated by one of you…" said Ko.

"Hey what about our deal!" yelled Eido.

"I told she's break it…" said Eido.

"Sorry but I'm cutting it… I was the one who made it anyways… well I better get going… see you all latter… Stick up Your Asshole, Miss Piggy, Dog Man, Boy Dog, Weird Shy Girl, Sakura, Fox Demon… it was a pleasure to meet you Kakashi." said Ko walking away.

There was a silence as the wind blew.

"Please beat Tachi… I really do want to join…" said Usa.

"Usa!" yelled Ko.

"Coming!" said Usa, "Thanks and see and I'll see you guys you later"

Usa ran off waving good bye to the Straw Hats and the others.

"I gotta fly too…" said Eido.

"Bad pun…" said Hyde.

"I know…" said Eido, he took out the Turquoise spell book, "Jikar!"

Both went flying in the sky… there was a small crash of Eido crashing into the mast of the Merry Go with the shout of "I'm okay!" before flying away fully.

Kakashi cleared his throat, "Well I should really get going… after all a Kage's work is never done…"

He began to walk away when he turned around and said to Sanji and Ino "Oh should I say hi to Zeff for you…"

Sanji didn't say anything Ino nodded saying yes…

With that Kakashi left…

"You know what I was wondering how he easily came to the Grand Line…" said Nami.

"Because he's a Kage! And one day I'm going to be one believe it!" said Naruto.

Luffy punched him, Zatch kicked him in the shin and Hinata used the Gentle Fist on his arm.

"What was that for?" asked Naruto.

"You said that if you ever yelled "Believe it" at the end of your sentences to hit you…" said Luffy.

"Oh yeah…" said Naruto.

"So what ever happened to the legna?" asked Sakura.

"According to witness reports they just vanished into thin air… I hope they don't come back…." said Sara.

"So Sara… are you going to be okay… you did say that Lily was your friend…" said Nami.

"I know… but… there were others who my friends as well… and I'm sure I can trust them…" said Sara.

"That's good…" said Luffy.

"You guys are welcomed on this island any time… Naruto… I hope you become Kage…" said Sara.

"I will!" yelled Naruto.

"Zatch I hope you win this battle…" said Sara.

"I will!" said Zatch.

"Not unless I win…" said Tia.

"No I the great Kanchome will win!" said Kanchome.

"Yeah right… your powers are so lame…" said Kolulu.

Most of the mamodo began to childishly argue… Sara couldn't help but to giggle.

"Luffy I know you will be king of the pirates..." said Sara who walked over to him, stood on her tipy-toes and kissed him on the cheek, everyone's eyes bugged out.

"Sara and Luffy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" sang Kyubi.

"Shut up…" thought Naruto.

"So she has a crush on Luffy?" asked Sakura.

"Looks like it…" said Ino.

"It's kind of cute…" said Kaya.

"I wonder what Suzy would do if she found out?" asked Kiba.

"Suzy… I wonder what ever happened to her…" said Chopper.

"I don't know…" said Tia.

"Well we should go…" said Luffy.

The Straw Hats boarded the ship and began to sail away… Sara watched and waved at them until they were no longer in sight.

"Princess!" came a voice.

She turned around and saw an old woman.

"We need you back in town… for the plan of the stature…" said the old woman.

"I know… I was just saying good bye to some friends…" said Sara.

Back on the Merry Go or Going Merry… whatever the ship's name is… Luffy looked at Naruto and Zatch who were sliming in a weird way.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"Oh come on… a princess a kissed you…" joked Naruto.

"Didn't you feel any magic?" asked Zatch.

Luffy just stared at me… "What?"

"He won't get it kit…" said Kyubi.

"Yeah you're right…" thought Naruto.

"Oh yeah kit…can I barrow Make-Out Paradise from Sanji?" asked Kyubi.

"Hey you said you would stop bugging me…" said Naruto.

"I said "For a week", you must have not heard me…" said Kyubi.

"You cheater!" yelled Naruto out loud.

"What wrong?" asked Luffy.

"Kyubi lied about Make-out Paradise…" grumbled Naruto.

Luffy and Zatch laughed…

Back on Pure Island Sara was in a town square, she was looking over some plans for a stature for the center of town… it was a stature of Monkey D. Luffy, Fox D. Naruto, Zatch Bell and Kyubi no Yoko… the heroes of the island… and the whole world.

The End

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