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Ino was walking through the halls of her school. Today just so happened to be Ino's first day of high school. She had never been more scared and excited all at once in her entire life. The excitement soon left when she saw the boy she'd been crushing on since 8th grade walking into the same classroom that she had that block. His name was Shikamaru Nara. She'd known him since 7th grade but nothing really developed inside of her until she was able to really get to know him. Shikamaru was a VERY flirtatious man. He flirted with practically everything that moved. She did get jealous quite a few times, but never really let it get to her.

Ino walked into the classroom and looked at the seating chart.

"Oh no!" she shouted. She looked over at Shikamaru and noticed the empty seat behind him that she sat in. She then looked at him and saw him staring directly at her!

'What the heck! Why is he looking at me?' she thought.

"Oi, Ino! Over here!" he said pointing at the seat. Ino dragged herself over to her seat.

"What's wrong? You don't want to sit by me?" he asked with a very wide grin on his face.

You see, Shikamaru knew that Ino had a crush on him last year. He also felt the need to rub it in her face last year by hugging her non-stop on the last day of school. With him being him he though every girl loved him. He just so happened to be that big headed.

"Augh, why does it have to be you?" she said sounding very depressed while on the inside she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

"I guess it's just fate." He said in his sexiest voice.

Ino hadn't even taken the time to look at everyone else she sat by. She was sitting by Naruto, Kiba, Neji, and Lee. 'Oh my god! What have I done to deserve this!' thought Ino. Finally her teacher walked in.

"Hi, my name is Mr. Hound. I'll be your Health/PE teacher for the next 9 weeks. Deal with it." He said in a very stern voice.

'I have health with Shikamaru?' As Ino thought of this she realized that this year they had to swim!

--Lunch time—

"Oh thank God I at least have lunch with you guys." said a very depressed Ino.

"I know. So you have health with him?" asked a very intrigued Tenten.

"W-well it can't be that b-bad." Stuttered Hinata one of Ino's longest friends.

"Oh, well I guessed we could've seen that one coming! You know you still like him!" said the nosiest of all of Ino's friends, Sakura.

Ino blushed as soon as her friend said that. "No I don't!"

"Then why are you blushing?"

"Butt out Tenten! I'm already depressed enough with knowing that I have to swim with him. I don't need the pressure of me thinking that I like him too on my shoulders." Said a very annoyed Ino.

"Well do you have anymore classes with him Ino-pig?"

"No, thankfully! I would probably die if I did!" All of a sudden the bell rang. 'Saved by the bell.' She thought. "I'll see y'all later!"

-----At Ino's Home-----

"How was your first day today, Honey?" asked Ino's father, Inoichi.

"I'd really rather not talk about it Dad."

"Why? Do you have a class with Nara?" Her father asked with a rather large knowing smirk on his face.

"Yes Dad, but like I said I'd really rather not talk about it." She said rather annoyed.

Ino walked up to her room and started to write in her diary. Shortly after she fell asleep. Inoichi walked into his daughter's room and pulled the covers over his daughter.

"Sleep tight." He whispered and walked out of the room.

-----Next day in second block (Nara class)-----

"Morning class! Today we will be reading about emotions. Can I find any volunteers? Ok, Shikamaru, GO!"

Shikamaru read about sadness and then the classed discussed it. After a LONG talk about sadness, Mr. Hound made Ino read the section about love. 'Oh joy.' She thought. Ino quickly read the chapter. The only things that she caught were that love meant someone accepting you. She knew Shikamaru being Shikamaru; he would have to make a remark on that. All of a sudden he turned right around a looked at her and said, "Ino, I accept you." Then he made a heart with his hands and pointed it at her. Ino could tell that there was a blush creeping up her neck, but quickly controlled it and made it go back down. Sadly Shikamaru saw it. At that moment she new that he would make her blush even more.

The week went on like that. He flirted with her made her blush, and then she tried to control it. By the end of the week she felt like slapping him.

"Alright class! Next week we'll be swimming so don't forget your suits." At that moment the bell rang. 'NO!' was all she could think. Normally Ino LOVED weekends, but not this one. She dreaded the upcoming weekend, because she knew shortly I'll have to wear a swimsuit in front of him.

That weekend went by faster than anything! She couldn't believe that tomorrow she'd be swimming with him.

-----The Next Monday-----

Ino had barely and sleep that night. The only thing that she could think was, 'why did the stupid counselors put me in Shikamaru's class?' The walk to school was quiet. It was 7:25 when she had left that morning. Her mother and father kept telling her, 'Oh, it'll be fine.'

"Yeah right." She said out loud not even realizing it.

"Yeah right what?" Said a very familiar voice.

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