Summary: Ace and Robin are going steady, and everyone knows it's a little brother's prerogative to be annoying.

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The Question

"Say, Ace…is Robin better in bed because she's got so many hands?" Luffy beamed cheerfully at his brother and the rest of the Strawhat Pirates crew.

All except for Robin. Thank God.

Ace froze in stunned silence.

Sanji choked on his drink, spewing pink lemonade all over Ace.

The liquid poured over the brim of Ace's hat like a waterfall, as he remained as unmoving as a rock.

Zoro attempted to cover both Usopps' and Choppers' ears while shouting, "LUFFY! Not in front of the children!"

Usopp protested, "Why am I one of the children!", while Chopper demanded to be told what Luffy's words had meant.

Ace and his chair both toppled over, while Ace and his eyes remained wide open, unblinking.

"What does 'better in bed' mean anyway?"

"Well, obviously it has something to do with Robin's Devilfruit ability."

"Usopp, you don't have any idea what that means, and I wouldn't have thought you did either Luffy!"

"Don't say that like it's a bad thing, Zoro. I'll cook a feast in celebration! Our little captain is all grown up!"

Ace opened his mouth in a silent scream.

Only Nami had the presence of mind to ask, "Luffy, who told you to say that?"

Unperturbed by the chaos Luffy responded, "Shanks did! He said he'd give me a pound of meat if I agreed. He was laughing the whole time too. Why are you laughing too Nami? Did I say something funny?"

Slowly coming to his senses, Ace stoop up and righted his chair. As his body heated up, his clothes began to smoke, and the lemonade completely evaporated.

He turned to Luffy and said, "Where. Is. Shanks." His voice was deathly calm.

Oblivious to the danger, Luffy responded, "I don't know. He said to put the meat on his tab. Oh, and something about sailing away as fast as could afterwards."

The chair burst into flames as Ace vowed, "Screw Blackbeard. I'm going after Shanks!" Ace strode from the room, leaving a trail of burnt footprints.

Zoro turned to Sanji, "Bet you 100 belli that Ace catches Shanks!"

Sanji shook his head, "No takers. Bet you 200 belli Shanks loses his other arm!"

The End

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